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									Microwave Popcorn and Cancer?

Recent studies have shown that the microwave popcorn you‟re family
regularly eats can be harmful to your health. The FDA and the EPA are
conducting studies, but what is being done to ensure your family is safe?

The studies show that the chemicals used in all popcorn bags, known as
Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also known as C8 (a Teflon Chemical), can
cause cancer in animals but more research needs to be done to find out
what the effects of these chemicals are in humans.

According to Daily News Central “In a study published last month, Food
and Drug Administration researchers said microwave popcorn bags alone
could expose the public to „hundreds of times‟ more C8 than normal use of
non-stick cookware.” The C8 is then ingested by the people eating the
popcorn. Maureen McFadden of WDNU reported on 5/3/06: “Recent tests found
PFOA, which can be extracted from Fluorotelomer, does cause cancer in
animals.” Scientist Glen Evers explains, “Even before we cook the
popcorn, the butter is already contaminated with a paper flurochemical
that will be absorbed into your blood and stay in your blood for a long,
long time. In particular, microwave popcorn bags have the most
fluorotelomers of any food wrapper, and the high cooking temperatures
increase the migration of these chemicals into the popcorn oil.”

It is estimated that microwave popcorn may account for more than 20% of
the average PFOA levels measured in American residents. Just opening a
bag of microwave popcorn can be hazardous to your health but nothing is
set to be done until the year 2015, when the companies who manufacture
the harmful Teflon chemical have stated they will eliminate it.

NDTV reported the following:

“The Environmental Protection Agency is studying the chemicals released
into the air when a bag of microwave popcorn is popped or opened.
Exposure to vapors from butter flavoring in microwave popcorn has been
linked to a rare lung disease contracted by factory workers in Missouri,
Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.”

So what can you do to protect your family? Popcorn is a staple and an
affordable luxury for families around the world. A new company has come
up with an affordable, practical and convenient solution that will help
ensure you and your family isn‟t being exposed to toxic chemicals when
eating this delectable treat. Granny‟s Natural Popcorn comes with natural
FDA approved microwave popcorn bags, a recipe booklet and more.

Take action on this matter. You and your family deserve to know you are
safe before 2015.

David Orman



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