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					?Delhi is the capital of India. The people of Delhi represent different cultures and
heritage of Delhi. If you are on a tour of India then it can not be completed unless you
visit Delhi, the capital state of India. This is a great city and is a great combination of
the traditional values along with modern values. Many tourists that visit India get
attracted with this place and spend a few days visiting different sites of Delhi. The
things that attract tourists in Delhi are the ancient temples, forts, lively markets and
skyscrapers. The nightlife of Delhi is also very colorful. There are so many bars and
night clubs in Delhi to meet the demands of the young generation. Delhi is in fact the
third largest city in the world. It is such a place that you can find people at any place
of the city and at any time of the day. It is in fact the best place to visit if you want to
understand the culture of India.

There are so many hotels in Delhi to suit the requirements of different budgets. All the
accommodation needs of the tourists are fulfilled by these hotels. The hotels in Delhi
are famous for their hospitality and the tourism department of Delhi takes care of its
tourists just as special guests. The hotels of Delhi are capable of suiting the
requirements of every kind of budget. In case you want luxury stay in Delhi then you
will be overwhelmed with the deluxe as well as the five star hotels of Delhi. In case
you want economical stay and want to save some money then there are many cheap
hotels in Delhi. You can also find hotels of medium range in Delhi.

It is always better to have your stay in such hotels in Delhi as are situated in the centre
of the city so as to make it easy to travel at different places of the city. There are so
many hotels in Delhi that sometimes it becomes difficult for the tourists to decide the
hotel of their stay. In case you want to visit different places of Delhi then you should
select such hotel as is close to the railway station of Delhi. It is quiet easy to visit the
places of Delhi and adjoining areas by train. If you want some peace during your stay
then you should choose such hotels as are in less crowded areas of Delhi.

There are many facilities that are provided by the hotels in Delhi to their guests. The
tourists can get the services of taxi or cab to visit different forts as well as the temples
of the city. If you want to experience the real Delhi then you should choose the hotels
that are situated in any of the lively markets of the city. The cheap hotels in Delhi are
also famous for their good service and customer satisfaction. You can also get the
service of spa and body massage in the spa centers that are outside of these hotels.

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