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									Education and Awareness for Disaster
                    Risk Reduction

                Madhavi Malalgoda Ariyabandu
                UNISDR secretariat Asia Pacific

           Global Campaign
2007-2009 Global Disaster Reduction
  Campaign: DRR begins at school in
  partnership with UNESCO
Generated global awareness, agency
  engagement, policies, programmes, tools,
Task Force for the Asia Pacific
         Education Task Force
• Education Task Force (ETF) established in 2007
  - led by the UNISDR, UNESCO and UNICEF

• Membership of key regional partners:
  ASEAN, Save the Children and ASB

• The ETF has developed into a regional
  mechanism : Regional Task Force on Disaster
  Risk Reduction and Education.
Bangkok Action Agenda- 2007 a regional blueprint for
         DRR Education implementation

Priorities identified by Bangkok Action Agenda
•   Integrating DRR into School
•   Strengthening DRR Education for
    Community Resilience
•   Making Schools Safer
•   Empowering Children for DRR
•   National and Regional Approaches
One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Pledging Initiative

The campaign urges individuals or organizations to make a commitment
to do specific actions on any of the three components that could make
schools and hospitals safer before a disaster:
 Public awareness,
 Emergency and disaster preparedness, and
 Disaster risk reduction.

                                          To make people aware about
                                         safe schools and hospitals
                                          To be prepared in case of
                                         emergencies and disasters
                                          To contribute time, effort or
                                         resources to make schools and
                                         hospitals safer
                    Tools and guidance
•   One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Assessment and Mitigation
    Planning for Risk Reduction Guide

•   One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Emergency and Disaster
    Preparedness Guide for Schools

•   One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Advocacy Guide

•   Towards a Culture of Prevention: Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School

•   One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Emergency and Disaster
    Preparedness for Health Facilities Guide

•   Reducing Earthquake Risk in Hospitals from Equipment, Contents,
    Architectural Elements, and Building Utility Systems

•   Safe Hospitals: A Collective Responsibility, A Global Measure of Disaster
    Reduction (2008)
        Proposed programme for Pakistan
• NDMA in coordination with the Ministries of Education
  and Health, UNICEF and WHO, UNCT members, a host
  of Non governmental organizations and the private
  sector is spearheading to launch a national programme
  of action for resilient cities, safe schools and hospitals.

• An initial target has been set for 50,000 safe schools in
  two years, in the 12 most vulnerable districts of Pakistan.

• This target however was set before the 2010 flooding,
  and will be increased to include the cities and
  townships affected by the current floods

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