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					?Mascara is a cosmetic used to darken, thicken and define eyelashes. Mascara comes
in three forms: liquid, cake and cream. It also comes in many formulas, tints and
colors. The general purpose of mascara is to emphasise, thicken, lengthen, and define
lashes. Mascara is available with tube and wand applicators. Ingredients in mascara
include water, wax thickeners, film-formers and preservatives.

How you beautify your eyes can make or break the look you want to project with your
face. Having beautiful and tantalizing eyes is truly an asset on your part and I would
strongly suggest that you apply make-up to emphasize them and to enhance more
their loveliness. I have to admit that one of the things that I first look at in a person
would definitely be the eyes.

If you are the type who doesn't wear any eye make-up or better yet apply any eyeliner
or mascara for that matter, you are missing out on being proud of one of your valuable
assets and that is the eyes. We all want to look beautiful and attractive all the time for
our special man or basically to feel good and confident about ourselves and being
gorgeous helps us feel this way.

I believe that even without eye shadow or liner, the simple application of mascara can
make your eyes look more alluring and attractive.

I've found a few tricks over the years to make applying mascara a more tolerable

 * Use a lash curler first. It'll make the process a lot faster, and you won't have to use
as much.
 * Avoid colored mascara unless you're going for a techno look.
 * Blot the end of the wand on a tissue (not the tube) to clean off excess. This helps
keep clumps off your lashes.

How to use a lash comb?

For some, lash combs are simply too fussy. But for some makeup artists, they're a
great invention and keep lashes glob-free and perfectly separated. So how to use?
Apply mascara at the lash base. Then wiggle the lash comb through to the tips of your
lashes. Not into the lash comb? Get rid of clumbs without them by removing excess
mascara from the wand. Wipe wand on tissue, this eliminates blobs BEFORE you

Black mascara can be used by anybody at anytime though blondes should only use it
for bright night makeup. Thin and short brush is best as it is easier to control and gets
to the corner of the eye easily. It is also advisable to powder the under-eye area before
applying mascara to avoid smudging. Curl the lashes before applying mascara by
moving the wand in a zigzag fashion to make the lashes look wider and brighter.
Applying mascara only on the upper lashes lend them a dramatic touch, while
applying it lightly on the upper and lower lashes, make the eyes seem wider. A
gel-based mascara enhances the lashes while thickening mascara looks more dramatic
and adds volume to your lashes.

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