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					?Several weeks ago I spent a good few hours finding blog directories with decent
traffic to submit my blog to. Now it is time to see what sort of results there has been
in terms of traffic from these directories.

The source of referrals that have been used to track the results are from log analysers
looking at my raw logs and a third party page tracking service. This should give a
more balanced view of actual traffic. The reason for this is that different software
seems to report different results, these difference in these result can sometimes be
quite startling.

Now for the results. So far only two directories have contributed any traffic back to
my site. In both cases I think the traffic was generated from the new listings areas of
the directories. The numbers of referrals are few, I do not expect much more traffic to
be generated in the future as my sites are no longer listed in the new listings section.

Most of the directories do not do direct links and instead use redirects, this is usually
because link tracking is in place. Unusually LSblogs links directly to the sites it lists
which I believe will count towards your back links unlike redirects.
Besides LSblogs that I have just mentioned the other directory that generated some
traffic was Blma.

Unfortunately you do not know which directories are going to generate traffic until
you have been listed. You can increase your chances of ensuring traffic by submitting
to directories that already have a lot of traffic. I would suggest that as it takes little
time and effort to submit your site to blog directories and as they are few and far
between compared to generic directories it is a worthwhile exercise.

The experiment is far from over as I still have many blog directories to submit to and
I will be looking at the long term traffic from these sites. There will be an update to
come which will include a list of all of the blog directories.

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