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					?Many employees are now required to carry I.D. badges at all times in work place.
Blank lanyards are one of the most economical ways for employees to keep I.D.
badges, key cards and other small items handy and readily visible at all times.
Lanyards are versatile enough to hold more than I.D card. With the right attachments,
lanyards can hold items such as flash drives, mobiles or others. Either blank lanyards
or custom printed ones can be customized to specific needs with a variety of styles
and colors.

Custom lanyards printed messages or logos are generally far more popular than blank
lanyards. But if you just want a professional looking lanyard at an affordable price,
blank lanyards work well.

Blank lanyards can be made of a variety of materials and in different styles. Tubular
lanyards are the most economical choice. Made of tube-stitched polyester material
similar to a shoelace, these are strong and provide a professional-looking lanyard

Flat polyester lanyards offer a good balance between price and performance, making
them the most popular lanyard material. They are more colorful than the more basic
tubular lanyard.

Woven lanyards add a more elegant, finished look. These are made of the same
high-quality polyester as the flat lanyards.

The highest quality blank lanyards available are nylon lanyards. These feature the
smoothest finish and highest brilliance of any lanyard type.

Safety breakaways are a must for any type of lanyard, either custom or blank. These
protect the wearer if the lanyard or the item attached to it gets pulled, snagged on
something or accidentally caught in running machinery. The reusable breakaway
snaps free in time to protect the lanyard wearer from injury.

Other attachments such as key rings, thumb triggers, badge holders and cell phone
loops add versatility to the lanyards, enabling them to be used for just about any
purpose imaginable.

The popularity of blank lanyards is understandable for many organizations that just
need a simple way to hold I.D. cards, USB drives and other small items. If you dont
need to promote your organization through custom lanyards, the blank lanyards work
just fine. For groups that choose to promote themselves or their causes through
lanyards, custom-printed lanyards are a better choice.

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