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									                               Lifting & Whitening
                              Get re-energized with GeoFlair’s
                                      New Lightening and
                                       Organic Skincare

As you begin using them, your skin will exude a healthier glow due to
the high concentration of vitamins and active ingredients.
Our new series offer strong protection from environmental pollutants.
You will feel the difference: lines will appear, become less noticeable
and your skin will look more radiant.

Lifting & Whitening Cream
A revolutionary, rejuvenating cream for all skin types, including
mature & sensitive skin

Benefits: - Fades spots and dark circles under eyes
           - Lines virtually erased
           - Skin will look less stressed, more vibrant and youthful

                 Properties highlight:
                 - Baobab Extract: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging
                 -Hyaluronic Acid: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, reduces
                                     drying,      itching,   burning
                 -Sea Buckthorn Berry: nourishing, revitalizing,
                 -Tourmaline: hydrating, protects skin from harsh
                              environmental influences, leaves skin
                                 soft and minimizes fine lines        and
                  -Albumin: forms a film on the skin that tightens   as it
                             dries. The contraction of the film      lifts
                             furrows in the skin, smoothing            out
                  -Allantoin: anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant.

Ingredients: Extracts of baobab, green tea, gotu kola, aloe vera gel,
grapeseed oil, pH-balanced distilled water, soy butter, allantoin (from
comfrey), albumin( from seeds of plants), sea buckthorn berry oil,
geranium oil, hyaluronic acid (from plant fermentation), rose hydrosol,
lime peel, vegetable emulsifier, calendula extract, rosehips extract,
echinacea extract, olive squalane, tourmaline, lavender, all-natural
preservatives, including Glucono Delta-Lactone (commonly found in
honey, fruit juices and wine), Sodium Benzoate (found naturally in
cranberries, prunes etc.) and Calcium Gluconate ( a soluble calcium salt).

Instruction: Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin.

                  Lifting & Whitening Serum
             For dehydrated, dry, sun-damaged skin.
                      Seriously firming
                Suitable for all skin types

Benefits:   - Supplies alpha and beta carotenoids
            - Anti-oxidant, reduces visible signs of aging
            - Augments skin's natural healing systems

Properties highlight:
-Vitamin C (from fruits): the correct form of Vitamin C for the
 skin, reduces hyper-pigmentation, stimulates and supports
 those enzymes in the skin that produce and maintain collagen
-White willow bark: helps slow down shedding of the cells inside the
 follicles, preventing clogging; also helps to break down blackheads and
 whiteheads, evens complexion and smoothes skin’s surface
-Vitamin E: hydrator, antioxidant
-Hyaluronic Acid: forms a thin, light, permeable, invisible, surface film.
 This fixes the moisture on the surface of the skin and helps to
 preserve the principal characteristics of young, healthy skin, such as
 smoothness, elasticity and tone
-Allantoin: soothing, healing properties
-Carrot Cells: B-carotene is a beauty vitamin for the skin that
 reinforces the resistance of cells against stress and helps the skin
 to renew itself
-Alpha Lipoic Acid: the "perfect" antioxidant, increases the level of

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe vera gel, white willow bark, carrot
cells, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C from fruits), fresh strawberry cells,
hyaluronic acid (from plant fermentation), allantoin, alpha lipoic acid
(vegetable based), vitamin E, xanthan gum, all-natural preservatives
including Glucono Delta-Lactone (commonly found in honey, fruit juices
and wine), Sodium Benzoate (found naturally in cranberries, prunes etc.)
and Calcium Gluconate ( a soluble calcium salt).

                                           Instructions:       Pump     1
                                           calibrated       drop    onto
                                           fingertips and massage into
                                           neck, face and eye area. The
                                           serum delivers concentrated
                                           bursts of hydrating and anti-
                                           aging ingredients to the skin.
                                           Use after cleanser and toner,
                                           two to three minutes before
                                           your normal moisturizer to
                                           allow it to be absorbed.

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