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The Rigger


									                         The Rigger
“Of humankind's in-
ventiveness in the
challenge to travel
near or far, the canoe
was, to the cultures
of Oceania, what the
wheel was to west-
ern culture. As a        Volume 1, Issue 1                              Newsletter Date 17th November 2010
mode of transporta-
tion its impact and
significance was on      Welcome to the very first CBOC Newsletter—The Rigger
the grandest of
scales."                 Hello everyone,
                         greetings from the Phantom
Steve West Kanu          Paddler & welcome to
Culture Vol 5 1999       Volume 1, Issue 1of the
                         CBOC newsletter - “The

                         The Rigger will be issued bi-
                         monthly. If anyone has any-
Inside this issue:       thing they would like to
                         share such as:

                            Photos
Welcome to           1
“THE RIGGER”                Tips or tricks
                            Stories or yarns
                            Celebrations
                            Birthdays or events
el presidente        2                                    Send in pictures of interest—there will be an editors
news                     Please email Sandi Brown or
                         Jason Mckell. Your contribu-     award at next years xmas party for the most interesting
Xmas Party &             tions will be greatly appreci-   outrigger photo received.
AGM                      ated.
                         2011 Membership
Celebrations         3
                         The bad news...unfortunately,    (remember payment by in-        but need another two to
                         it is that time of year when     stalment is accepted). When     make a full crew. Failing that,
                         membership fees are due.         you do pay your 2011 fees       I will happily help anyone
Paddler Profile      4                                    remember to fill in the CYC     change their first name by
                         Yes folks, time to crack open    form (this just validates why   Deed Poll to “Jason”.
                         the piggy bank, hassle your      you receive your 2010/11
Paddler profile      5   bank manager or just don‟t
                                                          swipe card).                    Bank:    ANZ Grafton St
A view from              buy food for a week.                                             BSB:     014-734
behind—a tail by         The good news.........our club   PS - if anyone knows some-      Acc:     3542-79512
Chris Souter             fees for 2011 remain un-         one called Jason who isn‟t      Name:  Cairns Beaches
                         changed. It would be great if    already a member, can you              Outrigger Club Inc.
Stinger Season           people could pay their fees      encourage them to join up.      Random donations always
                         sooner rather than later         We already have four Jason‟s    welcome!
Page 2                                                                                      The Rigger

         A note from el Presidente
         Hi everyone, it‟s Tuki here.       the marathon at Airlie could     $1000 refurbishing 2 of the
         I don‟t know about you, but        be an old style biggie like 18   4 „canoes in town. Can I
         I am super excited about           or 20kms…… so try not to         please remind everyone to
         the regatta calendar for           eat too much ham at Christ-      treat the canoes with re-
         next season.                       mas.                             spect. We need to look
                                                                             after them and treat them
         The great news for our club        Now, given that we are a         well. A big thanks goes to
         is that 5 of the 6 regattas        big club I would love to see     Warren who is doing the
         will be Townsville or north.       us be able to win the club       refurb, he‟s doing an excel-
         The only regatta that we           championship !!!!!! And that     lent job & the two canoes
         will have to travel south of       should be our aim for the        should be back on the racks
         Townsville will be the first       forthcoming year.                by the end of November
         one of the year on February
         26th at Airlie Beach. I have       On a more serious note, we       All the best, see you @ the
         also heard a rumour that           have had to spend over           AGM on Saturday the 20th

         Christmas Party and AGM
         Just a reminder that the           get most of our club to-            The best flip award
         Club AGM and Christmas             gether to talk about plans          The one who sleeps in
         Party is Sat 20th November         for next season.                     the most award
         from 1 pm at Ellis Beach.                                              Best excuse award
                                            Aside from the usual
         The AGM kicks off first at                                          These are always fun, and as
         1pm. If anyone has agenda          awards:
                                             Most Improved                  long as they are done in
         items for the General Meet-                                         good spirit, always seem to
         ing (which follows the              Paddler of the Year
                                             Club Person of the             get a good laugh. The
         AGM), could you please                                              Awards will be given out
         email them to Leigh to cir-            Year                         mid to late afternoon. It
         culate them to all members         We will also have some razz
                                                                             would be great if everyone
         ASAP. It would be great to         awards, for example:
                                                                             could make it.

         Social Committee
         We all enjoy paddling—             Or just a few people to take      Parties
         depends on who‟s steering          the lead in this area.            Suggestions anyone ????
         of cause.......but it is nice to                                    The social event will be de-
         have some fun off the water        If anyone is interested in       tailed in the newsletter for
         too.                               forming a social committee       all to see. We could have
                                            or being the chief social        the bi-monthly social event
         Over the past few months           organiser (CSO), please put      on the alternate month to
         several members have dis-          your hand up at the Christ-      the newsletter. So it will be
         cussed the need to inject          mas party. For e.g activities    newsletter—outing—
         some socialisation into the        could include;                   newsletter—outing and so
         club. One idea put forth is         BBQ‟s @ Ellis                  on. There‟s bound to be
         to form a social committee.         Dinner                         some good stories to tell
                                             Drinks                         from this. hehehehehehe
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                     Page 3

Celebrations: Weddings, Parties, Anything!
Iva’s 50th Birthday              Wedding of Lambert
Party.                           & Kelli
Yes that is WRIGHT Iva           Lambert Bout & Kelli Ahern
turned 50 recently and cele-     tied the knot in front of fam-
brated her coming of age         ily and friends at a lovely
with family and friends at       ceremony at Ellis Beach.
Ellis. It was a great night of   Congratulations Lambert and
food, fun, friendships and       Kelli, everyone at the club
dancing. Congratulations Iva.    wishes you all the best for
                                 the future.

Our Last Regatta Results - Coconuts August 2010
The most recent regatta                  Open Men:                Senior Master
was held in August at Coco-              3rd Marathon                 Women
nuts (Innisfail). Despite the                                      1st Marathon
blustery conditions and                 Master Men:                   1st Sprint
tricky currents, the club               2nd Marathon
performed remarkably well.
Unfortunately I haven‟t been          Open Women:                      Mixed
able to locate the sprint              4th Marathon                  3rd and 19th
results (although I know the             4th Sprint
club did really well).
                                      Master Women:                U/19 Mixed
Results as per division were           6th marathon &             1st Marathon
as follows:                             8th marathon                     1st Sprint

The open men won a
bronze medal in the OC6
marathon, it was the first
medal the open men had
won in any race since May
2008. Fortunately, the boys
still had some energy left
after the race to celebrate
the bronze at the post re-
gatta party.
 Page 4                                                                       The Rigger

Paddler Profile:

Heather Sinclair

How long have you been paddling for ? Just over 18 months.

Do you have a nick name ? Yeah, like I‟m gonna tell you!!

Favourite drink ? Naming the least favourite drink is easier....Bundaberg, that is NOT

Favourite food ? Butter.

What do you like to do in your spare time ? Huh? Spare time? Am I missing some-

What do you do for work ? Psychologist and Sexual Assault Counsellor.

Song which best describes you ? Ahhh come on.....Crazy Love by Van Morrison.

Favourite paddling moment ? Paddles up!

If you were able to invite four people to dinner (anyone from around the world, living
or dead) who would it be and why ? Only 4? Well as long as it was catered.....Jesus
Christ (I want the real story), Dahli Lama (the humanistic touch), Russell Peters
(Canadian Comic, ya gotta check him out on YouTube), my dad (as he's been gone a
while). Anyone wanna join us, BYO??
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                        Page 5

Paddler Profile:

Sean Raffety

How long have you been paddling for ? 6 months.

Do you have a nick name ? Raff .

Favourite drink ? Corona.

Favourite food ? A ig bowl of Irish stew.

What do you like to do in your spare time ? Outrigging , write/play/jam music with my

What do you do for a job ? Manage my fathers Cafe/Gelateria.

Song which best describes you ? Hunka, hunka burning love. (Warning leave it
empty I will make it up hehehehe).

Favourite paddling moment ? Winning bronze in the open mens Marathon with the
boys at innisfail this year .... will never forget it... Awesome !!!!!

If you were able to invite four people to dinner (anyone from around the world, living
or dead) who would it be and why ? Eddie Murphy; Jimoin (for a good laugh around the
table ... ); Martha stewart (to save me cooking it) & James from 'James home services'
to clean up on his way out .

Note: apologies to Heather & Sean—we forgot to ask you for a photo so I had to use what I had !
                       Page 6                                                                          The Rigger
  OUTRIGGER           The View from Behind…….a Steerers tail by Chris Souter
                      "Something special has           ignoring his own safety,         What a privilege for the rest
                      happened at Ellis"               swam out and rescued the         of us to be there.
 ABN 47 574 648 698                                    little four legged flounderer.   And how sad later at break-
                      Saturday morning training with                                    fast to hear the gecko being
  Postal Address:     the Gents at Ellis Beach is                                       blamed for running
    PO Box 3122       always exciting. Crews are                                        to the wrong side of the
      CAIRNS          cobbled together at the wa-                                       canoe and causing the flip.
     QLD 4870         ter's edge and it‟s full on                                       Friendships come and go so
                      sledging from then on!                                            fast these days don't they!
       Email:         But last Saturday we were all                                     For those of you wishing to
   brownpage8@        reduced to silence as we wit-                                     put a face to the name, at-       nessed one of life's special                                      tached is Chris‟ passport
                      moments, the bonding of man                                       photo
                      and beast on the wild seas.      The most lasting friend-
     President                                         ships are made through ad-
    Tuki Brown        After a particular torrid        versity and this was no ex-
                      sprint, ace steerer Bodo and     ception. After righting the
   ph 4092 7283
                      his crew found themselves in     canoe Bodo, with his little
                      the water (yes even world        mate sitting firmly atop his
     Secretary        champion's have an off day).     head, set an instant course
    Chris Souter      Whilst clinging to the up-       for home. There, with misty
                      turned hull Bodo spotted a       eyes (salt spray he said - but
    Treasurer         stowaway gecko sinking           we all knew!) the gecko was
   Alan Hopkins       slowly in the water and so,      returned safely to shore.

                                    Please be aware it is stinger season. Wearing the appropriate clothing whilst
                                    on the water is strongly advised.

  Facebook Page:
                      Well folks, that‟s a wrap from “The Phantom Paddler”. Hope you enjoyed the first issue of
Cairns Yacht Club—
    Ellis Beach       “The Rigger” the next issue promises to be bigger and better. The next edition will feature:
                           Coaches corner
                           Health Tips with Dr Jason
                           Grenade handling advice from Bruce Gofton
   The Rigger
                           Classic excuses for missing training
Newsletter Editors:        2011 training & regatta schedules and more

  Sandi Brown         AND … the Gecko will be speaking out about the rumours he caused Bodo‟s canoe to flip.
   sandibrown         Future Editions will feature        Outrigger facts & features
                           Links to websites ect
   Jason McKell       Merry Christmas to you and your family,
                      remember, Santa always knows who has
   Jascon.mckell      been naughty and who has been nice.
                      See you on the Water

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