Better safe than Suri by iupon13


									?Celebrities and their crazy baby names: they do love 'em. And why not? Which is all
very well when those names are pretty well- understood by the public at large. There's
not much wrong with the name Apple, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin,
or Geri Halliwell's Bluebell Madonna.
But those waters do get a little muddied as the names get more and more exotic. Take
for example, Kai, the son of footballer Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen. Kai means
'pier' in Estonian, 'probably' in Finnish, 'ocean' in Hawaiian and Japanese, 'willow tree'
in the native American language of Navajo, and 'stop it' in Yoruba, a dialect of West
And what about Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Suri means
'pickpocket' in Japanese, 'turned sour' in French and 'horse mackerels' in Italian. The
Beckhams' third child, Cruz, means 'cross' in Portuguese and Spanish, but is also
Spanish for 'withers' (a part of a horse).
Consultancy service
The trouble is that giving your child an offbeat name can cause problems when they're
old enough to understand. And name changes later in life can be embarrassing,
expensive and riddled with hassle.
That's why we've decided to offer our new translation service: Name Translation
Audit. It's designed to help celebrities - or anyone else - consider the multilingual
implications of giving their babies unusual names that might mean unexpected things
in different languages. Best of all, for our brilliant team of 2600 linguists to check
your baby name in 100 languages, you'll be looking at just £1000.
The new service is open to anyone, says Jurga Zilinskiene, CEO of Today
Translations. "But we expect at least some of the clients for it to be celebrities, given
that many now like to give their babies unusual names."

At Today Translations, our linguists know there's more to professional translation
services than mere words. We are a specialist translation company, capable of
providing anything from interpreters, English to Arabic translation, to Russian to
English, translation to English to French, and much much more.

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