Biometric Time Clocks Gaining Popularity Amongst Businesses by iupon13


									?Does your business need to reduce it's costs? Does your business have a lot of hour
employees who punch a time clock in and out every day? Consider a biometric time
clock! When businesses need to cut costs, the first thing that usually happens is the
reduction in staff. However, what many businesses fail to realize that instead of
reducing staff, they can maximize the use of their existing HR budgets by keeping
better records of their hourly employees. One of the latest trends sweeping the globe
that can help curb unnecessary costs is by using a biometric time clock

While traditional time clocks have been popular as well in recent years, they
definitely have their shortcomings. For example, employees who use PINS or swipe
access cards to punch in/out are easily able to manipulate the system by having their
friends enter their PIN or swipe their badge for them. This is often referred to as
buddy punching and costs companies worldwide millions of dollars every year.

The next step in the evolution of the biometric time & attendance system is to
eliminate this possibility which is where fingerprint time clocks come in. Fingerprint
time clocks act very similar to traditional time cards or time punching machines.
Instead of an employee punching a time card to begin or end their shift, they simply
swipe their hand under a biometric scanner or fingerprint across a fingerprint reader.

The technology behind these machines has advanced significantly in recent years and
is much more affordable to employers. Employees can no longer cheat the system and
can even be restricted on areas of access in a building by where they are or are not
allowed to enter.

The many popular types of fingerprint time clocks use a simple scan to verify the
identification of the employee and ensure they are being honest with documenting
their hours. As fingerprints are impossible to forge, it makes the employer's job much
easier in managing the HR costs and securing confidential information.

Many fingerprint time clocks are easy to program and either come with their own
software application or even will integrate with your HR software. Check out popular
brands like Acroprint, Amano, Bioelectronix and make some decisions from there
Simple biometric time & attendance systems can be purchased at sites like and begin around $200. More advanced systems can cost
upwards of a few thousands dollars, but are often designed to meet the high demands
of businesses with multiple retail locations that have the need for accurate time
keeping records.

As biometric security becomes more common place, it is only a matter of time before
you or your business considers ditching the past and riding into the future of
biometrics. Be sure to visit when the time comes and let them
help you select the best biometric time clock for your business.

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