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					                 Staff Development Booking Form
I would like to register on the following sessions:
 Session title                                                  Date:

 Session title                                                  Date:

 Session title                                                  Date:

 Session title                                                  Date:

I cannot attend on the currently scheduled dates but I am interested
in attending the following sessions in the future:
 Session title:

 Session title:

Name ___________________________________________________
School/Service ____________________________________________
Room Number __________________________ Ext _______________
Signature_______________________________ Date ______________

This proposal has been discussed and agreed with my line manager. We have
agreed that:
       I will debrief my line manager as soon as possible after the activity (if
       We will review the effectiveness of the activity within 4 –6 months

Manager's Name____________________________________________
Manager's Signature_______________________ Date _____________

Please remember that if you have booked on to an event it is important that
you attend or cancel in plenty of time. If you find that you are unable to attend
a course, you should contact one of the Training Administrators on ext 2799
as soon as possible so that your place may be reallocated, as many of the
events are oversubscribed and have a waiting list.

Please state any particular requirements relating to disability and
we will endeavour to accommodate them:

  Please return this form to the Staff Development Unit, CSB 7/02
                         OR fax to 472197

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