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									Value of Fusion Middleware
for Oracle Applications Customers

Margaret Lee
Director, Product Management
Oracle Fusion Middleware

• Fusion Middleware Helps Solve Business Problems                  <Insert Picture Here>
  Faced by Applications Customers
  • Unified Business Process Management for Growth & Change
  • Unified Business Intelligence for Better Decisions
  • Unified User Interface for Employee & Customer Productivity
  • Unified Identity Management for Better Compliance & Security
• Applications Customers Benefiting from FMW TODAY
• Fusion Middleware’s Overview
 Business Needs Faced by Applications Customers
 Rip and Replace is not an Option

         Capacity For                             Improve
       Growth & Change                         Business Insight
• Absorb Organic & Inorganic Growth           • Quality Information, Quality Decisions
• Identify & Capture Opportunities            • Timeliness & Context
• Strengthen Customer Relationships           • Completeness & Visibility

        Manage Risk &                            Improve User Experience
       Drive Compliance                              and Productivity
      • Secure Access (Internal, External)   • Consistent, Unified Access
      • Holistically Manage ALL Risks        • Real-time Employee Collaboration
      • End-to-End Policy Enforcement        • Multi-channel Access
SOA & Business Process Mgmt.
Process Management
Typical Scenario

              CRM   Financials   Procurement   HRMS
Oracle’s Recommendation
Adopt BPM with Oracle’s SOA Suite

      Design           Monitor                 Optimize

                                                             Execute &
                                                             Optimize Business

                                                             Business Process

        CRM      Financials      Procurement          HRMS
Data Integration
Typical Scenario


                 Financials                           CRM

                              P2P Integr.
       Hard to upgrade!                     Hard to upgrade!
     Oracle’s Recommendation
     Adopt SOA-based Integration with Oracle’s SOA Suite

                                         Error Handling

     WS                            WS                            WS


                      Financials                           CRM

            Easy to upgrade!                      Easy to upgrade!
Document Processes
Oracle Imaging and Process Management

       Capture                View                   Route

             • Search, Update        • Look-Up
             • Populate              • Route (Messaging)
   • Claims        • AP, AR          • Purchase      • New hire      Records Mgmt.
     processing      automation        Requisition     processing    Needs
                   • Expense mgmt.

            CRM        Financials      Procurement          HRMS
Oracle Applications
Now certified with Oracle SOA Suite

• Now Generally Available
  •   E-Business Suite: Releases 11.5.3 to 11.5.10, R12
  •   PeopleSoft: Releases 8.47, 8.48, 8.49, 9.0
  •   Siebel: Releases 7.4, 7.8, 8.0
  •   JD Edwards: Releases 8.95, …
• Under Development - Available CY 2007
  • Pre-Defined Business Process Maps across Suites
  • Key, Pre-Packaged, Cross-Suite Business Processes
  • eg. Order Capture to Cash from Siebel to EBS Financials
• Vertical Applications
  • Retek, i-Flex, Portal – Certifications GA Summer 2007
User Interaction
User Interaction
Typical Scenario

                                        • Biz Intelligence

                   Call Center
                     Agent              • Content Mgmt.

          CRM                    SCM   Financials
Oracle’s Recommendation
Create “Mash Ups” using Oracle WebCenter & ADF

                                                500 units    Share via
    Call Center                                               Web 2.0
                                            20 units
      Agent                                                 Communities

          • Biz Intelligence
                                      Integrate                 • Map
          • Content Mgmt.      Apps, Content, Desktop             “Mash Up”

              CRM                        SCM                 Financials
Oracle Applications
Now certified with Oracle WebCenter

• Now Available – Enterprise Portal
   •   E-Business Suite: DBI (11i, 12.0)
   •   PeopleSoft: Certified 8.45+, 9.0; also PeopleSoft Portal
   •   Siebel CRM: Certified 7.8.2+; also 8.0
   •   Siebel Analytics: 7.8+, 10gR3
• Imaging & Process Management
   •   E-Business Suite: 11.5+, includes 12.0
   •   PeopleSoft: Certified 8.4+; also 9.0
   •   JD Edwards Enterprise: Certified 8.9x+
   •   JD Edwards World: A 9.1
• Desktop Integrations
   • Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, 2005
Business Intelligence
  Business Intelligence
  Typical Scenario

    Call Center      Warehouse       Financial      Business
      Agent           Manager         Analyst      Intelligence

           CRM            SCM         Financials


                             Custom ETL
Oracle’s Recommendation
Adopt Enterprise Analytics Strategy with Oracle BI
         Define                   Analyze                Report


                              • Enterprise Semantic Model
                              • Multi-Source Data Warehouse Model
    BI EE Analytic Server
                              • Pre-Packaged Dashboards
                              • Pre-Packaged ETL Maps

       CRM                  SCM             Financials
    Reporting with BI Publisher

     Traditional Reporting   Oracle BI Publisher

High development cost       Flexibility
High customization cost     Reduced maintenance
Difficult upgrade
Oracle Applications
Now certified with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite

• Now Available - Oracle BI Publisher 10gR3
  •   E-Business Suite R12
  •   PeopleSoft Enterprise R9
  •   Siebel CRM R8
  •   JD Edwards Enterprise 8.12 & World A9.1
• Oracle DBI & PeopleSoft EPM
  • Certified on Oracle Business Intelligence 10gR3
• Oracle BI Applications
  •   E-Bus Suite(11i, R12): Order Mgmt., Supply Chain, FINS, HR
  •   PeopleSoft (8.4, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0): Financials, HR (Q1 2007)
  •   Siebel(6.3+): Sales, Service, Marketing, Order Mgmt
  •   SAP (4.6c, 4.7, mySAP 5.0): Financials, Order Mgmt., SCM
  •   Vertical Applications: Pharma, CPG, Retail
Identity Management
   Identity Management
   Typical Scenario

Reset Pwd                                                                    Pwd 3
                        Pwd 1                        Pwd 2

                              HR                                                  Financials
                              manual                       manual                  manual
                              entry                        entry                   entry
                                                             IT                       IS
                                                             Admin                    Admin

                                                             Approving               Approving
                                   helpdesk ticket           Manager                 Manager
                      Admin              helpdesk ticket
Oracle’s Recommendation
Lower Security Costs using Oracle Identity Mgmt Suite


                 HR                          Financials

  HR                            Identity
Admin                         Provisioning
Oracle Applications
Now certified with Oracle Identity Management Suite

• Now Available – Single Sign-On
  •   E-Business Suite: OAM certified (11i), SSO via OID (11i)
  •   PeopleSoft: OAM certified (8.45+), SSO via OID (8.47)
  •   Siebel: OAM certified (7.8.2+), SSO via OID (7.8)
  •   Works in heterogeneous environment, e.g. MSFT AD
• Now Available – Identity Provisioning Connectors
  •   E-Business Suite: OIM connector (11.5+)
  •   PeopleSoft: OIM connector (8.4+)
  •   Siebel: OIM connector (7.5.3+)
  •   JDE: OIM connector (8.9x+)
• Also works with SAP Applications
  • SAP: Provisioning connector (R/3 4.6c+)
  • SAP: Single Sign-On certified (4.6+)
      Certified with Apps Unlimited
Component              PeopleSoft                                     J.D. Edwards
                                       E-Business Suite   Siebel
                       Enterprise                                     EnterpriseOne

Oracle Portal        8.47 though 9.0      11i- JDPK       7.8, 8.0      8.95- JDPK

(10g R3)                                  12-WSRP                       8.97- WSRP

Oracle Identity &       8.47-9.0            11i, 12       7.8, 8.0         8.95

Access Mgmt          LDAP, SSO, PRO    LDAP, SSO, PRO                 LDAP, SSO,PRO

SOA Suite               8.46 – 9.0          11i, 12       7.8, 8.0         8.95

OC4J (J2EE              8.47-9.0              12          7.8, 8.0         8.95

Container) & OHS
Oracle Database         8.46 -9.0           11i, 12       7.8, 8.0         8.95

(10G, 10G RAC)
BI Publisher            8.48 / 9.0          11i, 12       7.8, 8.0         8.96

Oracle Business         8.47-9.0            11i, 12       7.8. 8.0   Bundled for custom

Enterprise Manager      8.47-9.0            11i, 12         8.0            8.97
E-Business Suite – FMW Certification
                                                     Release 11i   Release 12
  Oracle Containers for J2EE                                       Embedded
  Oracle BI Publisher                                 Certified     Certified
  Oracle Discoverer                                   Certified     Certified
  Oracle BI EE                                        Certified     Certified
  Oracle Internet Directory                           Certified     Certified
  Oracle Single Sign-On                               Certified     Certified
  Oracle Portal                                       Certified     Certified
  Oracle UDDI Registry                                Certified     Certified
  E-Business Suite Adapter                            Certified     Certified
  Oracle Web Cache                                    Certified     Certified
  Oracle Identity Manager                             Certified     Certified
  Oracle SOA Suite                                    Certified*   Certified*
  Enterprise Manager + Mgmt Pack for EBS              Certified     Certified
  Oracle BPA                                         Supported     Supported
  Oracle Database + Partitioning + Spatial: 10G      Embedded      Embedded
  Oracle RAC + Data Guard + TDE: 10G                  Certified     Certified
  * Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
   PeopleSoft – FMW Certification

                                            PeopleTools   PeopleTools   PeopleTools
                                               8.46          8.47          8.48
Oracle Application Server Java Edition                    Integrated    Integrated
Oracle XSLT Mapper (part of JDev)                                       Embedded
Oracle BI Publisher                                                     Embedded
Oracle BI EE                                                            Embedded
Oracle BPEL Process Manager                  Certified     Certified     Certified
Oracle Internet Directory                    Certified     Certified     Certified
Oracle Identity Management/Single Sign-On                  Certified     Certified
Oracle BAM                                                 Certified     Certified
Oracle Integration                                         Certified     Certified
Oracle Portal                                              Certified     Certified
Oracle Service Registry                                                  Certified
Oracle Database 9i, 9i RAC, 10g, 10g RAC     Certified     Certified     Certified
         JDE EnterpriseOne – FMW Certification
                                                                                JDE E1 Tools         JDE E1 Tools
                                                                                    8.95                 8.96
               Oracle Containers for J2EE                                        Integrated            Integrated
               Oracle BI Publisher                                                                    Embedded
               Oracle BPEL Process Manager                                        Certified             Certified
               Oracle Internet Directory                                          Certified             Certified
               Oracle Single Sign-On                                              Certified             Certified
               Oracle Portal                                                      Certified             Certified
               JDE Enterprise One Adapter                                         Certified             Certified
               Oracle Database + RAC: 9i, 10g, 10gR2                              Certified             Certified
               Oracle Access Manager                                                                    Certified
               Oracle Identity Manager                                                                  Certified
               Oracle Web Cache                                                                         Certified
               Oracle BI EE                                                                             Certified
               Oracle Enterprise Service Bus                                                           Certified*
                                                                                                                     *Planned with 8.97

Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.
Siebel – FMW Certification
                                                    Siebel      Siebel
                                                     7.8         8.0
  Oracle HTTP Server                                          Certified
  Oracle BI EE                                    Certified   Certified
  Oracle Adapter for Siebel                       Certified   Certified
  Oracle BPEL Process Manager                     Certified   Certified
  Oracle Internet Directory + Virtual Directory   Certified   Certified
  Oracle Identity Manager + Access Manager        Certified   Certified
  Oracle Single Sign-on                           Certified   Certified
  Oracle BI Publisher                                         Certified
  Oracle Service Registry                                     Certified
  Application Management Pack for Siebel                      Certified
  Oracle Portal + Web Center                      Supported   Supported
  Oracle Database + RAC: 10gR2 + R11              Certified   Certified
  Oracle Partitioning + DB Vault + TDE: 10gR2                 Supported
Oracle Excellence Awards 2007
Some Customers & Partners are
Benefiting Today
      Multiple Online Web Sites for Moving and Real-Estate
        Related Tools
      • Large number of systems, manual touch points
      • SOA Suite to connect all systems spanning Prospect-to-
        Cash process
      • Partner: CSC

      Premier Online University
      • Need to automate financial aid verification process for
        350,000+ students
      • FMW SOA Suite, Rules, App Server automated the
      • 600% ROI in 4months on $300,000 investment
      • Partner: E2E Consulting

      Mobile Device Communication and Payment
      • Mobile payment software solution implemented at Point-
        of-Sell that allows multiple customers to pay with mobile
        device simultaneousely
      • Solution build on FMW App Server, integrates with i-Flex
Some Customers & Partners are
Benefiting Today
      Leading European Food and Ingredients Supplier
      • Need to integrate quality control system with customer,
        sales order, and planning and production systems
      • Oracle Data Integrator and SOA Suite to integrate
        EnterpriseOne with custom apps, initial load>600K
      • Partner: Deloitte Consulting & Oracle Consulting
      Leader in Design, Engineer, Manufacture, and Distribute
        Lighting Products
      • Manual process to manage warranty claims
      • Now web-based, self-service with Oracle Portal, Identity,
        SOA, saved $2M since Jan. 2007
      • Partner: BIAS Corp

      Software Helps to Align Employee T&E Spending with
        Corporate Policies
      • Product pre-integrated with i-Expense and HR module of
        EBS, integrates into PSFT
      • Solution built on FMW SOA and Identity Suites
Oracle Application Integration Architecture
AIA is an open standards based platform that connects best of breed
         applications through composite business processes
   How AIA Relates to Fusion Middleware
   AIA Content                                                                          Fusion Middleware

Industry Reference Models                                                                Oracle BPA Suite

Enterprise Business                                         Customer
                                 Account                                                 Oracle BPA Suite and
Objects                                          Order                        Product    OAS-EE

Process Integration                                                                      Oracle SOA Suite

Enterprise Business                                                                      Service
Services                                                                                 Registry/OWSM

                            Transport      HUB           Billing         OM
Application Logic
                                    CRM           HCM              SCM          FIN
 Benefits of Working with Fusion
For Your Customers and Clients
    Extend and increase the business value of their business applications
         Increase business agility with FMW SOA and
         Protect business assets with FMW Identity and Security
         Improve end-user productivity with FMW WebCenter
         Make better business decisions with FMW BI
    Bonus: Better prepared for Oracle Fusion Applications

For Oracle Partners

   Expand your market reach with standards based technologies
   Increase value of your product or services offering
   Bonus: Align your products and people skills with Oracle for Fusion
Oracle Application Integration Architecture
Product Structure and Partner Opportunities
Oracle Fusion Middleware
The World’s Best Middleware Suite - Gartner MQs
  •   Application Platform Suites                 LEADER
  •   Development Tools                           LEADER
  •   Application Server                          LEADER
  •   Web Services Platform                       LEADER
  •   Enterprise Portal                           LEADER
  •   Enterprise Content Mgmt.                    LEADER
  •   Enterprise Records Mgmt.                    LEADER
  •   Enterprise Service Bus                      LEADER
  •   Business Integration                        LEADER
  •   Business Process Mgmt.                      LEADER
  •   Business Intelligence                       LEADER
  •   Corporate Performance Mgmt.                 LEADER
  •   Access Management                           LEADER
  •   Identity Provisioning                       LEADER
  •   Web Services Management                     LEADER
  •   Data Integration                            LEADER
Oracle Fusion Middleware
The World’s Leading Middleware Suite - Forrester
  Hot-Pluggable Investment Protection

                              WSRP and JSR-168 Portals, MS Office,
                              Wireless and Mobile Devices

                              SAP ERP & BW, Excel, Outlook,
                              Teradata, DB2

                              Teradata, DB2, MS Analysis Services,
                                                                         HP OpenView, CA
                              SAP BW, Cognos, Business Objects
                                                                         Unicenter, IBM Tivoli,
                                                                         BMC Patrol

                              Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Microsoft
Eclipse, CollabNet
Subversion, Spring, Struts,
JUnit, Ant, Tapestry, CVS,    IBM WebSphereMQ, TIBCO Enterprise
MS Visual SourceSafe          Message Service, SonicMQ

                              BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss         MS Active Directory &
                              App Server, Apache Tomcat                  MIIS, CA eTrust SSO, all
                                                                         LDAP Directories

                              Certified on all major Operating Systems
                              Grid, Common Metadata Services
 How to Get Started

• Read:
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware product collateral
• Watch:
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (for Apps) Web Seminars, in-
    person presentations, OBEs on OTN (upcoming)
• Try:
  • Hands-on Workshops by OU, by Oracle User Groups
• Certify:
  • Validate your Integrations with Oracle Applications and / or
    Oracle Fusion Middleware

• OPN:
  • Product Focus Area - Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Go To Market Initiative - Application Integration Architecture
    for Partners
  • Go To Market Initiative - Oracle Service Oriented Architecture
• Oracle User Groups
Thank You.

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