BKF File corruption due to its large size by iupon13


									?In Windows, there is an in-built utility known as NTBackup that backs up the data.
This utility also enables you to backup boot files, Exchange server data, IIS metabase,
and more. The backed up data can be stored on any external media like CD, DVD,
USB, and more. But sometimes, when this utility backs up more data than it can
actually handle, it may corrupt. In other words, large size of the BKF file leads to its
corruption. In such situations, you can restore the data through an alternative backup,
if any. In case of unavailability of any alternative backup, you need to use Repair
BKF File tool to repair the corrupt BKF file.

The BKF size generally depends upon the file system. In a FAT based file system, the
BKF file size limit is about 4GB, whereas in case of NTFS file system, it is about the
size of the partition on which it is stored.

For instance - In systems, where FAT file system is used, you backup more than 4GB
of data using NTBackup utility. When you try to restore the data from the BKF file,
you fail to do so and the BKF file gets corrupted.

Clearly, the reason behind the corruption of BKF file is its large size. This happens
when the size limit of the BKF file is exceeded.


NTBackup fails to recognize the BKF file, when it gets corrupted. In such situations,
it becomes necessary to repair and restore the corrupted BKF file to retrieve the lost
information. This can be done with the help of a third-party application known as bkf
repair. These applications comprehensively fix and restore the corrupt BKF file.
Employing highly influential scanning algorithms, these utilities enable you to
retrieve all the inaccessible or damaged data from the BKF file efficiently. The bkf
repair tool tools provides intuitive user-interface that enables you to use and
understand these tools easily without having any prior technical knowledge.

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