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Shepherd's Staff - April 2011


									                                              Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                        Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

                                  The Shepherd’s Staff
                                  Volume III, Issue 1I                                                                April 2011

Christ is risen from                           Christ is Risen! Χριστός Ανέστι!
the dead, trampling

                                          eloved Family       in    good things possible. Consid-    we shall sit at table with God
death by death, and                       Christ,                   er for a moment what life        – Father, Son, and Holy
 bestowing life on                                                  would be like if we lived in     Spirit.
                                          It seems unbelieva-
those in the graves.                                                an eternal night – covered by
                                  ble that our journey to                                                Pascha is the sacred proc-
                                                                    the darkness of the world
                                  Pascha is almost over. In but                                      lamation of the depth of
                                                                    without the ability to see
Apolytikion of Resurrection       a few weeks we will hear the                                       God’s love for us. And it is a
                                                                    each other clearly as children
                                  shouts of that most ancient                                        love so deep and so wide that
                                                                    of God. What would life be
                                  Christian truth that "Christ is                                    God Himself would send His
                                                                    like if its ultimate purpose
                                  Risen!" Just as the light of                                       Only-Begotten Son to earth
                                                                    was death alone – and with
                                  our paschal candles will fill                                      in the form of a servant to
                                                                    no hope of the eternal joy
                                  our churches with the true                                         lead us back to the Light
                                  light of the resurrection of                                       from our wandering in hope-
                                  Christ, even so will our                                           lessness and isolation; and it
                                  homes once again be filled                                         is a love so precious that God
                                  with the laughter and parties                                      would also send His Holy
                                  that have been distinctly ab-                                      Spirit to encourage us to call
                                  sent during Great Lent.                                            out to Him as Father, and
                                                                                                     thus, to raise us from death
                                      And because this funda-
                                                                                                     to life.
                                  mental proclamation of the        God has prepared for us with
                                  Christian faith is so essential   Him. What would happen if           May this blessed Pascha
                                  to our lives, it will be our      we could only allow our-         be for each of us a time of
                                  common greeting to each           selves to be subjected to the    great joy and light. May our
Inside this issue:                other for the 40 days follow-     tempest tossed storm of life     burdens be lessened, our
                                  ing the resurrection of our       with no Guide to take us to      hope increased, and our
Bishop’s Schedule           2     Lord. Wherever Orthodox           the safe harbor of salvation.    souls made light by Christ
Youth News                        Christians meet, our first                                         our Lord.
                            3                                        The importance of the
                                  words will not be in greeting
Philoptochos News                                                resurrection of Christ for us          Extending to you and to
                            4     each other as friends, but
                                                                 is truly in the eternal hope        your families my deepest
MEFGOX News                 4-5   rather in sharing our com-
                                                                 that it affirms for us: hope in     prayers and hope that the
                                  mon witness of God’s plan of
Featured Article            5                                    Love for God and His mercy;         Resurrected Christ will fill
                                  salvation for us: Christ is
                                                                 hope in the reality of Love to      us with every joy, I remain,
Friends of the Metropolis   6     Risen! Truly He is Risen!
                                                                 right a fallen world; hope in
Metropolis News             7        My beloved family in the fact that we shall never
                                  Christ, it is this cornerstone be lost from those whom we          +Metropolitan Nicholas
                                  of our faith which makes all love, but that one day again,
 Page 2                                                                                           The Shepherd's Staff

                                   Bishop’s Schedule Highlights
 10           Pastoral Visit                                     Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church - Plymouth, MI
 10 - 15      Patriarchal Entourage                              Paris, France
 16           Saturday of Lazarus Divine Liturgy                 St. Nicholas Church - Troy, MI
 17           Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy                         St. John the Baptist Church - Sterling Heights, MI
              Bridegroom Service                                 Assumption Church - St. Clair Shores, MI
 18           7:30pm Bridegroom Service                          St. Nicholas Church - Ann Arbor, MI
 19           7:00pm Bridegroom Service                          Holy Trinity Cathedral - Toledo, OH
 20           4:00pm Holy Unction Service                        Sts. Constantine & Helen Church - Westland, MI
              6:30pm Holy Unction Service                        Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Plymouth, MI
 21           Holy Thursday Divine Liturgy                       St. Spyridon Chapel - Metropolis Center - Troy, MI
              6:30pm Gospels of the Passion of Christ Service    St. George Church - Southgate, MI
 22           Good Friday Epitaphio Visitations                  Parishes in the Metro Detroit Area
              7:00pm Service of Lamentations                     Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI
 23           Vesperal Divine Liturgy - Proti Anastasi           St. George Church - Bloomfield Hills, MI
 24           Midnight: Great and Holy Pascha                    Holy Cross Church - Farmington Hills, MI
              11:00am Agape Service                              Sts. Constantine & Helen Church - Westland, MI
5             Ordination of Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishops      Blessed Sacrament Cathedral - Detroit, MI
11 - 13       American Bible Society Board Meeting                NYC
20 - 21       Feast of Sts. Constantine & Helen Services          Sts. Constantine & Helen Church - Westland, MI
22 - 23       Military Retirement - Fr. William Bartz             Washington, DC
24 - 27       Episcopal Assembly                                  Chicago, IL

                               An Afternoon with Vefa Alexiadou

K            yria Vefa Alexiadou and daughter, Alexia, im-
             pressed the 400 women and men attending the
             Philoptochos fundraiser for the National
             Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy with their
             enthusiasm and love for Greek cuisine. The
Easter dishes they demonstrated put a new twist on the clas-
sic Easter family celebrations. Each person received the reci-
pes demonstrated by Kyria Vefa and Alexia.
Approximately 225 cook books were sold and personalized
by Kyria Vefa prior to and after the event ■
  Volume III, Issue 1I                                                             April 2011                     Page 3

                  YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS by Eva Kokinos                                                 DID YOU
Annunciation Church in Dayton, OH hosted another successful GOYA Basketball Tournament.              SCHOLARSHIPS
The tournament was held February 18-20, 2011. Teams came from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, Visit to
and Upstate New York. The weekend began with Vespers and fellowship, as well as a Coaches’ learn more about scholar-
Meeting. On Saturday, the games were played to determine who would compete in the finals. ship opportunities offered
After the conclusion of the games, all the teams gathered Saturday evening for a beautiful Tour- through the Archdiocese
nament Dinner/Dance.                                                                              Office of the Chancellor.
                                                                                                 There are scholarships for
The weekend concluded with Divine Liturgy. Due to poor weather conditions, the Division A
                                                                                                 college bound students, as
games were postponed. The final games were played on March 26, 2011 in Michigan.
                                                                                                 well as those who are pur-
   Sportsmanship Award                      Annunciation Church— Buffalo, NY                       suing graduate studies!
   Boys’ Division A Champions               Assumption Church—St. Clair Shores, MI
   Boys’ Division B Champions               St. John the Baptist Church—Sterling Heights, MI        IONIAN VILLAGE
   Girls’ Division A Champions              Assumption Church—St. Clair Shores, MI
                       CONGRATS to all teams on a job well done!

The Metropolis of Detroit is blessed with three summer camp programs! 2011                        Visit the official website,
Camp Registration has begun for MDSC and St. Nicholas Summer Camp. Reg-                  ,
istration for St. Timothy Camp will begin soon… For information about the                        for details about registra-
programs we have in our Metropolis and registration information, check the                        tion, and two new travel
official camp websites or email for information.                        programs for young adults
                                                                                                         ages 19-28.
MDSC (Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp) — Rose City, MI
St. Nicholas Summer Camp — Pleasantville, TN   
St. Timothy Summer Camp — Croghan, NY          
                                                                                                       ST. JOHN
                   SAVE THE DATE!!! UPCOMING EVENTS FOR YOUTH!!!                                     CHRYSOSTOM
April 1-3, 2011           Fall Creek Falls GOYA Lenten Retreat                                         FESTIVAL
                                    Holy Trinity Church—Nashville, TN

April 9, 2011             St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Central District Finals
                                    Holy Trinity Church—Carmel, IN

April 30, 2011            St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Michigan District Finals
                                    St. John the Baptist Church—Sterling Heights, MI

April 30, 2011            St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Southern District Finals
                                    Annunciation Church—Memphis, TN
                                                                                                  Download this year’s top-
                                                                                                 ics, tips, and list of recom-
May 1, 2011               St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Upstate NY District Finals      mended resources for the
                                    Annunciation Church—Buffalo, NY                                elementary, junior, and
                                                                                                    senior divisions. Visit
May 14, 2011              St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Metropolis Finals
                                    Assumption Church—Grand Blanc, MI                  
June 10-12, 2011          St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival—Archdiocese Finals                   religioused/sjcof
                                    Annunciation Cathedral—Houston, TX
  Page 4                                                                                  The Shepherd's Staff

                                         Philoptochos News
By Eleni Zaferes              Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas     tropolis sponsored fund-      Center of Philanthropy

                              Philoptochos of Cincin-       raiser for the new Na-        was a huge success and
             ali Sarakosti!   nati, OH will host a Me-      tional Philoptochos Cen-      we thank everyone for
             As we jour-      tropolis area Lenten Re-      ter of Philanthropy on        your continued support
             ney through      treat with Father Gregory     Saturday, April 2nd “An       to the mission of
             the Lenten       Hohnholt of Nashville,        Afternoon with Vefa”. A       Philoptochos. This center
season, Philoptochos          TN as the speaker. Area       dinner for the National       will enable Philoptochos
chapters are busy hosting     chapters from the Indi-       Board was jointly hosted      to have a place of its own
Lenten events. These          ana, Ohio and Kentucky        by the Metropolis Board       for offices and better
events will help to spon-                                                                 serve those in need. We
sor the National commit-        Spring commitments for chapters are the Metropo-        thank Maria Stavropoulos
ment for March to bene-           lis Summer Camps and the Scholarship Fund.              and her committee in
fit Holy Cross/ Hellenic        Last year donations of $7,275 went to Summer            making the event a suc-
College.                          Camps and $3,800 to the Scholarship Fund.               cess.
    Holy Trinity Philopto-                                                                   Upcoming events for
chos in Carmel, IN host-        $2,500 was given to the new Center of Philanthro-       Philoptochos includes a
ed a Lenten Retreat on           py by the Metropolis Board.                              luncheon/lecture by re-
March 12th following the                                                                  nowned author Robert
Saturday of the Souls ser-    areas have been invited to    and the Philoptochos          Krantz, Sophia, spon-
vice with Metropolitan        attend.                       chapter of St. John’s         sored by the Philoptochos
Nikitas as the guest             The Metropolis of De-      Church in Sterling            chapter of St. Nicholas
speaker. On March 19th        troit was honored to host     Heights on Friday, April      Church in Ann Arbor,
St. Nicholas Philoptochos     the National Philoptochos     1st following Salutation to   MI. Reservations are due
of Troy, MI hosted a Len-     Board for its spring meet-    the Virgin Mary services.     by April 16th ■
ten Retreat for the Metro     ing on Friday, April 1st in       The fundraiser for the
Detroit area chapters.        conjunction with the Me-      National Philoptochos

                                             MEFGOX News
By Barbara Minton                                                                         take music lessons. Our

                                                                                          fervent hope is that these
              ur liturgies,                                                               students will then offer
              vespers,                                                                    their talents and
              sacraments,                                                                 knowledge to the Church.
              and       the                                                                   The Memorial Scholar-
many other services of our                                                                ship Fund was established
Holy Orthodox Faith are       fore, it is imperative that   Through the Memorial          in memory of church mu-
chanted, sung, or intoned     we recruit, encourage and     Scholarship Fund, the Mid     sicians who have passed
rather than spoken. The       train people to be the fu-    -Eastern Federation of        away. The Memorial Fund
hymns are not songs; ra-      ture chanters, choir direc-   Greek Orthodox Church         was started with Federa-
ther, they are prayers.       tors, organists, singers,     Musicians offers scholar-     tion treasury monies that
“Music” is an integral part   music arrangers, and          ships to those students       were budgeted each year.
of our worship. There-        teachers of hymnology.        who will study music or                    (Continued on page 5)
   Volume III, Issue 1I                                                            April 2011                        Page 5

                                                    A Fish Tale
By Fr. Nicholas Verdaris*        will spend 32.9% or 23          greater than what the secu-     through a mundane and

                                 years of their life sleeping,   lar world can possibly im-      finite kind of life; and
       t is said that when a     11.4% or 8 years watching       agine or calculate. Great       commit ourselves to the
       glass divider is placed   TV, 8.6 % or 6 years eat-       Lent is an opportunity for      freedom that only comes
       into an aquarium so       ing, 6.55% or 4.5 years in      us to embrace the bound-        from following the way of
       that fish can only        leisure activities, and 2.8%    less Orthodox Christian         the Lord.
swim in one half of the          or 2 years getting dressed.     way of life through a re-            Through the grace of
aquarium, the fish will          The data also shows that        newed commitment to             our Lord and Savior Jesus
bump into it only a few          the average man and wom-        prayer, fasting and alms-       Christ and an active Or-
times before they “learn”        an will spend a mere 0.7%       giving. Preparing for the       thodox Christian way of
that they are confined to        or half of one year on all      feast of His Resurrection,      life, we can very well look
one side of the aquarium.        things religious or spiritu-    we must not bind our-           beyond the imposed “fish
From then on, the glass          al.                             selves to parameters that       bowl” to behold the pres-
divider can be removed,               This is the lim-                   give us a false sense   ence of the living God in
but the fish will continue       ited aquarium our                       of order at the ex-     our midst. If we will
to swim in only one half of      society says we are                     pense of new life in    choose to break familiar
the aquarium. The fish           in. And yet, these                      Him.                    routines and seek out the
have been conditioned to         confines are no less                    We must be mind-        way of the Lord this Len-
limits that in fact do not       a choice. We must decide        ful of the fact that anything   ten season with prayer,
exist. More like fish in an      whether we will be lem-         that inhibits the triumvi-      fasting and almsgiving, we
aquarium then most would         mings or instead embrace        rate of prayer, fasting and     can indeed “swim up-
care to admit, many peo-         this Lenten season to pur-      almsgiving is in reality hin-   stream” and discover a
ple today choose to be           sue the new life in Christ.     dering our ability to recog-    new life. A limitless life in
bound to a ‘small world’         Because by His love and         nize the presence of God        the Risen Christ ■
of their own creation, than      grace, we are in actuality      in our life, and the very
embrace the limitless new        free to live a transcendent     real freedom that flows         ______________
life in Christ.                  life in Him. It may be said     from Him. We must em-           *Fr. Nicholas Verdaris is the
      Case in point, re-         that we in fact live in an      brace this Lenten season        Presiding Priest at the Annunci-
searchers can project with       “aquarium” that with our        NOT as a burdensome obli-       ation Greek Orthodox Church
a high degree of certainty                                                                       in Little Rock, AR.
                                 Orthodox Christian faith        gation, but as a blessed
that the average American        in action, can be so much       opportunity to break

                                           MEFGOX News continued...
(Continued from page 4)          year at the Annual Con-         which the nearly 300            Trustee Chairman, 4651
An endowment from                vention we encourage and        names of blessed memory         Greenview Court, Avon,
Charles Michaels, Dayton         offer support to students       are read, we remember           Ohio 44011. Please in-
Ohio, and donations in           who are developing their        those church musicians          clude the name of the
memory of loved ones             musical talents by award-       who served the Church for       church musician in whose
from friends, families, and      ing scholarships at the ban-    many years.                     memory the contribution
fellow church musicians          quet. Also at the Conven-          Donations to the Me-         is made ■
allowed the Memorial             tion, at the conclusion of      morial Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund to be-          the Divine Liturgy during       can be sent to Dan Packis,
come self-sustaining. Each       a memorial service at           MEFGOX Scholarship
 Page 6                                                                          The Shepherd's Staff

                 Friends of the Metropolis (as of March 31, 2011)
His Eminence                          Lexington, KY                    Randall, Michael and Anne
+Metropolitan Nicholas                Panagia Pantovasillisa
                                      Delvizis, Thomas                 Saginaw, MI - St. Demetrios
Ann Arbor, MI - St. Nicholas                                           Cox, Fr. Irenaeus and
St. Nicholas Philoptochos             Memphis, TN – Annunciation       Presbytera Alexandra
Bekiares, Christopher and Margarita   Bagatelas, Todd and Cyndi
                                                                       Sault Ste Marie, MI – St. George
Buffalo, NY - Annunciation            Muskegon, MI - Annunciation      Gianakura, Peter and Georgia
Kallis, Fr. Perry and                 Mot, Fr. Catalin and
Presbytera Cassandra                  Presbytera Felicia               Southgate, MI - St. George
Phufas, Ellene                        Yankopoulos, Presbytera Ann      Kircos, Angelo and Sophia
                                      Afendoulis, Alexander            Kircos, John and Violet
Carmel, IN - Holy Trinity             Afendulis, Ted                   Kircos, Lou and Paula
Karas, Gus and Maritsa                Anton, Ted and Francine          Kontos, John and Marika
Lafter, Chris and Toni                Bati, John
Kyriakopoulos, Chris                  Bouth, Michael and Sharon        St. Clair Shores, MI
Pappas, Vicki                         Encelewski, Christine            Assumption
Zeheralis, Gail                       Karis, Tom and Kristi            Callas, Kalliopy
                                      Ladas, Paul M. and Patricia
Chattanooga, TN –Annunciation         Lutz, Helen                      Sterling Heights, MI - St. John
Mousourakis, John and Donna           Micheil, Rich and Teresa         Kotsonis, Steve and Angela
                                      Oravitan, Andre and Philip
Cincinnati, OH                        Soimar, Michael and Corina
Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas                                              Syracuse, NY - St. Sophia
HTSN Philoptochos                     Nashville, TN - Holy Trinity     Boucounis, Andrew
HTSN GOYA                             Hohnholt, Fr. Gregory and        Kazakis, Elaine
Streza, Fr. Ciprian and               Presbytera Sofia                 Paul, James
Presbytera Sinziana                   Harman, Todd
                                      Miles, Eric and Scarlett         Toledo, OH
Dayton, OH- Annunciation                                               Holy Trinity Cathedral
Kakas, Berdi                          Nashville, TN                    Damaskos, Fr. Aristotle and
                                      St. John Chrysostom Mission      Presbytera Debbie
Elmira, NY – St. Athanasios           Turner, Fr. Parthenios and
Vardakis, Paul and Thea               Presbytera Marion                Traverse City, MI
                                      Derrybery, Paul                  Archangel Gabriel
Fort Wayne, IN - Holy Trinity         Dozier, Matthew                  Bemis, Steve and Pam
Doublas, Gregory                      Tickle, Jeffrey and Jackie       Dalbo, Helen A.
Rongos, Christopher and Katherine
                                      New Buffalo, MI                  Troy, MI - St. Nicholas
Grand Rapids, MI - Holy Trinity       Annunciation/St.Paraskevi        Demery, Beck
Afendoulis, Chris and Phyllis         Lepeniotis, Anastasia
Monoyios, Terry                       Litznerski, Robert and Mariann   Other Friends
Nicholas, Jim and Georgia                                              Demetris, Jack and Dolly
                                      Plymouth, MI                     Kyriakopoulos, Chris
Ithaca, NY - St. Catherine            Nativity of the Virgin Mary      Radulescu, Alexandru ■
Bezirganian, John                     Sarelis, Fr. Charles and
                                      Presbytera Angela
  Volume III, Issue 1I                                                                                   April 2011                           Page 7

                                                  Metropolis News

T           he Detroit Greek Inde-
            pendence Day was cele-
            brated this year on the
            weekend of March 25 -
27. The festivities started Friday
with a preview of the New Hellenic
Museum of Michigan, located on 67
                                              recognizing those individuals who
                                              have distinguished themselves for
                                              their faith and the promotion of
                                              Hellenic culture in American socie-
                                              ty. The 2011 recipients are: Dr.
                                              Harry Kotsis, Dr. Mike Syropoulos,
                                              George Raptis, Ernest Zachary and
                                                                                                          kos, Mr. Demitrios Kafandaris
                                                                                                          (Mayor of Pylos) and Vefa Alexi-
                                                                                                          adou (The First Lady of Greek Cui-
                                                                                                            The festivities ended with a final
                                                                                                          performance of the Greek dancers
                                                                                                          from the Metropolitan Detroit area
E. Kirby Street in Detroit, which is          Tula Georgeson. The proceeds from                           and Greece.
scheduled to open later this year.            this Banquet were committed to the                            Since its reactivation in 2001, af-
The evening was highlighted by the            Hellenic Museum of Michigan.                                ter an absence of more than 30
performance of the Evzones and                  The weekend festivities culminat-                         years, the Detroit Greek Independ-
Amalia Dance Ensembles of Pylos               ed with the Hierarchical Divine Lit-                        ence Day Parade has continued to
and Messinia, Greece.                         urgy on Sunday, followed by the                             increase the cultural awareness of
  On Saturday morning, Metropoli-             traditional Greek Independence Day                          Metropolitan Detroit and showcase
tan Nicholas and his staff welcomed           Parade through downtown Detroit.                            our Orthodox Faith, our large
the dancers at the Metropolis Cen-              Among the special guests from                             Greek community, and our Hellenic
ter. Later in the evening, The Hel-           Greece who graciously honored us                            heritage for generations to come ■
lenic Heritage Award Banquet was              with their presence were Rev. Ar-
held at the Atheneum Suite Hotel              chimandrite Theoklitos Lambrina-

 Metropolitan Nicholas welcoming the Greek      Metropolitan Nicholas celebrating the Sunday of the         Metropolitan Nicholas welcoming guests from
 Dancers at the Metropolis Center.              Holy Cross Divine Liturgy with Rev. Archim. Theoklitos      Greece as Mr. Demitrios Kafandaris (Mayor
                                                Lambrinakos from Greece (left) and Fr. George               of Pylos) speaks to the congregants.
                                                Athanas (Proistamenos) at the Annunciation Cathe-
                                                dral in Detroit, MI.

 The Sunday Parade started at 3pm on Mon-       Metropolitan Nicholas and clergy sing the                   Metropolitan Nicholas and dignitaries greet-
 roe/ Woodward Streets with dignitaries and     Kontakion “Te Ypermaho” as His Eminence                     ing the Parade participants.
 a police escort leading the march.             blesses the beginning of the ceremony from
                                                the dignitaries’ stage mounted at Monroe/
                                                Beaubien Streets.
                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                                             Friends of the Metropolis
                                                 What Does Friends of the Metropolis Support?
                                 General: Fully fund the expenses of the Metrop- Outreach/Missions: Create opportunities to
                                 olis offices, programs and travels.               introduce our faith to society, participate in inter
2560 Crooks Road                                                                   -Christian and inter-faith activities as well as
  Troy, MI 48084                 Education: Enhance scholarships and adult ed- provide quick responses to national disasters.
                                 ucation programs, as well as support the Me-
                                                                                   Hellenism: Develop programs for Hellenic Cul-
 Phone: (248) 823-2400           tropolis students at Hellenic College/Holy Cross.
                                                                                   tural Outreach, including language, history and
   Fax: (248) 823-2401                                                             arts.
                                 Support: Develop and provide educational and
                                 instructional seminars and services to clergy and Leadership: Organize Metropolis Clergy-Laity           parishes.                                         Conferences, Oratorical Festivals, Christmas
                                                                                   Pageants and Adult Education Programs.
                                 Youth: Maintain and support the youth office
                                                                                   Special Programs: Website development, hos-
The Shepherd’s Staff             and activities of a full-time Youth and Young
                                                                                   pitality to visiting dignitaries and guests, Charity
                                 Adult Ministries Director.
                                                                                   and Philanthropy.
     Alex Radulescu
 Phone: (248) 823-2414                                          Dear Friends of the Metropolis:
         E-mail:                 Dear Friends of the Metropolis:                    program, ministries and programs are implement-                                                          ed on a Metropolis-wide basis which strengthen
                                 God has called us to do mighty deeds for the glory
                                                                                    and enhance our faith and our joint ministry of
                                 of His name and for the love of His people.
     To subscribe to the                                                            service.
 Shepherd’s Staff e-mail list,   You are called upon to join in this reality of “faith If you have not yet become part of the Metropolis-
 please send us an e-mail at     working through love” as we continue to manifest wide effort, I would like to invite you to join forces       the love of God for His Church and His people.        with the faithful throughout our Metropolis in sup-
  typing in the subject line:
                                                                                       port of the ministries which are part of the Office
                                 When you support the Friends of the Metropolis
NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE                                                                   of the Metropolitan.
                                 campaign, you are part of a greater outreach that
                                 proclaims with one universal voice that God is truly Thanking you for your kind and generous response,
  Join our Channel on…           our hope and our rock of salvation.                   I remain, with paternal blessing and prayers,
                                 Because of your devotion and help to the Friends
                                                                                       Metropolitan Of Detroit           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           I am pleased to support the work of Metropolitan Nicholas and the        Send this card in an envelope to:
                                                                                                                    The Metropolis of Detroit
                                           Metropolis through the Annual Metropolis Stewardship “Friends” Program   2560 Crooks Road, Troy, MI 48084

                                     $25               $50               $100              $250              $500           $1000          Other

                                 Name__________________________________Parish Affiliation:______________________
                                 Phone _______________________________Email_________________________________

                                     Check Enclosed (payable to the Metropolis of Detroit)
   Sts. Constantine
       and Helen                     Please Charge My Credit Card                        Visa            MasterCard
           May 21                 Account # ___________________Exp.__________Signature_______________Date__________

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