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					Mental and physical exhaustion? Deal with the slow motion fast life

Brief content: Taijiquan slow, deep breathing, can accelerate the blood cycle,
and enhance function of internal organs, but also exercise flexibility and
balance. Do not be Tai Chi Fist Way deter those complex, if the real master
Bai Heliang wing, unilateral, oblique, and several other moves, the same
exercise can be achieved to alleviate the effects of stress.

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● “slow motion” and the sports are different, to fitness, entertainment,
self-cultivation for the purpose of low intensity, persistence is
characterized by

● jogging, tai chi, yoga, Pilates is a few kinds of popular style pattern of
slow motion

fast-paced city life style pattern and pressure of the busy things, so many
workers mental and physical exhaustion, the long run, palpitation, insomnia,
blood deficiency, dizziness, anxiety and so on followed.

but want a successful, safe haven in the big city, fast-paced life style
pattern is difficult to change; but to the best condition to face things,
appropriate The movement is not a less necessary. When each of us can not
spare enough time for a week, no nearby training sites, some with no friends
on the right to exercise, better than slow down, use the “slow movement” to
deal with Fast life, physical and mental balance adjustment.

slow movement from slow speed, slow motion, a combination of strength of the
concrete form of those who are smaller, slower long-term exercise appropriate
leisure sports, such as yoga, tai chi, walking, billiards, fishing, fitness
Qigong. slow movement in Europe and the United Kingdom to carry out a
relatively earlier, and now claim to be “slow living family,” the population
has reached more than one third.

Experts say, “slow motion” and the sports are different, to fitness,
entertainment, self-cultivation for the purpose of low intensity, sustained
for the features. It is the material life comfortable and even prosperous life
after the concept of leisure, weigh the standard not only is more healthy and
happier Conceiving.

ensure slow movement of the top five reasons cited
1. slow motion occasionally right modern movement

from Monday to Friday , lots of workers of the things schedule was full to the
brim, only the weekend to friends about the majesty of the stadium on a show,
enjoy the pleasure of sweating after exercise. This situation may be broken
hand, has formed the physiological and body balance, and its worse than the
consequences of not moving, causing more injuries. If you can not exercise
every 3 to 5 times a week, then select the slow movement is more affordable.

2. slow motion easy to adhere to the

where the slow movement can be in the office, on the way home, home and sports
venues, time is more flexible, as long as conditions permit, any time you can
exercise along to, so I chose to slow it easier to sports and fitness.

daily routine household work such as laundry, cooking, mopping the floor at
home, etc., may be said to be slow motion, walk, walk the dog, grocery
shopping, community fitness, dance and other slow movement the community,
travel, playing golf and practicing Qigong, Tai Chi outdoor sports such as
boxing slow, pc reach, stretch, kick legs, neck and so is the office shally
slow motion.

3. slow motion exercise the same good effect

more relaxed slow movement, does not mean it can exercise intensity, such as
jogging all parts of the body also affects the muscles, improve blood
circulation, heart and lung function can achieve the purpose of exercise, but
can consume a certain physical strength, promote the decomposition of the
stored energy to push part of the transformation. Pilates seems slow, but the
practice 5 minutes can make the body fever, sweating, slow motion so exercise
the same good results.

4. slow motion against the less injured Little chance

vigorous exercise can easily cause injury to us, especially basketball,
volleyball, football three ball games, as the opponents, resulting in the most
injuries. Many sports fans are not as preparations fully, in the movement
could easily lead to finger, wrist, waist, knees, ankles, and other parts of
lumbar injury. plus most people do after exercise, relaxation exercises, can
easily cause delayed onset muscle soreness. strenuous exercise after the first
need 1 week to recover, so that makes it very difficult to enjoy the thrill of
movement, but less direct confrontation slow motion, injury risk is small, in
the national fitness activities more worthy of promotion.

5. slow motion psychological state can effectively regulate

slower pace slow movement who, like Pilates, yoga, soothing action can not
only reduce fatigue, but also soothe tired soul, ease the psychological
pressure. In addition, these The shape of the body movement has a good effect,
but also reduce the long-term desk were caused by poor posture back pain.

Paul held several popular slow motion

1. jogging

jogging the easiest, less demanding on the site, running an hour and had no
fixed requirements of 5 to 10 km per hour can be. can also be based on
individual physical condition, topography, pattern of admission to increase
the speed style significance of the views of running.

2. Taijiquan

slow tai chi, deep breathing, can accelerate the blood cycle, and enhance
function of internal organs, but also exercise flexibility and balance
resistance. Do not be Tai Chi Quan Road complex deter those who, if truly
grasp the Baihe Liang wing, unilateral, oblique, and several other actions to
achieve the same exercise to ease the effects of stress.

3 . Yoga

yoga is considered the safest and most effective pattern of fitness style.
Yoga is a mind set in one of the stretching exercises help increase blood
circulation, massage internal organs. practice yoga can achieve the body and
mind to relax, people learn to breathe, learn to think.

4. Pilates

Pilates is a deep muscle exercise, walk through the process Some slow motion,
make a longer time to control muscles, but the effect of exercise is an almost
comprehensive, it can enhance the human spirit and vitality, improve balance
and coordination in strength, reduce joint pain and stiffness.
addition, vigorous walk, playing pool, fishing, slow cycling, fitness dance,
golf, hot springs, etc. are all good style pattern of slow motion. (text /
correspondent Reporter Lu Wenjie Xu Yong Ling, Cai Chao )