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					   Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan                                                                                                                       March 2008
                                            CED Projects and Current Staffing Profile
 This is the second edition of the          The Capital Expansion Department (CED) currently has approximately 962 project
 CED resource and skills plan               professionals, Engineers and support staffs directly assigned (on site) to support
 newsletter. This version builds on         various Eskom Capital Expansion Build Programme as of November 2007. This figure
 the first version published in March       represents an increase of approximately 189 since the last report in March 2007.
 2007. It provides a synopsis of the
                                            In addition to the figure aforementioned, approximately 603 direct and indirect project
 resources and skills required to
                                            support staff are also supporting the sites from Head Office (HO). These resources
 support the Build programme
                                            include staff members operating from HO in EED and in Sub Areas such as SHE, HR,
 projects that are currently in the
                                            IM, Assurance, Commercial, and Finance, etc.
 build     phases    within    Capital
 Expansion Department (CED).                The current total direct and indirect resources supporting the Build Programme (on-site
                                            and from HO) are approximately 1,565 as of last SAP report extract in Nov. 2007.
 One additional      New Coal-3,
                                                Build Programme Project Profile
 Nuclear-1, a Hydro Pump Storage
 (Lima) and WindFarm project were                         Camden
 included in this report to facilitate
                                                         Komati                        KOMATI
 planning required to support these                       GAS 1               Ankerlig & Gourikwa

 projects.                                                Medupi                                                MEDUPI

                                                          Ramp                                                          BRAVO

 Future analysis and reports for bi-                                                                     Ramp                                            NEW COAL - 3

 annual publication shall include                                      Ramp                                                 NUCLEAR-1 (N1)

 projects in the pre-feasibility stages                                  Ramp                                           LIMA
 to ensure relevance and to adjust to                     Ingula                                    INGULA

 current dynamic environment.                                 765 KV Southern and Western Cape                North, Western, South, East Central Projects

                                                                                ARNOT                                                                                                          Start-up
 This report is also available via                                 Majuba Rail
 Projects Support website in the                            Ramp              Wind Farm

 „News     &     Events‟    Section:                                                                             MATLA
 http://acgdev/Enterprises_Project_                         Ramp                                                        DUVHA

 Support/default.html                                             1H    2H       1H       2H        1H   2H     1H     2H      1H    2H      1H    2H        1H   2H     1H   2H     1H   2H      1H      2H
                                                          ‘08             ‘09               ‘10            ‘11           ‘12           ‘13            ‘14          ‘15         ‘16         ‘17

Build Programme Resource Profile
 The total number of resources needed (on site) based on aggregate of all resource plan for CED Projects depicted in the project
 site resource profile chart above is approximately 1,621 versus actual of 962 as of Q4-2007. Further analysis indicate a deficit
 (gap) of approximately 659 required on site in Q4 of 2007.
 As a result of recent multiple EXPOs and other targeted
 and focused recruitment efforts in second half of 2007,                                                        Project Site Resource Profile
 various ED departments recruited nearly 180 new staff
 mostly targeted for on-site project support in 2008. In
 addition to these new hires, about 110 Graduates-In-
 Training (GIT), Technologist-In-Training (TIT),
 Engineers-In-Training (EIT) candidates and External
 trainees have been or currently being assessed to fill
 many entry level vacancies on projects.
 The total number of Enterprises staff based on SAP
 extracts in November 2007 totalled 1, 831. The staff
 members noted in this report includes all permanent
 staff and contractors hired to carry out “Eskom work”.
 There are approximately 500 students in the bursary
 program. About 50 will be joining the Build Programme
 as trainees in 2008 pipeline.

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                  Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan                                                                                                       December 2007
Build Programme Site Project Resource Profile                                                                            Site Project Office Resource Histogram – 2007 thru 2017
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The timing of current and proposed projects are based
on current published data from PDD. Additional
assumptions can be found at the end of this report.
Please note that the dates currently reflected on the
project profile chart may have changed as at the time of
publishing this report. We shall endeavour to publish the
most recent dates available in all future publications.

Skills Development Priorities
Over the last number of years the country has been
experiencing a major increase in the demand for
infrastructure and other major capital projects. All
projections going forward suggest that this growth
phase will continue for the next couple of decades as the
ASGISA strategy takes effect. Industry expansions
follow the same trend. Resulting from this, the country is experiencing critical shortages in a variety of skills categories.
This is the environment within which we must deliver the build programme. The resource profile indicate a very steep growth in
project management staff between now and the next 15 months, there is very little opportunity to relax in terms of what must be
done to ensure qualitative and quantitative staffing of projects as at when needed. The current projected staffing growth between
2008 and 2010 is expected to be by 125% compared to current compliment. The largest and steepest growth being in Project
Management (Project Managers, Package Project Managers (PPM), Asst. PPM, Managers, Supervisors, Commissioning, Civil and
                                                                                     Construction) and Engineering professional
                                                                                     with expertises in Civil and Structural
                     Build Programme Project Management                              conceptual and detail design, technical
                            Skills Plan - 2007 thru 2017                             procurement specifications, etc).

                                                                                                                                                  To ensure adequate staffing of projects with
           1400                                                                                                                                   skilled resources for the Build Programme
                                                                                                                                                  projects in this report, CED and support units
                                                                                                                                                  must      increase     staffing   levels   by
                                                                                              Commisioning Team
                                                                                                                                                  approximately 355 to meet required Q4-2007
                                                                                                                          Other-Project Staff     staffing     level of 1,537. An additional
Skills Required

                                             Civil Projects Managers                                                      Commisioning Team

                                                                                                                                                  staffing increase of 332 by Q4-2008 to attain
                                                                                                                                                  1,874. By Q4-2009 the need is projected to
                                             Construction Project
                                                                                                                                                  increase by 837 to attain 2,754, and an
                                                                                                                          Projects Management     additional modest increase to attain Q4-2010
                  400                                                                                                                             peak staffing level of 2,756. These annual
                                        Package and Asst Package
                                                                                                                                                  increases bring total increases required
                  200                       Projects Manager                                                                                      between Q4-2007 thru Q4-2010 to
                                                                                                                                                  approximately 1,526. This figure is in
                                                                                                                                                  addition to November 2007 complements

                        2007   2008   2009       2010      2011        2012            2013    2014      2015     2016    2017             2018   noted      on      page     1.   Additionally,
                                                                                                                                                  accommodations must be made for attrition.
To meet projected skills demand for the build programme, aggressive skills building and development priorities must be
implemented targeting Short and long term resource gap resolution strategy and plans that includes a) development and
continuous utilization of pipelining for new graduates, b) Learning Academy aligned with Eskom One University for development
of supervisory and middle level management development programmes, c) continuous education and leadership development

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  Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan                                                                                                 December 2007
Skills Development Priorities                 Staffing Priorities
programmes to aid Up-Skilling, Re-Skilling and                                              Site Project Office Resource Histogram – 2007 thru 2017
Multi-Skilling of current staff to improve                                                SHE, Project Controls & Support Functions
individual “know how” and assure availability                                180

of experienced senior and middle level project
                                                                             140                                                                                         SHE
Although retail construction is expected to                                                                                                                              Accounts

significantly slow down in 2008 and rebounding in                                                                                                                        Planning & Scheduling

                                                           Skills Required
                                                                             120                                                                                         COST ENG & QS
late 2009, according to industry watchers and                                                                                                                            Site Services
                                                                                                                                                                         Doc. Control
experts in the construction sector. The completion                           100                                                                                         Legal
of the Stadium and Gautrain projects within the                                                                                                                          Site Logistics
                                                                             80                                                                                          IM
next couple of years may help improve the                                                                                                                                QA/QC

environment.                                                                 60
                                                                                                                                                                         Risk Mgmt
Project Staffing Profile and Retention                                       40

A typical plant project requires staffing for most
of the business functions listed in the table on page
5 of this report. The number of staff needed for                              0
each occupational skill depends on the project,
size, and by the project managers. Outsourcing                                     2007   2008   2009   2010    2011      2012      2013     2014   2015    2016     2017            2018
and partnering with international and local
engineering houses such as in Panels A, B and C‟s                            predicted resource requirements for future projects as per Eskom‟s ISEP
to facilitate and support the build programme is                             published in 2007.
the major initiative. This tactic allows for expert
                                                                             The establishment and engagement process to utilize Panels A, B and C
and critical knowledge and skills transfer to occur
                                                                             has now been concluded and ready to be launched and widely
before and during the commencement phase of
projects. It helps to build Eskom and local South
African skills to sustain the build programme and                            The table below is an illustration of the Categories of skills and occupation
build future leaders required for sustainability.                            of project office professional actual plan and actual required for the build
This analysis was generated based upon actual                                programme as of Q4 2007 as well as 3 year growth projections against
resource loadings of the current projects and                                current actual/compliments.

                                                                                                           Q4 - 2007                       Q4 Plan                   3 Yr %
Projects (Site)           Occupation/Discipline Areas
                                                                                                        Plan            Act           2008          2010           Plan              Act

Total                     All                                                                           1,621          *1,182         1,996         2,656          64%               125%

Project Management        Project Managers, Package Project Managers (PPM),                             681             461            835          1,228          80%               166%
                          Asst. PPM, Managers, Supervisors, Commissioning.

Project Controls          Planning & Scheduling, Cost Eng, Quantity Surveyor,                           150             68             172          186            24%               174%

Site Support Services     Site Services, Doc Control, Legal, HR, Logistics, IM,                         204             78             294          375            84%               381%
                          Proj Admin.

Other Project Support     QA/QC, Contract Mgmt, SHE Commercial, Risk                                    243             137            324          375            54%               174%

ED Engineering            Boiler, Turbine, Civil, Auxiliary, Electrical, C&I and                        343             146            371          492            43%               237%
                          Site Eng. Mgmt.

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  Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan
                  Staffing Priorities:                                                          December 2007
Project Resource and Skills Requirement Growth
CED project management core and support function staff growth expected to support the Build Programme from Q4 - 2007 thru
Q4 - 2010 are depicted in the chart below.
                                             Q4 - 2007                 2008         2010     2010 Plan Growth
                                            Plan        Actual           Q4           Q4    To Plan    To Actual
    Grand TOTAL                          1621             1182         1996         2656     64%         125%
    Accounts                                 51              5            50           61     20%         1120%

    Projects Management                82                                 93          429    423%

    C&I-Projects                       42                                 39           33    -21%

    Chemical-Projects                   8                                 8            11     38%

    Electrical-Projects                54                                 40           34    -37%

    Civil-Projects                     16         690      461            77          153    856%         164%

    Commissioning Team                 64                                 71           75     17%

    Construction-Projects             273                                374          381     40%

    Mechanical-Projects                94                                 69           41    -56%

    Contracts                          57                                 64           61     7%

    Commercial                               58             51            73           74     28%          45%

    COST ENG & QS                           139             13           189          200     44%         1438%

    Doc. Control                             21             26            38           56    167%         115%

    EED-Auxiliary                            39             19            44           46     18%         142%

    EED-Boiler                               47             22            50           50     6%          127%

    EED-C & I                                66             18            59           53    -20%         194%

    EED-Civil                                25             11            37           52    108%         373%

    EED-Electrical                           53             27            61           61     15%         126%

    EED-Turbine                              42             18            48           50     19%         178%

    Engineering Mgmt Office                  67             31            71          180    169%         481%

    IM                                       4               5            8            22    450%         340%

    Planning & Scheduling                    39              9            52           67     72%         644%

    Project Admin Support                   139             48           189          200     44%         317%

    QA/QC                                    24             37            35           52    117%          41%

    SHE                                      92             49           136          171     86%         249%

    Risk Mgmt                                11              4            15           17     55%         325%

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  Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan                                                                   December 2007
Skills Development Priorities
Developing projects support skills needed to meet the Build Programme goals is one of the key charter for the CED Projects
Support team. The department is continuing with deployment of career path, skills development and building programme priorities
targeted to develop and strengthen staff competencies at all project support discipline levels. The initial focus continue to include:
    1. Skills development priorities targeted to address gaps in individual (i) “Know how”, (ii) Up-Skilling, (iii) Re-Skilling, (iv)
       Multi-Skilling, (v) Refresher and (vii) Vacationing students, and (vii) management development programme for
       supervisory and middle level managers.
    2. Prioritisation of occupations targeted in the skills development program, with major involvement of project managers and
       Corporate and ED HR.
    3. The next updates to the resource and skill plan shall include report on i.) reports on ongoing base skills and talent
       accounting audit project being led by ED HR and 2) updates on mitigation steps being taken to alleviate current and future
       projects support skills and resource requirements with specific emphases on Planners and Schedulers, Project Managers,
       Cost Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Contract Managers and Administrators, Business Risk Managers and Officers, and
Artisan skills development requires the establishment of a comprehensive strategy that not only assures availability of Artisan
skills for the Build Programme, but also aligns and supports ASGISA. Eskom‟s strategy is to utilise the build program to deliver
these skills through contractors to supply Artisan skills needed to execute the build projects. The contract expectations also
includes the delivery of certain number of well trained Artisans in specific skills areas. To ensure success, Eskom must implement
a process similar to the proposed below that will ensure quality, quantity, availability in specific localities and sustainability over
the period the Capital Expansion Build Programme to ensure success.

                    Proposed Build Programme - Skills Development Framework
                                                 ESKOM BUILD PROGRAMME

                                           Contract Requirements                     Eskom

                                              (ASGISA; Skills, etc)          (Internal & Ext. Providers)

                                            -Resourcing & Selection          -Resourcing & Selection

                                             -Learning                       -Learning
                                                                                                           Build Prog.
                                             -Workplace                                                       L
                                                                                                           A B
                                             -Exit                                                              D

Career progression should also be designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical movement, especially in terms of retaining
technical skills in their field of expertise. Reward strategies should motivate employees to move back to core skill applications.
Pre-qualification or early award of contracts allow Eskom to proactively work with contractors to identify need and encourage
contractors to invest in skills acquisition and development.
Although Generation has a well established Artisan development program that supplies the required skills to meet operational
needs, Enterprises division (ED) is relying on the local and international contractors to provide the Artisan skills needed to support
the build program. As a short term insurance policy against lack of availability and in the right quantities and time, we are
reviewing leveraging Artisan training capacities available within Eskom (Gx, Tx and Dx) programmes as well as with Technical
Skills Business Partnership (TSBP) initiative that includes 6 big SA companies representing Chemical, Manufacturing,
Transportation, Energy, Mining and Construction industries in the country. Other projects on the roadmap include exploring the
establishment of localised and specialised learning academy centres of excellence co-located at new build sites.

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Build Programme Resource And Skills Plan                                                              December 2007
The figures shown are “raw data”. No allowances has been made for attrition, which would include resignations, promotions,
retirements, etc, as well as the effects of health related endemics and others. Similar studies have been carried out and,
because of the unique factors present in South Africa; an additional 20% has been suggested as an attrition factor. Subsequent
updates shall reflect this fact as well as

Project Timescale assumptions.
Resource Plan for Projects Medupi, Bravo and New Coal-3 have been considered together for staffing purposes as these 3
projects are very similar Power Station and the Units will be built and put into operation at 12 month intervals. Similar
considerations and assumptions has been made for Hydro Pump storage power stations Ingula and Lima.
The Ankerlig and Gourikwa power station projects at Mossel Bay and Atlantis are also considered together as although the 3
projects are two different sites, the units are very similar and common resources are used. In addition, the Gas1 Project is an
extension of the current project with identical units at each site.

The subject of Trainees has been noted and because of the staff increases necessary, the trainees must be an essential factor
for the staff renewal and the future. The present results show these included in the overall numbers GIT‟s can be shown
separately in the Commercial and Engineering disciplines.

Gathering of Data
The data required was essentially to build a CED Projects Resource database as well as details of existing and proposed site
structures for the individual projects and an input as to the required staffing levels and disciplines required.
For the Resources database designation, related experience and qualifications were reviewed in the creation of project
profiles per project organagram. This database will not be elaborated on further here, as it will be transitioned to a more
robust HR tool under consideration. The site structures have been proposed largely as organagrams, which remain useful to
further understand the interaction and seniority of the site staff.
It should be noted that, as people are involved, the data is only accurate at the time presented and will require frequent
(quarterly) updates. In an exercise such as this the gathering of Data and its accuracy and usefulness largely depends upon the
enthusiasm, understanding and co-operation of the individuals concerned, the project managers and department heads.
However, the majority of the stakeholder has supplied the data as requested that has enabled a meaningful report to be

Methodology of the Report
The ultimate goal of the report is to produce a reliable and useful information on current resource and skills positions that is
accurate and to help predict the staffing levels for a variety of disciplines against time for the various projects being
undertaken by CED. The report therefore comprises of a base worksheet made up from an ideal required staffing level as per
the related organagram, against a list of standard project positions and a time line assumed for these individuals base on
project requirements. Each project will have a worksheet based on the submitted data, however, no formal comment on the
proposed structures is offered. Project Medupi's structure and staffing levels is currently being revised for example.
Individual project worksheets shall be posted to the portal and communicated when launched in April 2008.
Special thanks to the following colleagues for their help in gathering the resource data for active build projects:
Project Managers, CED Project Retained HR staff, Marius Goss.

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