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									ACORD Standards Working Group Extension Request
                                                 LAH                PCS                 RLC
Applicable Steering Committee:                                        X

                  Australia Architecture
WG Name
                  Garry Gale / Michael Fazzalore
                  30 September, 2008
Start Date
                  Create business messages for the Australian Insurance Market for lines of
                  business as determined by the participants to have an impact on the
Sponsor(s)        Allianz, Aon, CGU, QBE, Steadfast
                  Alan Stitzer, ACORD

Business Case: What is the business problem being addressed, how can standards help and
what potential value is there in solving the problem, for submitter, participants, and the industry?

The Australia insurance market has been speaking about implementing standards for quite a
while, and beginning in July of 2008, ACORD has made numerous trips to meet with various
organisations to get a feel for the environment. After these visits, it was mutually agreed that
there was, indeed a need for ACORD Standards in this market for various lines of business.

Scope: Describe the expected scope of the project, both in scope and out-of-scope aspects.

The scope of this working group is to provide a framework, architecture and message design
philosophy that meets the needs of the Australian Business Market, but also meets ACORD
NDR rules.

Deliverables: What are the expected deliverables or outcomes from this effort? Expected
outcomes include: A Maintenance Request for new messages in the standard, transactions, UML
diagrams, Implementation Guide(s), sample XML business messages, etc.

The deliverables from this group is the framework from which business messages can be built.

Project Plan: Include expected number and dates of face-to-face meetings and conference
calls. Supply rough schedule (including milestones) from approval until next Plenary (expected
next MR deadline to be 8 weeks prior to Plenary).
Meetings will be scheduled for twice per month, meeting for one hour on the first and third
Thursday at 9:00 AM (AEST) – this translates to 8:00 PM Wednesday night Eastern Time.

For the first several months, we anticipate more face to face meetings in Sydney rather than
conference calls.

Commitments & Resources: Define level of interest and initial commitments. Who will and
who may participate in this group? Will they be Active Participants or Observers? What carriers,
vendors, and volunteers from the distribution channel have committed to implementing the
solution? What other factors are helping to insure success of the initiative? What is expected
concerning resources and support from ACORD Staff?

             Active Participants                                    Observers
Peter Imeson, Steadfast
Garry Gale, Allianz
Peter Broid, Aon
Mike Clark, Zurich
Ram Kumar, CGU
Norm Muir, CGU
Kathy Awanis, CGU
Richard Malcom, Allianz
Vibul Imtarnasan, Parlinkie
Craig Paddon, Allianz
Mario Cardona, QBE
Theo Stevins, QBE
Scot Tran, QBE
Rajat Taneja, Zurich
Wendy Dyer, Allianz
Michale Fazzalore, QBE

Requirements: What resources are required for the group, what are the expectations of
participants? For example, teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, etc.
Meetings will be held in Sydney with virtual options available for each of the meetings. It is
expected that ACORD Staff will be present in Sydney for the first several meetings.

Impact: Who is the target audience and what is the expected impact on the existing ACORD
Standard? Include pros, cons, and risks.
The target audience for this working group is the Australian Insurance Market.

As ACORD expands its reach to global markets, the existing standard will have to be extended
to include geographic differences. ACORD will work internally to ensure that not only is the
existing AML standard used, but extensions to the standard for Australian specific
requirements do not affect the standard being used in the USA.

ACORD Staff Section (to be completed by ACORD Staff)

Architecture Review Applicable when work completed? Yes / No / Unknown _________

When completed, will the work move to a Proof of Concept, or to vote at Plenary?

Date Proposal Reviewed by Steering Committee: ____________

Proposal Review Result:


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