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									Setting a New Standard

A   I R   D   I S T R I B U T I O N                    P    R O D U C T S

    Welcome to Grille Tech, Inc.’s new line of grilles, registers, and diffusers.
    Our new 52,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is located in Miami, Florida.
    Our dedicated engineers are always creating new products and improving
    quality with mass production in mind. Our committed employees make a
    difference in every aspect of production. Our high definition roll formers,
    enhanced with the latest servo-drive technology and automatic cut saws,
    cut grille profiles on the fly. With our high precision robotic welder for
    our commercial Square Cone product line, welding takes place in 1/10 of
    a second, never allowing the metal to warp. Our fully automated in-house pow-
    der coat paint line, together with a Dupont 100% polyester powder
    coating, assures the best product finish in the industry. Our grilles are
    quickly packaged using our automated shrink wrap packaging system.
    We house a large inventory of finished residential and commercial
    products allowing quick shipment of most orders. At Grille Tech, Inc.,
    our outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and high quality
    products make the difference.

    Note: Product changes and enhancements may be made to Grille Tech, Inc.
    products without notice in order to improve quality, performance, and cost.

        Durable Powder                 High Precision               High Definition
          Coat Finish                 Robotic Welder                 Roll Formers

       Automated Shrink         We Stock Universal Products      We Focus on Production
        Wrap Machines               and Common Sizes          in Order to Meet Your Needs

GRILLES, REGISTERS & DIFFUSERS                                                         PERFORATED FACE
Available Models                       • PSR: Supply diffuser, removable face,
• EDB, PDB: Supply/Return                4-way adjustable pattern, molded
  diffuser, molded fiberglass plenum     fiberglass plenum
• PSF: Supply diffuser, 4-way          • PRF: Return diffuser, removable face,
  adjustable pattern                     1” disposable filter, molded fiberglass
• PSC: Curved blade supply diffuser,     plenum
  4-way adjustable pattern             Features
• PRD: Ducted return diffuser          • Steel or aluminum construction
• PRN: Non-ducted return diffuser      • Durable powder coat paint finish
• PDL: High induction VAV diffuser
                                       • Supply diffusers with fixed or 1, 2, 3,
  with field set 1, 2, 3 or 4-way
                                         or 4-way adjustable airflow pattern
  pattern controller
                                       • Surface mount or lay-in frame styles

                                                                                           SQUARE CONE
Available Models                       Features
• SCF: Square cone, round neck         • 360° air pattern
  diffuser, 360° pattern               • All steel construction
• EPR: Square panel, round neck        • Durable powder coat finish
  diffuser, 360° horizontal pattern
  with optional directional air        • Surface mount or lay-in frame styles
  pattern deflectors


                                                                                           LOUVERED FACE
Available Models                       Features
• U Series: Louvered face,             • Heavy extruded aluminum
  removable core                         construction
• UH Series: Louvered face,            • 1, 2, 3 and 4-way airflow pattern
  removable core, horizontal air       • Surface mount, beveled, lay-in, or
  deflection                             narrow tee frame styles
• UHU: Louvered face,                  • Square, rectangular, or round necks
  in T-bar panel, molded fiberglass    • Removable core
  plenum                               • Durable powder coat finish
                                       • Adjustable airflow pattern
                                         controllers available

                                                                                   CONCENTRIC SUPPLY/RETURN
Available Models                       Features
• URC5: Concentric Supply/Return       • For unitary package equipment from
                                         2 1/2 to 25 tons
                                       • Heavy extruded aluminum
                                         supply louvers
                                       • Permanently fixed 1/2 " x1/2 " x 1/2 "
                                         cube core return
                                       • Sized from 12" x 12" to 60" x 60"
                                       • Durable powder coat finish

                   Available Models                    Features
                   • MCD: Four separate removable      • Cores can be arranged for 1, 2, 3,
                     louvered cores                      4-way, or vertical airflow
                                                       • Heavy extruded all aluminum
                                                       • Surface mount or lay-in frames
                                                       • Durable powder coat finish

                   Available Models                    Features
                   • LPB, LPBI: High capacity,         • High induction performance
                     horizontal throw                  • Available in 3/4", 1" or 1 1/2 "
                   • LPBX, LPBXI: Adjustable,            slot widths
                     gasketed blades                   • Available in 1 - 4 slot configurations
                                                       • Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5ft. lengths
                                                       • Insulation included on LPBI
                                                         and LPBXI models
                                                       • Optional tee’s available on
                                                         multi-slot units

                   Available Models                    Features
                   • LS50:1/2" slot width, supply      • Single pattern controller per slot pro-
                   • LS75: 3/4" slot width, supply       vides superior architectural appear-
                   • LS10: 1" slot width, supply
                                                       • Lay-in, narrow-tee, surface mount,
                   • LR50: 1/2" slot width, return       and concealed fastener frame types
                   • LR75: 3/4" slot width, return     • Visual, hidden or open end borders
                   • LR10: 1" slot width, return       • Available in supply or return models
                                                       • Optional non-insulated or insulated
                                                         plenums (Models LSP and LSPI)

                   Available Models                    Features
        BG         • BG540, BG541:                     • All extruded aluminum construction
                     1/4" blades, 1/2" spacing         • 0° or 15° air deflection
                   • BG580, BG581: 1/8" blades,        • Standard frames for either ceiling,
                     1/2” spacing                        side wall, or sill applications
                   • BG480, BG481:1/8" blades,         • Concealed, spring clip, or
        FRBG         1/4" spacing                        surface mount fastening
                   • 54P: Pencil-proof 5/16" blades,   • Anodized aluminum or
                     1/2”spacing                         durable powder coat paint finish
                   • FRBG: French Riviera Grille       • Face operated opposed blade
                                                         dampers available

GRILLES, REGISTERS & DIFFUSERS                                                           ALUMINUM SUPPLY
Available Models                         Features
• H and V: Single deflection             • Heavy roll-formed or extruded
  supply grille                            aluminum construction
• HV and VH: Double deflection           • Adjustable blades set on 3/4” centers
  supply grille                          • Frame gasketing to
• EH and EV: Single deflection             prevent streaking
  supply grille, extruded construction   • Optional face operated opposed
• EVH and EHV: Double deflection sup-      blade balancing damper available
  ply grille, extruded construction

                                                                                        CURVED BLADE SUPPLY
Available Models                         Features
• CL1 and CS1:                           • Heavy roll-formed
  1-way deflection supply                  aluminum construction
• CL2 and CS2:                           • Adjustable curved blade design
  2-way deflection supply                • Frame gasketing to prevent
• CL3: 3-way deflection supply
                                         • Surface mount, tee-bar lay-in,
• CL4: 4-way deflection supply             and tee-bar panel frames
                                         • Optional face operated opposed
                                           blade balancing damper available

                                                                                   INTEGRAL MULTI-SHUTTER DAMPER
Available Models                         Features                                             DESIGN
• VM: Single deflection supply           • Frame integral multi-shutter damper
• CL1M: 1-way deflection supply,           with face operator
  curved blade                           • Roll-formed aluminum
• CL2M: 2-way deflection supply,           construction
  curved blade                           • Available in tear drop or curved
• CL3M: 3-way deflection supply,           blade design for side wall or
  curved blade                             ceiling applications
• CL4M: 4-way deflection supply,         • Frame gasketing to
  curved blade                             prevent streaking

                                                                                      NON-VISION DOOR GRILLES
Available Models                         Features
• DGS: Single flange sightproof door     • Heavy roll-formed and extruded
  grille                                   aluminum construction
• DGF: Double flange sightproof door     • Durable powder coat finish

                               Available Models                             Features
                               • RA: Aluminum return air grille             • 45° fixed blade core for
                               • RAOB: Aluminum return air register           sightproof appearance
                                                                            • Roll-formed or extruded aluminum
                                                                            • Surface mount, tee-bar lay-in,
                                                                              and tee-bar panel frames
                                                                            • Durable powder coat finish
                                                                            • 0° fixed blade core option for
                                                                              steel return units

                               Available Models                             Features
                               • RAF-FS: Return air filter grille,          • 45° fixed blade core for
                                 filter size                                  sightproof appearance
                                                                            • Filter may be removed from
                               • RAF-GS: Return air filter grille,            the face without the use of tools
                                 grille size                                • RAF-FS designed for 1" disposable
                                                                              filters in standard sizes
                                                                            • RAF-GS designed for washable filter
                                                                              medium provided at factory, or
                                                                              1" disposable filters provided in field
                                                                            • Surface mount, tee-bar lay-in,
                                                                              and tee-bar panel frames
                                                                            • Durable powder coat finish
                               Available Models                             Features
                               • RAHD: Heavy duty return air grille         • Extra heavy duty extruded
                                                                              aluminum construction
                               • RAHDD: Heavy duty return air               • Curved blade louvers for
                                 register                                     sightproof appearance
                                                                            • Blades mechanically joined to
                                                                              frame with #8 galvanized screws
                                                                            • Durable powder coat finish

                               Available Models                             Features
                               • RAC5: 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/2” cube core         • All aluminum construction
                                 return grille
                                                                            • Frames are heavy extruded
                               • RAC5OB: 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/2” cube core         aluminum construction
                                 return register
                                                                            • Surface mount, tee-bar, and
                               • RAC5F: 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" cube core
                                                                              tee-bar panel frame types
                                 filter return grille
                               • RAC10: 1" x 1" x 1" cube core return       • Durable powder coat finish
                               • RAC10OB: 1" x 1" x 1" cube core
                                 return register
                               • CLR: 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/2” cube core filter
                                 return grille, molded fiberglass plenum

GRILLES, REGISTERS & DIFFUSERS                                                     AIR CONTROL DAMPERS
Available Models                          Features
• OBD: Opposed blade damper               • Heavy aluminum construction
• PBD: Parallel blade damper              • Available blade seals
• SBD: Single blade damper                • 24V or 120V damper motors
• RBD: Round balancing damper               available
                                          • Sizes up to 96"w x 60"h or
                                            48"w x 120"h
                                          • Manual quadrant operators

                                                                                         WALL LOUVERS
Available Models                          Features
• WLC: Channel frame                      • Heavy extruded aluminum
  stationary louver                         construction
• WLF: Flanged frame                      • Designed for outside applications
  stationary louver                       • Bird or insect screens available
• WLF-DA: Flanged frame                   • Available finishes include mill
  stationary louver with Miami-Dade         finish aluminum or durable
  County approved                           powder coat finish
 NOA# 04-1222.01                          • Miami-Dade County approved             WLF
                                            wall louvers are available

                                                                                    FIRE RATED DIFFUSERS
Available Models                          Features
• PBZZU/PRBZZU: Supply/Return dif-        • Steel construction
  fuser, 4-way adjustable pattern         • Durable powder coat finish
  with ceramic fire blanket and ceiling
  radiation damper                        • UL Listed, fire rated assembly

• SCFBZZU: Square cone, round neck
  diffuser, 360° pattern with ceramic
  fire blanket and ceiling radiation

Available Models
• OBR: Round opposed blade                • S-OBD: Opposed blade damper
  balancing damper                        • PF: Plaster frame
• SMA: Aluminum ceiling frame
  adapter with clips to accommodate
  various ceiling thicknesses             Grille Tech offers a number of air
                                          distribution product accessories for
• BCD: Round butterfly                    any application. Special or custom
  balancing damper                        design and construction is also avail-
                                          able. Contact your Grille Tech product
                                          representative for more information

Setting a New Standard
                5101 N.W. 36 Avenue
                    Miami, FL 33142
 Toll-Free: 1-866-6-GRILLE (647-4553)
                Phone: 305-537-0053
                  Fax: 305-537-0064

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