Applying for Extenuating Circumstances _EC_ by nyut545e2


									           Applying for Extenuating
             Circumstances (EC)
•   Exam Officers for Criminology
•   Professor Ronnie Lippens - Exams Officer
• CBB1.010
•   Clare Jones - Deputy Exams Officer
• CBB1.015
•   Dr Anette Ballinger – Extenuating Circumstances
• CBB1.003
•   Criminology School Office: Donna Mielcarek
•   Tel: 01782 7(33596) CBA1.050/51
        If a problem occurs…
• Inform Donna Mielcarek (contact above) or Dr Anette
  Ballinger (email above) immediately
• Download an EC form from the University website
• Fill in the form, giving as much detail as you can
• Submit appropriate evidence with your form (medical
  note, counsellor’s note or equivalent to the School
  Office) and any work you have done to that point.
• Submit the form before the deadline, or as soon as
  possible afterwards.
• If there is a delay in getting evidence, submit the
  form to the School Office, and the evidence when
  you receive it
• Email Anette Ballinger for an appointment if you
  wish to discuss your application
Why you need to tell us if you can’t
      make a deadline…
• Work submitted up to 7 days after the deadline
  will receive a maximum mark of a bare pass
• Work submitted 7 days after a deadline will
  receive ‘zero’ (0%). This can have an adverse
  impact on your grades for the year.
• See the document ‘University policy on late
  submission of assessed work’ for reasons which
  are normally viewed as acceptable or
  unacceptable by examination boards.

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