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          The Most Ridiculous Experiments Scientists Have Ever Conducted

Scientists conduct various experiments on different purposes. This method of cognition

helps to prove hypotheses, find out the data for the research and discover the theoretically

predicted qualities of the objects of research. But some experiments look weird, stupid and


Dead Can Dance

The most notorious experiment that nevertheless gave the grounds to several theoretical

assumptions was set by Giovanni Galvani, the nephew of an Italian biologist Luigi Galvani.

In year 1780 the uncle found out that a corpse of a frog will move when exposed to

electricity. The nephew continued his studies and connected the body of George Forster, a

criminal who had been executed by that time, to electricity. The corpse moved its jaws,

eyes and limbs. It is said that British officials were dissatisfied and thought they would

have to execute Forster once more.

Apes and Humans

Professor Ilya Ivanov, the Russian biologist, set many experiments of crossbreeding

between different species of animals. Many of them were successful and he was

considered to be one of the leading scientists of that time. After 1917 he made an attempt

to create the hybrid of ape and human. In 1927 he went to Africa where a series of

experiments were set under his guidance. His program was closed from the unknown

reason and he came back to the Soviet Union where he continued his experiments. He did

not succeed in them and died soon.

Law of Sandwich

Professor Robert Matthew decided to check whether sandwiches really fall buttered side

down more often. He made a series of experiments to confirm or deny the law of

sandwich. He flicked experimental sandwiches away from the experimental table as if he
had done it accidentally. The experiment proved the law right. The physicist explained that

aerodynamic properties of a sandwich do not let it flip more than once when falling from an

average table.

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