Art Workshop Proposal

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					                                     Art Workshop Proposal
                                A partnership with SafePlace’s
                             5 Annual Celebrating the Survivor Spirit

WHAT:    SafePlace would like to coordinate 5-6 art workshops in conjunction with the Fifth Annual
         Celebrating the Survivor Spirit (CSS) event on September 12, 2009. The goal of CSS is to provide
         survivors of sexual violence and their allies an opportunity to share an experience through artistic
         expression and begin forming a community of support.

WHY:     Art workshops will provide an opportunity to explore artistic expression, in producing works that
         participants may elect to show at the CSS event itself. Workshops will reach out to all types of
         artists (and survivors or allies who don’t identify themselves as artists) who have any thoughts and
         feelings about sexual violence to share creative space with others. SafePlace wants to expand
         participation in this event to explore how creative partnerships can enrich the experience of people
         who are survivors and their networks of support.

WHO:     SafePlace coordinates CSS through a committee of staff from various departments who dedicate their
         time to promote, execute and support this event with a very modest budget We would like at least
         1 of these workshops to be focused on Spanish speakers, and we’d like at least one of the off-site
         workshops to also engage the Spanish speaking community. The other community groups we would
         like to reach for participation include male survivors and allies, and people with disabilities.

WHEN:    We would like to coordinate workshops between June 1 st and September 5 th to build interest in the
         event that culminates in exhibition at The Austin Centre on September 12. We envision each
         workshop lasting approximately 2 to 3 hours and scheduling some in the early evening hours (5pm
         – 8pm), around the lunch hours (11:30am – 1:30pm), on weekends and week days. We are
         working toward the following schedule of workshops:
                June – 1 workshop
                July – 2 workshops
                August – 2 workshops
                Early September – 1 workshop

WHERE:   We would like to offer 3 of the 6 workshops on the campus of SafePlace to make them accessible
         and appealing to SafePlace’s many residential and community clients. The remaining 3 workshops
         will be held in the community, preferably in different areas of Austin to make them accessible to a
         diverse audience.

HOW:                                                     instructors/venues
         WE NEED YOU! We are looking for vendors/ instructors/venues /suppliers to partner with
         SafePlace to make these workshops happen! We will enlist the support of our staff and volunteers
         to support these opportunities but need to establish locations and times as well as supplies and
         publicity. Marketing to the community of SafePlace clients can easily be done through internal
         means, bu t outreach to the broader community will require collaboration with our newfound partners
         and existing relationships.

         Please contact Laura Haney at or 356 - 1569 if you are interested in
         be coming a part of the Art Workshop Project.