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       Secretarial supplies, such as stationery, pens/pencils, scotch tape, typewriter ribbon, etc.
can be obtained from the Stockroom in 157 Crellin. If you are in Chemical Engineering the
supplies are located in the cupboard on the second floor near the elevator in room 210.

       A. When getting items from the Stockroom, make sure you have an account number. If
you need a general supply item, it should be checked out on the Divisional general budget
number, CCE.01100-1.1-GB.000110. Obtain the appropriate sign-out sheet and write down the
stock number of each item taken, quantity, cost, by whom and the date. When completed, the
sheet goes in the pocket on the back of the Stockroom door that leads to the hallway. After the
information is entered in the computer, the sheet will be refiled in the appropriate folder to be
reused. If you are purchasing something for your faculty member, use an account sheet in
his/her file folder in the Stockroom and follow the same procedure using one of the faculty
member’s account numbers.

       In Chemical Engineering the Assistant to the Executive Officer coordinates the ordering
of supplies for the Secretaries and the Faculty. Some special supplies are acquired also through
the Caltech Bookstore.

       B. Purchasing of special supplies may also be done through Office Depot. The ordering
is done through the Stockroom, where you can pick up a catalog. For Chemical Engineering,
there are catalogs in the office of the Assistant to the Executive Officer (204 Spalding
Laboratory). Caltech receives special pricing from Office Depot for most items.

       1. For Office Depot items obtain an order form from the Purchasing Office in 158 Crellin,
fill it out with the correct items (including catalog page numbers), and place it in the Office
Depot Orders In pocket located below the fire alarm by the Stockroom door leading to the
loading dock. There is also an order form available on the computer that the Systems
Administrator can send to you. Ordinarily items will be delivered the next day after being
ordered. If you have any questions about the merchandise, please visit the Stockroom.

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       2. Purchasing of secretarial supplies may also be done at the Caltech Bookstore. If you
use the Divisional general budget account number, please turn in the receipt to the Fiscal Office.
The Caltech Bookstore also has a different catalog (PPI) from which you may order.

       As a convenience for the secretaries, the Stockroom carries toner cartridges for the
Hewlett Packard Laser Printers as well as toner cartridges for some of the more common FAX
machines used in the Division.

       If you are purchasing printer cartridges, the policy is that annually the Division will pay
for two and the Faculty member will be charged for two. (The average is four cartridges used
during the year; if more are used alternate one to Division, one to Faculty). They are signed out
using the same procedure as obtaining regular secretarial supplies. This applies only to the staff
members in Chemistry. In Chemical Engineering the Systems Administrator handles printer

       FAX toner cartridges are to be charged to the Faculty member exclusively. The sign-out
procedure is the same, but the sheet used should be one belonging to a Faculty member. This
applies only to the staff members in Chemistry. In Chemical Engineering the Assistant to the
Executive Officer handles this.


       The VWR Stockroom in 141 Beckman Institute maintains an extensive chemical and
laboratory inventory and operates a computerized inventory control system. Laboratory
supplies may also be obtained in the Biology Stockroom in 181 Alles or by ordering specific
items through the Chemistry Purchasing Office. The Chemistry Stockroom in Crellin houses
the Division overhead and slide projectors and a VCR. The Electronics Shop maintains
computers available for PowerPoint presentations and facilitates video conferencing.
Individual users are responsible for checking out and returning equipment, and minor
maintenance (changing bulbs, etc.). The Chemistry Stockroom also maintains an inventory of
approximately 200+ office supply items.

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