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					Dr. H. Verwoerd
Minister for Native
Affairs 1950-58
Prime Minister

In 1953, Dr.
Verwoerd said…
     “ Teaching the Bantu in English or Afrikaans
would only make Bantus think they had a place
among the civilised in South Africa.
      The school must equip [a black pupil to meet
the demands which South Africa will impose upon
him. There is no place for the native in the European
community above the level of certain forms of labour.
      What is the use of teaching a Bantu child
mathematics when it cannot use it in practise? That
is absurd.”

         purpose does
         is a Bantu? he suggest
         employment does he suggest most
Q. What topic is he discussing? Bantu
education serve?
Bantus follow?
                   Bantu Education Act 1953

   One Black pupils                          White pupils

Taught in tribal language.        Taught in English or Afrikaans.
                 “The white stands on a much
Taught mainly manual skills.     Taught math‟s, languages etc.
         higher plane of civilisation and is
Less funding for materials and
         more developed [than the non-White].
         Whites must so live, learn and workby the
Parents have to buy own writing  Writing materials provided
         that we shall not sink to the level of
materials.                       school.

         the non-Whites.”
Teacher‟s annual wage after 1963
= £320 maximum.                   = £603 minimum.
Spending on school pupils before
cuts were made in 1953 =
                              Extract from a Transvaal textbook.
Blacks £8.99                      Whites £63.92
Coloured & Asians £20.21
Specimen examination question

Why was the Bantu Education Act passed?                      (4 marks)

 LEVEL 1   Answers will show some appropriate recall,
           selection and deployment of historical knowledge       1-2
           in presenting a limited explanation.
           e.g. … to provide different schools for black

 LEVEL 2   Answers will show appropriate recall, selection
           and deployment of historical knowledge in              3-4
           presenting an explanation.
           e.g. Considers the idea of separate development;
           to give government control to black education; to
           set up black only schools; to provide education
           for life in the homelands not in white areas/cities;
           to teach in the ethnic language not English;
Specimen examination question
My department‟s policy is that the Bantu must be guided to serve his
own people in all respects. There is no place for him in the white
community above the level of certain forms of labour. Within his own
community however all doors are open. Until now he has been
subjected to a school system which drew him away from his own
community. What is the point of teaching a Bantu child Mathematics
when he cannot use it in practise?

                            Dr. H.F. Verwoerd speaking about the Bantu
                            Education Act of 1953, in June 1954.

How useful is this source to an historian studying
the effects of apartheid on black people in South
Africa? Explain your answer using the source and
your own knowledge. (5 marks)
LEVEL 1   • Answers will give an account based on the
          source material or paraphrase of the source.         1-2
          • Answers will suggest that the source is useful
          because of what the source says.

LEVEL 2   • Answers will show an understanding of the
          content of the source by some reference to           3-4
          historical context.
          • Answers will analyse the source to come to a
          conclusion about the usefulness of the source.

LEVEL 3   • Answers will show a clear understanding of the
          information contained in the source and relate        5
          this information to the wider historical context.
          • Answers will analyse the source to make a valid
          attempt to suggest why the source is useful in the
          context of the issue by discussing fully the
          content, origin and purpose of the source.
Good answer?
   The source gives useful information on the reasons behind the
   Bantu Education Act and the attitude of the Nationalist Government
   to Black people. It attempts to throw a positive light on the Bantu
   Education Act as one that will encourage the development of Black
   children within their own community. It shows that Verwoerd,
   Minister of Native Affairs thought that there was no point in
   educating a Black child since there would be no jobs „available‟ for
   him. “What is the point of teaching a Bantu child math‟s?”.
   The source is part of a speech by Dr. Verwoerd in June 1954,
   probably to justify the Education Act, which had been brought in the
   previous year. However as Dr. Verwoerd was Minister of Native
   Affairs at the time it can hardly be seen as reliable. Also, it really
   only shows the reasons behind the Act, not the effects. The source
   does not give any evidence of the effects of apartheid in other areas
   of life.