Pre-award Proposal Review by LeePenny


									               Does project
                 require                       End                                               Subcontracting Process
               subcontract?       No

                                       Sponsor reviews prior approval request
         Yes                                                                                       Required prior approval elements:
               Subcontract                                                                         •Justification addressed to sponsor
                                  No         PI works with C&G             Prior approval
               approved by                                                                         •Subcontractor scope of work
                                             Manager to prepare           request is sent to
                 sponsor?                                                                          •Subcontractor budget/budget narrative
                                            prior approval request            sponsor
           Yes                                                                                     •Evidence of subcontractor’s intent to
                                                                                                   collaborate and/or their institution’s approval

              Unit provides                    C&G Manager                      VP for
          required subcontract              prepares subcontract             Research signs
            elements to C&G                     package for                   subcontract
                Manager                          signature

    C&G Manager meets with
    PI, VP and Finance to                                     Does
    develop/negotiate terms                               subcontractor                            Does Office of
    and conditions with sponsor                              approve                               Research mail
                                                                                                     package?             No
                                                           agreement?                      Yes

                                                                                                                                Unit sends
                                                                            C&G Manager
                                 C&G Manager sends                                                                             subcontractor
                                                                          sends subcontractor
                                 fully-executed copy                                                                             package
                                                                           package, provides
                                  to Finance, updates
                                                                               PI copies
Required subcontract elements:          database
•Subcontract document
•Subcontractor statement of work
•Subcontractor budget
•Subcontractor CV                          Finance adjusts                PI submits approved          Finance pays
•Prime contract terms and               budget for approved               invoices to Finance            approved                       End
conditions                                   subcontract                      for payment                 invoice

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