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                                                 Linking the Missouri Aquaculture Community

           Volume 7                                           Issue 2                          May 2007

                                                        NCRAC authorizes funding for VHS research
                  In This Issue
                                                      NCRAC’s Board of Directors has authorized up to $200,000
   NCRAC funds VHS research                           for research and/or extension activities pertaining to viral
   Katie Smith named Agriculture Director             hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS). NCRAC seeks preproposals
                                                      for 1- or 2-year projects from qualified individuals to carry out
   Alabama stops sale of Chinese catfish              work pertaining to this disease. A Project Review Committee
   APHIS amends VHS Federal Order                     (PRC) will select who will move forward with a full proposal
   Cornell offers short course                        based on the individual’s or group’s demonstrated record of
                                                      expertise, access to facilities required for the project, and what
   MoAA honors Jim Kahrs
                                                      is being proposed to address this disease. The PRC will
   Aquaflor approved for Columnaris
                                                      consist of three technical and three industry representatives.
   MoAA sponsors FFA Aquaculture                      The individual or group that the PRC selects will develop a
   Awards                                             project outline which will be peer reviewed. The PRC, based
   MoAA social planned                                on the peer-review as well as their assessment of the project
                                                      outline, will then make a recommendation to the NCRAC
   MU presents award to Kahrs family
                                                      Board of Directors for their action. The anticipated start date
   FAO updates aquaculture statistics
                                                      for the 1- or 2-year project or projects chosen by the NCRAC
   Upcoming Events                                    Board and approved by USDA CSREES is September 1,
                                                      2008. More details are at

      Katie Smith named Agriculture Director
More information at

Citing her successful record as a champion of Missouri
agriculture, Gov. Matt Blunt appointed Katie Smith of Platte
City as the Director of the Department of Agriculture May 2nd.
Mrs. Smith grew up on a family farm in Platte County where
she was engaged in the production of corn, soybean, cattle and
tobacco. Mrs. Smith holds her bachelor’s in agriculture
journalism from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural
Resources at the University of Missouri – Columbia.
                                                                      Governor Matt Blunt and Deputy Director Matt
Mrs. Smith has worked in the U.S. Department of Agriculture            Boatright with the new Director of Agriculture,
(USDA), the U.S. Department of Energy and served for federal           Katie Smith.
elected officials in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Most
recently she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Energy’s Office of Congressional and
Intergovernmental Affairs. At USDA, she served as Special Assistant to Agriculture Undersecretary Bill Hawks
where she represented the department during the 2002 Farm Bill conference negotiations and served as the
agriculture representative for the transition of Agriculture border inspectors to the Department of Homeland
Security. She served for four years as the chief policy advisor on agriculture issues for Senator Jim Talent. She has
also worked on agriculture issues for Senator Kit Bond and Congressman Sam Graves.

Mrs. Smith is the first woman ever to serve as the Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture which was
established in 1933. Mrs. Smith and her husband Christopher live in Missouri with their daughter, Mary Agnes.

                              Alabama tests Asian catfish and issues Stop Sale
The full press release is at Since this time, Mississippi has
followed suit and other states are planning to test product also.

Commissioner Ron Sparks held a press conference April 25th to reveal the results of tests conducted on samples of
imported fish from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The samples were obtained from nine
different food storage warehouses between February 13, 2007 and March 29, 2007. The two types of fish that were
tested include catfish from China and a farm raised basa type fish from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and
Malaysia. Based on the results of analysis from thirty-three fish samples, Sparks has issued an automatic Stop Sale
                                                 order for all catfish from China. Additional testing will be
                                                 required for the farm raised basa type fish products from China,
                                                 Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

                                                     Twenty samples of catfish from China were collected for analysis.
                                                     Of those twenty, fourteen tested positive for fluoroquinolones, an
                                                     antibiotic banned for use in the United States by the FDA. The
                                                     samples found in violation represent approximately 214,260
                                                     pounds of catfish and there are approximately 300,000 additional
                                                     pounds of product suspended pending analysis.

                                                     Thirteen samples of basa type fish products from Indonesia,
 Alabama’s Ag Comissioner, Ron Sparks,               Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia were tested. Five of these
 presenting findings of fish tests that lead to a    samples tested positive for fluoroquinolones. The five samples
 Stop Sale order for all catfish from China.         that tested positive were from Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.
                                                     All samples tested negative for malachite green.

                                   USDA APHIS amends VHS Federal Order
On May 4, 2007, USDA APHIS amended the Federal Order on Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) to allow
catch-and-release fishing activities involving VHS susceptible fish. Catch and release fishing activities are defined
as: fishing for pleasure or recreational purposes, including tournaments, organized fishing competitions, fishing
derbies, or other types of contests where individuals catch, compare and release live VHS-susceptible fish, except
any VHS-susceptible fish used or intended to be used as live bait. The amended Order can be viewed at

                               Cornell offers recirculating systems short course
The 13th annual aquaculture systems short course will be held in two sessions; July 23-27, 2007 in Waimanalo,
Hawaii USA and July 31-August 3, 2007 in Ithaca, New York USA. This course is intended to give a thorough
coverage of the design, operation, and management of water reuse systems for finfish (limited coverage of indoor
shrimp production). This course is offered as a “hands-on” or a “distance learning” opportunity. Members of The
Oceanic Institute and the Cornell Aquaculture Program will teach the course. A combination of "hands-on"
laboratories and classroom presentations will be offered. At the conclusion of the workshop, individuals should be
able to design their own water reuse systems and have a fundamental knowledge of the principles influencing
design decisions. The following topics will be addressed: water quality monitoring and measurement; engineering
design of individual unit processes; system management; fish health management; economic and risk evaluation;
tours of local aquaculture facilities; and indoor shrimp. More information are available on the Cornell website at

                                                                                  MoAA honors Jim Kahrs
                                                                         April 4, Liz, Pete, and Steve Kahrs took a few
                                                                         minutes out from spawning paddlefish at Osage
                                                                         Catfisheries to accept a proclamation
                                                                         recognizing Jim Kahrs who died September 3,
                                                                         2006. Jim founded the business in 1953 and
                                                                         accomplished a number of things including
                                                                         founding MoAA in 1963. The award was
                                                                         prepared by Senator Chuck Purgason at the
                                                                         request of other fish producers who wanted to
                                                                         do something to recognize the great
                                                                         contribution Jim made to aquaculture in the
                                                                         state. Spring is a busy time and even though
 Pictured (l to r) with the proclamation honoring Jim Kahrs are: four    several fish producers were unable to attend,
 Taiwanese customers, Pete Kahrs, David Emerson, Steve Kahrs,            Larry Cleveland, Marvin Emerson, and David
 Liz Kahrs, Marvin Emerson, and Larry Cleveland.                         Emerson were present plus four Osage
                                                                         Catfisheries customers from Taiwan.

                       First and only catfish antibiotic approved for Columnaris
More details at

Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation has introduced Aquaflor®-CA1 (florfenicol), the first and only in-feed
antibiotic conditionally approved for the control of mortality in catfish due to columnaris disease. The FDA granted
a conditional approval - the first of its kind for any food-animal therapeutic - to Aquaflor-CA1, pending full
demonstration of effectiveness. The expedited approval process was done in compliance with the Minor Use and
Minor Species (MUMS) Animal Health Act of 2004, which was passed by Congress to increase the availability of
new therapeutics for farmed fish and other minor species.

In terms of active ingredient and formulation, Aquaflor-CA1 is the exact same product as Aquaflor® (florfenicol), a
broad-spectrum antibiotic that FDA approved in October 2005 for the control for control of catfish mortality due to
enteric septicemia (ESC). However, because Aquaflor-CA1 is a conditionally licensed product, FDA requires the
product to be packaged separately with its own name and indications. Like Aquaflor, Aquaflor-CA1 is a Veterinary
Feed Directive (VFD) drug, meaning that users must receive a signed VFD order from a licensed veterinarian
before obtaining the drug through normal feed-distribution channels. VFD is a category established by FDA in
1996 to help the agency more closely control new therapeutic products, primarily antimicrobials, and their use in
food animals.

Columnaris is a leading bacterial disease of catfish and can cause significant losses in performance. The presence of
brown to yellowish-brown growth of bacteria on the mouth, gills, skin or fins usually indicates an infection, but fish
specialists recommend getting a positive diagnosis before beginning treatment. In 2006, columnaris "singly
accounted" for 13.7 percent of catfish disease diagnostic cases submitted, according to a report issued recently by
the Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL), Thad Cochran National Warmwater Aquaculture Center, Mississippi
State University, Stoneville. Schering-Plough Animal Health recommends using feed medicated with Aquaflor or
Aquaflor-CA1 as the sole ration for 10 consecutive days. Treatments should be discontinued 12 days before
marketing. Aquaflor and Aquaflor-CA1 are not approved for use in breeding stock. For more information on
Aquaflor and Aquaflor-CA1, visit

                               MoAA sponsors FFA Aquaculture Awards
A big thank you to MoAA President, Greg Lipscomb, and his wife Mary for presenting the awards to the FFA students. Below
are summaries of the first and second place winners. has more
details on both.

The Missouri FFA Association has more than 23,700 members. More than 7,500 FFA members and guests attended
the annual Missouri FFA Convention April 19-20 in Columbia. FFA strives to make a positive difference in the
lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through
agricultural education.

Paul Free, of the Stewartsville FFA Chapter, Clarksdale,MO, was named the state winner of the FFA Aquaculture
Entrepreneurship and Placement Proficiency award at the 79th Missouri State FFA Convention. Free has loved to
fish since he was a small child. When he was told to choose a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) he knew it
would be aquaculture. Free
and his family built nine
cylinder cages to keep fish in
tanks and to raise them.
Through this SAE project
Free has learned marketing,
sales, wildlife management,
catfish biology and most
importantly, a strong work
ethic. Along with learning the
basics of fish production, Free
learned how to advertise,
increase production and
decrease losses. He wants to
double the size of his
operation. After graduating,
Free plans to attend Missouri
Western State University and        Greg and Mary Lipscomb with FFA Aquaculture Proficiency Award recipients.
possibly transfer to reach a
higher degree a biology-
related field.

Cody Brock, of the Carrollton ACC FFA Chapter, Carrollton, MO, took second place in the FFA Aquaculture
Entrepreneurship and Placement Proficiency award. Brock’s Supervised Agricultural Experience project started
four years ago while fishing with his father. They used goldfish for bait, and due to the cost of buying bait, began to
raise goldfish.

                                             MoAA Social Planned
Crystal Lake Fisheries in Ava, Missouri will host a summer gathering Friday, July 13th. Plan now to attend. It will
be a great experience in the tradition of summer gatherings hosted by Randolph County Fish Farm, Country Fish
Farm, Troutdale Farm, and Ozark Fisheries. More information on Crystal Lake Fisheries is available on the
internet at Directions and more details will provided in the next newsletter.

                         MU presents Kahrs family distinguished service award
The full article is at

Thursday, May 12, the Kahrs family traveled to Columbia to accept the Vice-Chancellor's and Dean's Award of the
College of Agriculture, that recognized Jim Kahrs for his distinguished service in natural resources and as a pioneer
in aquaculture. The award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their fields.

Jim Kahrs left quite an impression on many he had worked with over the years, according to faculty at the
university who spent many hours with him studying his operation and partnering with Osage Catfisheries on
various projects. He was nominated for the award by faculty at the College of Agriculture as well as a number of
agricultural organizations, including the Missouri Farm Bureau. 'It is quite an honor,' said Bob Pierce, of the
university ag college. 'He was a great man and recognized by many for his work, dedication and contributions to the
university. He was one of a kind.'

Jim Kahrs passed away last year at the age of 79. His contributions live on as his wife and sons Pete and Steve
continue to operate the business. John Kahrs, Jim's son, preceded him in death but had spent years working for the
family-owned business.

Although the company provides live fish for aquariums, research, and stocking programs, Osage Catfisheries may
best be recognized as a leader in the paddlefish 'caviar' market. Kahrs was known throughout the world in the field
of aquaculture as a pioneer. He received numerous honors during his life including: Catfish Farmers of America,
Catfish Farmer of the Year in 1982; American Fisheries Society, inducted into the Fish Hatchery Hall of Fame in
1999; the National Aquaculture Association and the Joe McCraran Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions
of Aquaculture in 2000.

                                         FAO Fishery Statistics Updated
The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department has just updated its global fishery statistics to 2005 data. New
data on aquaculture and capture productions and FishStat Plus software can now be consulted online. Updated
commodities and trade statistics, as well as regional statistics, will be made available in a few months. The site is

                                                   Upcoming Events
June 14                                                             July 13
VHS Workshop                                                        MoAA Social
Bayfield, WI                                                        Crystal Lake Fisheries


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