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 TO:                          Phil Marshall

 FROM:                        Penny Phelps

 DATE:                        3rd March, 2011

 SUBJECT:                     Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre update on current projects

The Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre is currently working on the following projects:-

Kamilaroi Highway Automated Booking system (Bookeasy)

The Kamilaroi Highway Group is installing an online reservation system known as Bookeasy, the
booking system provides an online reservation service for accommodation and tourism industries (car
hire/events) with travel information for a range of destinations in Australia, New Zealand and the United
Kingdom. The bookeasy system will provide the Kamilaroi Highway group with a new website and all
commissions made through sales will be used for future marketing of the highway.

(The Kamilaroi Highway group consists of the following Shires: Narrabri, Liverpool Plains, Gunnedah,
Walgett/Lightning Ridge, Brewarrina, Bourke and Moree Plains.)

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Warrumbungle Cluster Group

In 2009 a partnership was formed with the following Shire’s – Coonabarabran, Coonamble, Narrabri and
Gilgandra – forming the Warrumbungle Cluster Group. The Warrumbungle Cluster group was successful
in receiving funding through Tourism NSW to create a new state of the art digital campaign (the first in
inland NSW)

Warrumbungle Cluster Campaign March 2011 will involve the following:-
Campaign title: ‘Digital Solutions for Travellers’
Key Elements of the Campaign:
    All shire brochures converted to e-books
    Podcasts produced for each shire (short summary and tours/events)
    Campaign web site produced (simple design with brochures, podcasts and event information)
    Production of an iphone app (targeting youth)
    Purchase or hire technology to Bluetooth messages to visitors in AVIC precinct/Highways
    Marketing cards produced to promote web site-distributed to AVICs
    Quantity of Thumb Drives produced for use at AVIC & Consumer shows
    Set up facebook page for campaign and update regularly

       General Manager's Report                            1 of 8                  March 2011 Business Paper
       2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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       Promotion of campaign on Visitor Radio at Gateway locations (stage 2)
       Advertising in Key surrounding region RTO Holiday Guides (Blue Mountains, Riverina, QLD)
        (stage 2)
       Advertising in Key magazines (Caravanning Australia, Open Road) (stage 2)
       Marketing cards posted via direct mail to all shire residents (stage 2)
       Possible paid advertising on Facebook (dependent on budget) (stage 2)

The launch of this campaign will be held on Friday 11th March at the NSW LGSA Tourism Conference in

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New England North West

The New England North West group is currently working on the following marketing projects:-
    New England North West Regional map with town information and drive itineraries.
    Media programs
      – Newspaper Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mail (Qld) Regional newspapers Ballina, Grafton,
      Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Gloucester and Muswellbrook
    Radio North Coast and Hunter Valley
    Online social media through Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Travel and Google
    Upgraded website
    Paul Mercurio has been contracted for the next twelve months as the New England North West

Cartoscope Maps

       The Narrabri Visitor Centre is currently working with Cartoscope maps to produce a
        comprehensive tourist map that will cover from the Upper Hunter (Scone), west to Coonamble,
        north to Boggabilla and east to Tamworth/Inverell.
       The Cartoscope map is distributed throughout NSW and is given out free of charge.

Upgrade of Dripping Rock

    New Directional road signage (blue/white) has been ordered.
    The walkway will be sign posted by bollards with directional signs and symbols.
    A picnic table and bench seating will be placed at Dripping Rock.
Wee Waa Lagoon Plan of Management

       Draft plan distributed for comment 2010.
       Maps currently being completed by GIS officer, Peter Murphy.
       To be completed by end of financial year.

Narrabri Shire Promotional DVD

       Southern Cross Ten is currently compiling film footage and stills of the Narrabri Shire for a 5
        minute promotional DVD.

       General Manager's Report                            2 of 8           March 2011 Business Paper
       2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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Narrabri Shire Promotional Billboards

        The VIC is currently working on the placement of two promotional billboards –
         The sign writer is waiting on a DA approval from the Liverpool Plains Shire Council.
         Placement of the billboards:-
            1. Corner of the New England/Kamilaroi Hwy’s.
            2. Breeza Plains between Quirindi and Gunnedah.

Caravan and Motorhome Club of Australia Rally 2014

        The Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre staff met with the Caravan and Motorhome Club of
         Australia (CMCA) in February 2011 to discuss hosting the 2014 Motorhome Rally in Narrabri.
         (The National Rally hosts over 1000 motorhomes for 7 days +)
        The assessment form has been forwarded to the Narrabri Showground Trust to evaluate the site
         prior to the CMCA inspection.
        The Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre is also is discussion with the CMCA to host a Solo
         Rally at the Wee Waa Showgrounds.(Solo Rally hosts approximately 200 motorhomes over a
         three day long weekend)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Tourism Undergraduates

         The University of Technology Sydney have called for expressions of interest for Tourism related
          Final year Bachelor of Management Tourism students must complete a substantial project in
          tourism, events or leisure.
         The Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre has submitted an expression of interest to The
          University of Technology Sydney for a Plan of Management of the Narrabri Tourism precinct.

.Yours faithfully,


Penny Phelps
Tourism Manager

        General Manager's Report                            3 of 8              March 2011 Business Paper
        2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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                         Warrumbungle Cluster
    Co-operatively promoting the shires of Warrumbungle, Gilgandra,
                        Coonamble & Narrabri

    Warrumbungle Cluster 2011 Demand Funding Campaign
    Digital Solutions for Travellers –Briefing Document for Councillors/Staff
        •    Four NSW Councils are collaborating to trial a digital marketing campaign in 2011-

        •    The Warrumbungle Cluster (comprising Warrumbungle, Coonamble, Gilgandra and
             Narrabri Councils) has been successful in receiving $13Kof funding through the
             Tourism NSW/Central NSW Tourism Demand Funding program which has been
             matched by the councils with each council contributing $3K

        •    The cluster will convert all the shires existing brochures to ‘e-book’ format and
             create a dedicated web site for the campaign which will be able to be updated by
             each council. Councils will also get the ‘e-books’ to add to their own web sites

        •    Information on each shire including short tours will be uploading to the site as
             podcasts/MP3 format for playback on on Ipods and MP3 players. Initially the
             tourism managers will add three short files but there is unlimited scope to add more

        •    Bluetooth marketing units will be installed at each of the accredited Visitor
             Information Centres in the region which will have the ability to send event
             information and tours to those in proximity with Bluetooth enabled phones. Whilst
             the initial focus is tourism these devices can also be used to send other information,
             eg, a welcome from the mayor, road closure information etc. These devices will
             become the property of each council and thus be a resource.

        •    A quantity of credit card size thumb drives will be produced loaded with the digital
             promotional material and these will be distributed at consumer shows and visitor
             centres. This is also a method of tracking the reach of the campaign as the
             promotional cards produced ask people to redeem for a thumb drive.

        •    A facebook site will complement the campaign web site and provide regular updates

        •    To let people know that the information is available via these new media
             applications 2metre x 1 metres banners will be displayed at each shire AVIC and we
             have also produced 25,000 DL sized fliers will be sent to all shire residents along with
             visitors centres across NSW

General Manager's Report                            4 of 8                       March 2011 Business Paper
2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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        •    The campaign will also be promoted on FM 88 Visitor Radio in neighbouring/State
             Border regions and advertisements in key regional publications such as Open Road
             and Caravanning Australia with the aim being to let people know that our four shires
             can be accessed ‘digitally’ when they are passing through the region.

        •    The campaign will be launched on 11th March 2011 by the Managing Director of
             Tourism NSW, Lyndel Gray at the LGSA Tourism Conference in Sydney and the web
             site and Bluetooth devices will be activated shortly after.

        •    Project team is Penny Phelps (Narrabri Shire), Aileen Bell and Karen Weatherall
             (Warrumbungle Shire), Susan Brisbane & Randall Medd (Gilgandra Shire) and Steve
             Baldwin (Coonamble Shire)

General Manager's Report                            5 of 8                    March 2011 Business Paper
2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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Dear Tourism Managers,

The Kamilaroi Highway Group is installing Bookeasy, an online booking system, to ensure our operators
along the highway take full advantage of the online trend. We invite you to list your inventory on our
brand new official tourism website for, to expose your products to the
world and reap the benefits of more online business.

What is Bookeasy?

Bookeasy is your answer to online bookings (accommodation, car hire, events etc), regional marketing
intelligence, customer relationship management and extensive global distribution of your region's
products. Bookeasy is a software solution for Visitor Information Centre’s and Tourism Groups with
over 150 centres throughout Australia and over 30,000 tourism operators.

Through the implementation of Bookeasy, your tourism organisation has the opportunity to grow an
online bookings presence and streamline its entire business operations and distribute your region's
products globally without the need for additional staff. To install Bookeasy, no additional software is
required - all you need is an internet connection!

Visitor Centres throughout Australia such as Hunter Valley Tourism, Margaret River and Coffs Coast
(just to name a few) use this booking reservation system to increase revenue, reduce costs, build real-
time strategic marketing intelligence and distribute Tourism products around the world.

                                  Sell your destination online.

Why should you put your inventory on Bookeasy/Kamilaroi Highway website?

   1. You will receive 24/7 exposure on our local destination search engine optimized website, (to be confirmed). We will be working very hard to get the top
      listings with all the major search engines.

   2. Put your inventory at the fingertips of 150+ other Bookeasy centre’s across Australia. These
      booking centres include booking centres such as Hunter Valley, Margaret River and other key
      destinations across Australia.

   General Manager's Report                            6 of 8                   March 2011 Business Paper
   2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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   3. You may also opt to join the Bookeasy Distribution Network by simply ticking a box in your
      Bookeasy operator console, which then distributes your inventory to 1,000s of quality checked
      websites for extra bookings if you are an accommodation provider, including AAA Tourism for
      operators who are star rated.

What Will It Cost Me?

            Up Front Fees

       There is no fee to join our website and distribute your inventory within the Bookeasy Booking
       Centre Network. This is part of our membership services.

            Training

       $88 per session for 3.5hrs.

            Commissions

       For all bookings made within your Visitor Information Centre:-12 % commission (All
       commissions will go towards the future marketing of the Kamilaroi Highway.)

       For all bookings from any of the other 150+ Bookeasy booking centre’s, the default commission
       will be 15%.

What About If I Am Not Very Good With Computers

       When an operator joins the Bookeasy network, they can decide whether they will guarantee
       their availability or be available on a 24 hour basis. Plus, there are many different ways to
       manage your inventory so don’t be worried.

Getting your local operators involved

       The Kamilaroi Highway group will be asked to speak to local operators to encourage
       participation in this online reservation system. Tourism operators such as accommodation
       providers, tour groups, car rental and events and festivals would all benefit from being involved
       in this reservation system.
       Operators will have the opportunity to list their business, add images, availability rates, booking
       conditions and cancellation policies.

   General Manager's Report                            7 of 8                   March 2011 Business Paper
   2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign
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What you need to do to participate?

        Attend a Bookeasy training session to be held in Narrabri, mid May 2011. Sessions run for 3.5
        hrs. The cost is $88 per session, and you will learn how to create and maintain your web pages,
        pictures and inventory and promote your product to best effect to customers on The Kamilaroi
        Highway’s, and the other 150+ Bookeasy Centre’s. You can self load; however, we encourage
        you to take advantage of the great tips you will pick up at these training sessions.

        Are you already a Bookeasy Operator? You won’t need to attend training. There is a simple
        process to link you to the Kamilaroi Highway’s website.

Dates for training

        Mid May 2011 – to be confirmed

What does Training involve?

   Create your personalized webpage on the Kamilaroi Highway website
   Resize and upload images to the net
   Enter tourism inventory and present your tourism product to best effect for online bookings
   Update rooms (or tours) rates, availability
   Learn how to generate online bookings from your own website
   Capture the attention of new clients!

    General Manager's Report                            8 of 8                March 2011 Business Paper
    2011 New England North West Marketing Campaign

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