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					                                                  COUNTY OF SURREY ARCHERY ASSOCIATION
                                                              FITA STAR 2009

                                     UK & WORLD RECORD STATUS                                             F.I.T.A. and METRICS 1 to 4
DA TE:                        Sunday 19 July 2009 Assembly 8.30 am Practice 8.40 am to 9.25am Start 9.30am
VENUE:                        Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 OBT
ROUND:                        FITA.Men, Women, Junior and Cadets plus Metrics 1 to 4 for other Juniors
LADY PARAMOUNT:               Judy Friedlander
JUDGES:                       Andy Woodger (Chief of Judges ), Ted Burnham (Director of Shooting), Graham Potts, Robert
                              Potts, Stan Bartosz, Netta Bridle and Keith Mills
ENTRY FEE:                    £11 Seniors, £7.50 Juniors. Please make cheques/postal orders payable to CSAA or book online.
                              Refunds only given at organiser’s discretion.
ENTRY FORM:                   Only available from the web site (see below)
CLOS ING DA TE:               4 July 2008 Please email organiser aft er this date to check if there is space, late fee £1
RESULTS SHEE T:               Please enclose 2 SAEs if you require print ed Target List & Results, otherwise check the web
WEB SITE:                     Full information (inc. confirmation of entry) http://www.chessington
BEHAVIOUR:                    Please note that smoking is not permitted on the shooting line or in the area of the tents/chairs.
                              Taking alcohol during the competition is not permitted under FITA anti-doping rule P1
DRUG TES TING                 This World Record Status Shoot will be liable for drug testing and c ompetitors approached to give
                              samples must comply; if they refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result. Written
                              parental cons ent must be provided for Juniors.
AWARDS:                       County and Visitors highest individual scores, H/Cap adjusted individual and Teams. Also,
                              FRANK WOODWARD TROPHY for mat ure County Gents shooting rec urve
                              Please note that some awards will be presented at the County AGM, February 2010.
                              Please declare your latest h/cap and class on the entry form. Changes will be accepted via the
                              contact below. No changes will be made on the day. See web site for further details
LIAB ILITY                    Neither the CSAA nor Imber Court can accept liability for property or vehicles on the ground.
CA TERING                     Mary Grace mobile catering
PHOTOGRAP HY                  Please sign in if you intend to carry out any form of photography.

FITA. Rules of Shooting will apply; including observation of FITA Dress Regulations. (Green / White / registered club
colours only.) Please be prepared to show GNAS cards. Only members of GNAS or FITA are permitted to shoot at this
tournament. GNAS members must supply their GNAS number.

Rules applied for this FITA round
        Sound-controlled timing w ith lights and count down timing, pairs of timers for both senior lanes and jnr lanes
        Four archers per target, two per detail, shooting in alternate details
        Practice round of about 45 minutes prior to the start of the competition
        One end of 6 arrows shot in 240 seconds (4 minutes)
        One end of 3 arrows in 120 seconds at the two shorter dis tances.
        Tw o longest distance use full size 122cm face, two shortest distance use an 80cm face, longest dis tance fir st
        Arrow holes must be marked, bouncers allowed. Score sheet show X+10’s and X’s scored.
        Under 18’s w is hing to claim FITA stars have to shoot the correct FITA cadet or FITA junior distance

Entries with correct fee + 2 stamped addressed envelopes (if required) to be sent to (cheque payable to CSAA)
Andrew Trimble, 109 Hamilton Avenue, Surbiton, KT6 7PT Please mark the envelope with “CSAA Champs”.
Telephone 020 8715 8036 E-mail : (please don’t leave the message header blank)
               Surrey FITA Star & Outdoor Championships 2009                                     Seniors    £10.00
                                                                                                 Juniors     £7.00
               First name      Surname    GNAS             Hcp   Class   Special     Age        Junior      Round     Out        Fee

                                         number                          Awards      and         DOB       (FAQ's)     of     £11 senior
               (no initials)                                                        Gender                           class   £7.50 junior
      If you have more than 10 entries please fill in a second copy. Use separate forms for each club                Total          £0.00

Note s:
GNAS No.          Competitors must be GNAS members direct, through their club or put FITA (for overs eas competitors)
Bow styles:       Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow (Barebow is adults only)
Hcp:              Handicap at time of ent ry (if known)
Class:            Handicap class (if known)
Special Aw::      MC for married couple and/or +60 for Men over 60
Age Gender:       Man, Woman, (for adults) Boy or Girl (for juniors)
Junior DOB:       Date of Birth dd/mm/yy
Round:            FITA Man, FITA Wm, Jnr Man, Jnr Wm, Cadet Man, Cadet Wm (for FITA Star), Met 1, Met 2, Met 3, Met 4
Out of cl ass:    Yes if competitor shooting out of their normal class
Fee:              Seniors £11 Juniors £7. 50. A late fee of £1 per ent ry applies after July 4 , the closing date.

See the web site for more detailed info:
Surrey FITA Star & Outdoor Archery Championships                                               19th July 2009                                                               £0.00

Use separate forms if competitors are from different clubs                                               Entry fee: £11 seniors £7.50 juniors £1 lat e fee
Name and address for contact filling in thi s form                                                  Total payment due £:

           Name                                                                                    Cheques      Make cheque payable to CSAA
                                                                                                      Paper     Include 2 SAE's if paper copies of target list / results required
             Club                                                                                    Post to:   Andrew Trimble
         Address                                                                                                109 Hamilton Avenue, Surbiton, KT6 7PT
                                                                                                      Phone     020 8715 8036
                                                                                                 Close Date:    4th July 2009
        Postcode                                                                                     website
           Phone                                                                                       Email
   Email address

                     Delet e as appropriat e
   Map required?           Ye s/No             If Yes please send an SAE to organiser
Paper target list?         Ye s/No             If Yes please send an SAE to organiser
   Paper results?          Ye s/No             If Yes please send an SAE to organiser
   Juniors on this
            entry          Ye s/No             If yes, see next page for parental signatures

Surrey FITA Star & Outdoor Archery Championships 2009

      Parental consent for drugs testing of a junior competitor
      This event is subject to random drugs testing. Parents/guardians need to give written consent for their child to be tested, on the form below
      or to sign this form on the day of the event if they know they will be present. Failure to comply with a drugs test will be r egarded as a positive.
      If the parent will not be present on the day of the competition they must sign a paper copy of this form and this form posted to the organiser
      Parents and Juniors may also find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page a useful source of information ab out this competition
                               Competitor                                     Parent / Guardian

                First name                      Surname               Name               Signature                  Club name
  3                                                                                                               Post to:    Andrew Trimble
  4                                                                                                                           109 Hamilton A venue,
  5                                                                                                                           Surbiton, Surrey
  6                                                                                                                           KT6 7P T
  7                                                                                                                Phone      020 8715 8036
  8                                                                                                                Email

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