Android Wireless Application Development Services from AADI through Wide Experience with Mobile and Wireless Development by SteveSmith405


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									Android Wireless Application Development Services from AADI through
Wide Experience with Mobile and Wireless Development
Company is providing high quality Android wireless application development through
professional Android developers/programmers in the modern wireless communication

Wireless applications for the smart phones are popular nowadays that help users to access
the web data easily. AADI- Android Application Development India offers Android
wireless application development, design and test applications for different devices.
Android professionals of the company use newest Android SDKs, tools, utilities for
Android wireless application development. Development of the high quality wireless
applications for Android based devices is company’s commitment such as Android
developers/programmers ensure quality through solid test planning, efficient testing, and
comprehensive defect tracking. AADI is professional Android application development
company, which is serving offshore clients with powerful team. The team of AADI is
consisted of software developers/programmers with all levels of mobile experience, team
leaders and project managers, testers and QA specialists, software architects, etc.

Company’s experienced developers are specialized in mobile and embedded
development. Actually, AADI is one of the divisions of professional company
HiddenBrains, which is active on the web and serving offshore clients for web
development and mobile application development. The company is master in using latest
Android development tools, latest Android SDK, experienced with Android’s optional
hardware-specific APIs (they use Android’s APIs for data, storage, networking,
telephony, Location-Based Services (LBS), multimedia, and 3D graphics) and Eclipse
development environment for Java to develop and debug Android applications. One of
the higher officials of the company states that “our professional Android developers
programmers design Android applications that are more efficient, reliable, and easier to
use and offer better performance through their extensive experience with mobile and
wireless development.” The Android based devices user can perform various activities
with the help of professional Android wireless applications such as he/she can see sports
results, news headlines, music downloading, emails, tracking and many more.

The experience of company’s Android developers is the power for developing high
quality Android wireless apps. The experience includes techniques of avoiding pitfalls,
knowledge of time saving tricks and techniques, knowledge of all vital Android APIs,
optimum utilization of Android SDK and other supportive technologies and many more
professional practices that helps for robust Android wireless application development.
For the more customization and affordability, company provides hire Android developer
services to offshore clients.

To learn more about AADI and its Android Wireless Application Development services
visit and please contact us.
About AADI -

AADI is a leading Android solution provider at global level. The company specializes in
absolute Android solutions and mobile application development that meet business and
mobile consumer needs. The company’s Android development services are available for
the millions of people using Android based hand-held devices in various countries.


Indian Office:
HiddenBrains InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.
405, Balleshwar Square,
Opp. ISKCON Temple, S. G. Highway,
Ahmedabad-15, INDIA.
Tel.: +91-989-802-1433

USA OFFICE (Head Quarters)
2033 Gateway Place,
Suite 500,
San Jose, CA 95110

US Toll FREE Number
Tel.: +1-888-655-1257
US Direct Number
Tel.: +1-323-908-3492
UK Direct Number
Tel.: +44-207-993-2188

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