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					                                          Product Backgrounder
                           Celazome® Hydracell® and Penetrating Moisturizing Cream

Dermazone Solutions provides the tools to knock out dry skin with its Celazome Hydracell facial moisturizer and
Penetrating Moisturizing Cream. Using the company’s patented Lyphazome® nanotechnology delivery system
originally developed to treat severe skin conditions experienced by deep tissue burn victims, these products
effectively repair and strengthen the skin by delivering time-released, concentrated moisture and nutrients deep into
the epidermis. Used separately or together as part of a daily or cyclical all-over body moisturizing regimen,
Hydracell and Penetrating Moisturizing Cream provide guaranteed results benefiting those users experiencing
chronic dry skin or acute seasonal skin dryness, and can prove especially valuable for tackling dry, winter skin
associated with cold or changing climates, low-humidity, and indoor heating systems. While Hydracell’s marine
extract and essential oil formula provides the face with a long-lasting solution to rejuvenate skin and eliminate
redness, itchiness and flakiness, Penetrating Moisturizing Cream is especially useful for spot-treating such body-
specific symptoms as chapped hands, cracked heels and rough, flaky elbows and knees. Like all Dermazone
products, Hydracell and Penetrating Moisturizing Cream are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Celazome Hydracell
Hydracell, Dermazone Solutions’ most Lyphazome nanosphere-rich facial moisturizer, provides relief for dryness
and a long-term solution for chronic dry skin and cyclical dryness caused by climate or environmental conditions.
Hydracell’s unique blend of concentrated moisture and key bioactives eliminates itchiness, flakiness and tightness,
and promotes softer, smoother skin. Rather than simply caring for symptoms affecting the skin’s outermost layer,
Hydracell uses the company’s patented Lyphazome nanotechnology delivery system to time-release large quantities
of water deep into the epidermis, not just onto the surface, rejuvenating skin for all-day results. In addition, this
intense moisturizer strengthens skin and repairs its lipid barrier with key bioactives, including a nine percent
concentration of transdermal and essential oils. Key bioactives include Rose Oil to reduce skin redness and
inflammation, and help moisturize and retain skin moisture; Red Marine Algae Extract to nourish and revitalize;
Rosewood Oil to promote cellular stimulation and tissue regeneration; and Jojoba Oil to improve skin suppleness
and softness while reducing transdermal water loss. Hydracell complements other products in the Celazome and
Lyphazome cosmeceutical product lines, and can be used in conjunction with users’ regular daily antioxidant or
botanical moisturizer blends, or with our Penetrating Moisturizing Cream as part of an all-over body-moisturizing
regimen for severe dry skin. 1.7 oz. MSRP: $56.00

Penetrating Moisturizing Cream
Indicated for severely dry skin, the Penetrating Moisturizing Cream is Dermazone Solutions’ most intense body
moisturizer. By taking advantage of the company’s patented Lyphazome nanotechnology delivery system, the
Penetrating Moisturizing Cream delivers time-released hydration when and where the skin needs it most. By
combining deep penetrating, water-enriched, Lyphazome® nanospheres with a Lecithin-based sealing barrier to
minimize transdermal moisture loss, one application of Penetrating Moisturizing Cream effectively treats the
roughness, itching, cracking and flaking associated with severe dry skin all day. It is particularly recommended for
tough-to-penetrate, callused elbows and knees, chapped hands and cracked feet. 4 oz. MSRP: $19.00

Patented Nanosphere Technology
Each Dermazone product uses the company’s patented Lyphazome nanotechnology developed through more than a
decade of cutting-edge nanosphere research. Lyphazome nanospheres–1/50th the size of a human skin cell–allow
active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, ensuring superior delivery of bioactives and maximum
effectiveness over time. Initially used to treat burn victims and sufferers of psoriasis, eczema and other severe skin
conditions, Lyphazome nanosphere-infused products provide powerful everyday moisturizing treatments for even
the most dry and damaged skin.

Dermazone Solutions is the manufacturer and marketer of the Celazome line of clinical skincare, therapeutic
moisturizers and suncare products. Celazome products use Dermazone’s patented nanotechnology delivery system
which allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, ensuring superior delivery of bioactives and
maximum effectiveness over time. Celazome products may be purchased through select dermatologists,
aestheticians and spas, or via the company’s website ( Consumers can benefit from
Dermazone’s Skinperative Online Analyzer, a question and answer program that serves as a virtual aesthetician,
analyzing a consumer’s skin type, external factors and lifestyle, and providing a recommendation for the most
appropriate Dermazone skin care regimen.

                                                                                            Press Contact: Jo Roberts
                                                                          JA&K Marketing for Dermazone Solutions
                                                                        Office: (612) 584-4312 Cell: (612) 799-4817

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Description: Required course for girls - moisture. Lower air humidity, the skin stratum corneum is not enough moisture in time adjustment factor, and capacity is also an active oil glands to reduce the face of the oil will be reduced, so is easy to tighten the skin, nasal side at the moment and fine lines will appear . Good moisture can prevent fine lines. Moisture to do well, is to make the skin to maintain more moisture, so as to reduce fine lines caused by dryness. With the development of modern biotechnology to prove that the reasons for dry skin water feature is a lock down of skin, the skin plays a lock function of the composition of water is called moisture factor (biology have called hyaluronic acid HA, or hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronic acid is the human body's intake of foods rich in mucopolysaccharide synthesis itself. The hyaluronic acid increases with age, decreased UV radiation and in the case of the computer case heat, hyaluronic acid will slow the decomposition of consumption. Therefore, both older men and women will have more dry skin and wrinkles of aging skin, relaxation and other phenomena. So how to improve the skin moisturizing factor levels in it? There are two ways, one is coated with cosmetics containing moisturizing factor, and the second is the nutritional intake of the food on their own professional synthetic hyaluronic acid, play a body moisturizing effect. Proposed reduction in air humidity, when used in conjunction with the humidifier, so that the skin to reduce evaporation, prevent wrinkles and dryness.