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Talking Books
The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the
RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.

Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan. When you return a title,
you will then receive another one.

If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the Customer Services
Team on 0303 123 9999 or email

If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to read, then please
contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37 53 33 or email

You can write to us at RNIB NLS, PO Box 173, Peterborough
The sporting gazette: sport. Read by various narrators, 2 hours 11 minutes. TB
From sword fights to boxing and from medieval jousts to modern motor racing, we join
such diverse characters as A A Milne, Dick Francis, Queen Victoria, Kenneth
Wolstenhome, Tony Jacklin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as they share their
experiences of England winning the 1966 world cup; Roger Bannister breaking the
four minute mile; the very first game of rugby football; a game of cricket on horseback
and the death of England's finest cricketer, W G Grace. TB 12059.

The sporting gazette: sporting pastimes. Read by various narrators, 1 hour 58
minutes. TB 12067.
We eavesdrop on some of the most fascinating events in the colourful history of the
British at play; from Pitt the younger playing a game of marbles to Sir Donald
Campbell's fatal attempt at the waterspeed record; Sir Francis Chichester's single
handed voyage around the world and Lord Louis Mountbatten's experiences of a cock
fight in India; from hunting with King James I to swimming the Channel with Captain
Webb. TB 12067.

Dobbs, Brian
Edwardians at play: sport, 1890-1914. 1973. Read by Eric Gillett, 8 hours 46
minutes. TB 2536.
Sport in England between 1890 and 1914. TB 2536.

Green, Michael
Book of coarse sport. 1965. Read by Garard Green, 3 hours. TB 44.
The text takes a humorous look at sport and how it is played. TB 44.

Wilson, Bob
Googlies, nutmegs and bogeys: the origins of peculiar sporting lingo. 2006.
Read by Ben Pheazey, 3 hours 5 minutes. TB 15352.
The world of sport has its own language, rich in strange words and phrases, whose
origins often stretch back centuries. Veteran BBC presenter and football legend Bob
Wilson has written this illustrated guide to the true meanings, heritage and evolution
of the sporting terms we use today. TB 15352.


Runyan, Marla
No finish line: my life as I see it. 2001. Read by Rosemary Ronald, 9 hours 10
minutes. TB 15280.
The author was nine-years-old when she was diagnosed with a macular degenerative
disease. This did not hold back her dreams of becoming a world class athlete,
competing in the women's heptathlon and qualifying for the U.S. Olympic trials. She
tells what it is like growing up disabled and what it means to compete at the world-
class level where for her, there is no finish line. TB 15280.

Cooper, Henry
Henry Cooper - an autobiography. 1972. Read by Alvar Lidell, 7 hours 52
minutes. TB 2120.
Britain's former heavyweight boxing champion tells his story with light-hearted
candour. TB 2120.

McIlvanney, Hugh
McIlvanney on boxing: an anthology. 1982. Read by David Sinclair, 8 hours 39
minutes. TB 6514.
"No previous holder of the title has been able to invade so many lives at so many
levels. Compared with him, the most vivid of his predecessors are blurred figures
dancing behind frosted glass. When he speaks he assumes no less than that he is
addressing mankind." So wrote the author about Muhammed Ali in 1971 and it shows
why this writer for the Observer has been names Sports Writer of the Year four times.
Here he tells of boxing in the 1960s. TB 6514.

Remnick, David
King of the world: Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American hero. 1998. Read
by Peter Marinker, 12 hours 10 minutes. TB 13146.
On the night in 1964 that Muhammad Ali stepped into the ring with Sonny Liston, he
was widely regarded as an irritating freak who danced and talked way too much. Six
rounds later Ali was not only the new world heavyweight boxing champion: he was "a
new kind of black man" who would shortly transform America's racial politics, its
popular culture, and its notions of heroism. Contains strong language. TB 13146.


Wisden Cricketers' Almanack: 137 not out. Read by various narrators, 2 hours
18 minutes. TB 12171.
Cricket's legends play again, as we join W G Grace, Jack Hobbs, Denis Compton,
Geoffrey Boycott and other great cricketers in this fascinating selection from Wisden's
match reports, editorials and obituaries. TB 12171.

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack: overseas tour. Read by various narrators, 2
hours 26 minutes. TB 12077.
Travel around the world in the company of some of cricket's most notable
personalities, witnessing both triumphs and disasters, as we recreate the game's
unpredictable adventures on tour. TB 12077.

Arlott, John
The essential John Arlott: forty years of classic cricket writing; edited by David
Rayvern Allen. 1989. Read by Ronald Markham, 14 hours 5 minutes. TB 7988.
In "The essential John Arlott" the extracts come from a wide range of periodicals and
assorted publications, encompassing four decades of Arlott's work and a wide variety
of subjects. From broad visions of international cricket to the intricate details of
individual performances, from the pages of national newspapers such as "The
Guardian" to the less widely distributed volumes of the "South Wales Cricketers'
Magazine". TB 7988.

Arlott, John
Fred, portrait of a fast bowler. 1971. Read by Garard Green, 8 hours 27 minutes.
TB 2042.
The story of a man who played first-class cricket for twenty years by one who has
observed him and talked with him from the beginning of his career. TB 2042.

Barker, Ralph
Ten great innings. 1964. Read by Alvar Lidell, 7 hours 23 minutes. TB 779.
Recalls some fine cricket by Hobbs, Constantine, McCabe, Bradman, Gimblett,
Hutton, Edrich, Compton, Endean and Washbrook during the period 1926 to 1956. TB

Benaud, Richie
Anything but: an autobiography. 1998. Read by Nigel Graham, 11 hours 37
minutes. TB 11924.
The story of cricketer Richie Benaud, covering his days in depression-ridden
Australia, his leadership of the Aussie team and his life as a commentator. It looks
into sporting politics, how the administrators affect the game and players, and the
media wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. TB 11924.

Bird, Dickie
Dickie Bird: my autobiography. 1997. Read by Richard Derrington, 11 hours 23
minutes. TB 11283.
Dickie Bird, a loved and respected umpire in world cricket, has endeared himself to
millions with his idiosyncratic style and infectious humour. His story starts with his
youth in Barnsley, his early days as a cricketer, and his experiences of the
international scene. He also has serious and constructive points to make about the
modern game. TB 11283.

Blofeld, Henry
Caught short of the boundary. 1984. Read by Denys Hawthorne, 3 hours 10
minutes. TB 5627.
Cricket commentator Henry Blofeld relates some of the adventures he has had on his
travels. They include going up and down in a Nottinghamshire lift stark naked, being
intimidated by Dennis Lillee, incarcerated in a New York jail and inebriated just about
everywhere. TB 5627.

Botham, Ian
Botham: my autobiography: don't tell Kath. 1994. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 14
hours 30 minutes. TB 10720.
Ian Botham charts his development from a promising youngster to a great all rounder
in the world of cricket. But Botham, hero of the crowds, was also Botham the scourge
of the establishment and the target of the tabloids. A heady brew of sex, drugs and
rock'n'roll surrounded the man who, by his own admission, played hard both on and
off the field. Through it all he has managed to make news, to entertain and to raise
millions of pounds for charity. Here he sets the record straight. TB 10720.

Boycott, Geoff
Opening up. 1980. Read by Bruce Montague, 6 hours 47 minutes. TB 5407.
An account of cricket today. TB 5407.

Boycott, Geoff
Boycott on cricket. 1990. Read by Arthur Blake, 7 hours 38 minutes. TB 8537.
"The best brain in cricket". That's how many people describe Geoffrey Boycott.
England's dominant batsman over the last two decades, he writes about technique
and character, provides a damning picture of the shambles that is Yorkshire cricket,
and tells us what advice he gave to young England batsmen before they set off to the
West Indies. TB 8537.

Cardus, Neville
The Roses matches 1919-1939. 1982. Read by John Livesey, 17 hours 17
minutes. TB 5023.
For twenty years Neville Cardus reported for the Manchester Guardian on the
matches between Yorkshire and Lancashire. In eloquent prose he recorded the
ancient northern rivalry, the vivid interplay of character and the subtle influence of the
economic depression. This volume brings together his reports in their entirety, with full
scoring details, presenting the colourful and shifting panorama of a battle that was
waged with all the fervour of its mediaeval namesake. TB 5023.

Close, Brian
Close to cricket. 1968. Read by Eric Gillett, 4 hours 51 minutes. TB 577.
His views on Cricket, and the 1967 affair which brought him into public news
headlines. TB 577.

Cowdrey, Colin
The incomparable game. 1970. Read by Alvar Lidell, 3 hours 36 minutes. TB
One of England's most experienced players looks back over 20 years of first-class
cricket. TB 1468.

Cox, Peter
Sixty summers. 2006. Read by Peter Cox, 19 hours 34 minutes. TB 14959.
This book presents a history of English Cricket from 1946-2005. It explores England's
progress from the day of Len Hutton, Denis Compton and Alec Debser, to those of
Michael Vaughan, Andrew Flintoff and Steve Harmison. TB 14959.

D'Oliveira, Basil
Time to declare: an autobiography. 1980. Read by Christopher Slade, 6 hours 7
minutes. TB 3874.
The autobiography of a famous cricketer, with an introduction by John Arlott. TB

Gooch, Graham
Gooch: my autobiography.1995. Read by Jon Cartwright, 11 hours 29 minutes.
TB 10736.
Gooch, together with cricket writer Frank Keating, charts his own progress to a world-
class opening batsman and assertive leader. He puts right the misconceptions that
have punctuated his long career – his stubborn stand over South Africa, his
regimental leadership and dedication to the cause of English cricket, and family
disagreements. Honest yet forthright, reflective but passionate, this is a tribute to an
inspirational cricketer. TB 10736.

Gower, David
Gower: the autobiography. 1992. Read by Michael Lumsden, 8 hours 23
minutes. TB 9959.
One of the most brilliant and gifted Test batsmen of recent times, and the greatest left
hander since Sobers and Pollock, Gower has often fallen foul of the critics, who
question his "laid back" approach and lack of application, and accuse him of being a
bad influence on younger players. Here he responds to these charges, and reveals
himself as a witty, frank and independent observer of the international scene, and,
despite what his critics say, totally committed to the game of cricket. TB 9959.

Howat, Gerald Malcolm David
Learie Constantine. 1975. Read by Alvar Lidell, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB 2824.
The life of the famous cricketer who became a life peer and governor of the BBC. TB

Hughes, Simon
A lot of hard yakka: triumph and torment: a county cricketer's life. 1997. Read
by David Thorpe, 9 hours 13 minutes. TB 11437.
This book is a series of vignettes about the stars and characters of the cricket world.
Beneath county cricket's routine is a soap opera of diverse characters, and this book
takes you behind the scenes for an insight into how the household names of the last
two decades survive their turbulent ride. The author portrays the hopes and fears, the
dull and the ordinary, the outrageous and the bizarre. Contains strong language. TB

James, C L R
Beyond a boundary. 1996. Read by Colin Salmon, 11 hours 5 minutes. TB
Part memoir of a Caribbean childhood, part passionate celebration of cricket, this
book was first published over thirty years ago. The author uses his love of cricket to
explore the not always "sporting" relationship between Empire and the West Indies.
The book brings the outsider an insight into pre-Independence West Indian culture, as
well as examining the colonial condition. TB 13617.

Johnston, Brian
Forty-five summers: personal memories of 264 test matches seen from the
commentary box. 1991. Read by Peter Wickham, 3 hours 41 minutes. TB 9232.
In this unique memoir "Johnners" - as he is affectionately known to regular "Test
Match Special" listeners - offers a summing up of the great cricketing moments he
has seen in Test Matches, in a wonderful career as a radio and TV commentator,
during which he has covered first class cricket in England and overseas from 1946 to
1990. TB 9232.

Johnston, Brian
It's been a piece of cake: a tribute to my favourite Test cricketers. 1989. Read by
Alexander John, 10 hours 22 minutes. TB 8710.
"It's been a piece of cake" is a delightful and witty collection of pieces about cricketers
the author has known and loved, from one of the best-known commentators in the
game. TB 8710.

Johnston, Brian
It's been a lot of fun. 1974. Read by Tony Chambers, 9 hours 45 minutes. TB
For the average cricket lover, the gentle tones of veteran cricket commentator Brian
Johnston typify all that is best in an English cricketing summer. His life-story is
coloured by a vast store of cricketing knowledge and a repertoire of amusing
anecdotes. TB 6352.

Johnston, Brian
Someone who was; reflections on a life of happiness and fun. 1992. Read by
Garard Green, 9 hours 50 minutes. TB 9860.
When Brian Johnston was recognised by a member of the public as "someone who
was", it nearly ruined his day, but on reflection he realised that though he was then
very active, in two or three years she would almost certainly be right, and that it would
be a splendid title for a book looking back on his life. Published to celebrate his
eightieth birthday, this book of reminiscences - an A-Z format inspired by Flanagan
and Allen's famous "A for horses" - ranges from prep school, the author's early
working life in the family coffee business in Brazil, his war experiences in the
Grenadier Guards, being hypnotised and singing with Bud Flanagan for "In town
tonight", to his long love affair with cricket, including his many years with "Test Match
Special". TB 9860.

McDonald, Trevor
Clive Lloyd. 1986. Read by Trevor McDonald, 6 hours 55 minutes. TB 6456.
This meticulously researched, authorised biography of the legendary batsman and
most successful long-serving captain in Test history abounds with insights into cricket
and its political significance in the West Indies. TB 6456.

Mosey, Don
Fred: then and now. 1992. Read by Peter Wickham, 7 hours 47 minutes. TB
"Fiery Fred" Trueman was the greatest fast bowler in the world, and the first in the
history of cricket to take 300 Test wickets. Today he is as well known as critic,
broadcaster, entertainer and TV Personality, as he was when he was the scourge of
Test and county batsmen everywhere. Fiery and controversial, a man of strong

opinions and strong words, his bowling was hallmarked by its sheer naked hostility
and fine technique. TB 10053.

Rae, Simon
W G Grace: a life. 1998. Read by Crawford Logan, 23 hours 41 minutes. TB
Grace burst onto the cricket scene in the 1860s with spectacular force, dominating the
game until the end of the century. Exploiting the power his popularity gave him, he
amassed great wealth. This biography draws on diaries, letters and Grace's own
library. It offers a radical analysis of his career, and reviews the more controversial
aspects of his conduct. It also focuses on his family background, his career as a
doctor, and his ambitions and bereavements as a father. TB 11616.

Richards, Viv
Sir Vivian: the definitive autobiography. 2000. Read by Nigel Graham, 12 hours
37 minutes. TB 13620.
Vivian Richards, West Indies Captain between 1985 and 1991, had been voted the
best international cricketer of the last twenty-five years by his peers. Seven years
after his retirement from the game Richards tells the story. Playing days in England
for Somerset and Glamorgan are recalled, alongside many memorable matches for
the West Indies, and opinions on opponents and team-mates from around the world.
Contains strong language. TB 13620.

Trueman, Fred
Ball of fire: an autobiography. 1976. Read by Peter Gray, 7 hours 16 minutes. TB
The author, known as one of the great fast bowlers of his day, has set down his
turbulent story from birth to the present day. TB 2983.

Trueman, Fred
Fred Trueman's cricket masterpieces: classic tales from the pavilion. 1990.
Read by Arthur Blake, 9 hours 43 minutes. TB 8716.
Our spoken views on the state of cricket today by the first bowler to take 300 test
wickets. TB 8716.

Trueman, Fred
My most memorable matches. 1982. Read by Stanley McGeagh, 4 hours 30
minutes. TB 6537.
"I have always likened cricket in Yorkshire to rugby in Wales. It's as near to a religion
as you can get. So to play for Yorkshire is the highest attainment of anyone born in its
broad acres." Thus said Fred Trueman, one of the greatest fast bowlers, in 1982. He
was absorbed in cricket from childhood and has bowled at the top for longer than

anyone else in the country. Here he relives his favourite matches. A book about the
"fun and joy" of cricket. TB 6537.

Armstrong, Lance
It's not about the bike: my journey back to life. 2001. Read by Jeff Harding, 10
hours 40 minutes. TB 13276.
This is the autobiography of Lance Armstrong who won the 1999 Tour de France in
spectacular style, taking four stages and both a mountain and a time trial. His story is
even more remarkable because he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer in
October 1996. Contains strong language. TB 13276.

Moore, Richard
Heroes, villains and velodromes: inside track cycling with Chris Hoy. 2008.
Read by Crawford Logan, 10 hours 30 minutes. TB 16209.
By shadowing Hoy through a season, author Richard Moore has gained an
unembellished insight into the mind of a World and Olympic champion. He has also
attained unprecedented levels of access to the key members of the all-conquering
British team and support staff, including top coaches, world-renowned psychiatrists,
doctors (where the subject of drug abuse is an ever-present shadow) and the pivotal
characters behind the scenes. Combining his forensic knowledge of the cycling world
with his acclaimed skills as a tenacious investigative journalist, Moore captures the
mood of the British team and explores an area of professional sport that has rarely
been seen before. Contains strong language. TB 16209.

Rendell, Matt
Blazing saddles: the cruel and unusual history of the Tour de France. 2007.
Read by Gordon Dulieu, 7 hours 49 minutes. TB 15949.
The Tour de France has been running for 104 years and has completed 94 laps of
France. The fine spectacle of life-threatening exertion, bare-faced cheating, road-side
sabotage, ludicrous clothing, extreme intimate discomfort, and grown men at the
absolute end of their tethers has gathered the race an audience of millions. This book
looks at the history - the rivalries and controversies, the blind passions and filthy
suspicions, the wheeling and the dealing and gives an insight into the race itself. TB


Hills, John Waller
A summer on the Test. 1924. Read by Derek Chandler, 8 hours 13 minutes. TB
Tales of fishing on Britain's most famous trout river. TB 2224.

Russell, Michael
Fly fishing: memories of angling days. 1991. Read by Norman Lumsden, 3
hours 50 minutes. TB 9096.
J.R. Hartley's best known catch is the public imagination, but here his elusive fishing
recollections are told. Ranging from Yorkshire schooldays in the 1930s, through
memorable outings on chalk stream, spate river and loch, to a startling conclusion half
a lifetime later on a Scottish summer night. Read by the actor who played J.R. Hartley
in the "Yellow Pages" advert. TB 9096.

Sawyer, Frank
Keeper of the stream: the life of a river and its trout fishery. 1985. Read by John
Westbrook, 9 hours 29 minutes. TB 6161.
Frank Sawyer was born in 1906 so close to the River Avon that he said the sound
cascading through the hatches must have been the first thing he heard. He grew up
there, living and working by it and for a good deal of the time was actually in it, cutting
weeds and repairing the banks as under keeper for the Services Dry Fly Fishing
Association. The experience he gained as keeper for most of his life is distilled into
this book. TB 6161.

Watson, David
Of fish and men: tales of a Scottish fisher. 2000. Read by David C Watson, 3
hours 4 minutes. TB 13415.
This work is a collection of perceptive and humorous anecdotes from nearly forty
years of fishing, linked by a commentary on the author's life and times. The book is
about much more than fishing; it is about characters and countryside, and about the
struggle to forge a life and career in Scotland during the depression of the 1970s and
1980s. TB 13415.

Champions: the 26 year quest for glory: the story of Manchester United's
winning season. 1993. Read by John Cormack, 5 hours 13 minutes. TB 9768.
Manchester United had failed to win the League Championship since 1967 despite
spending upwards of 33 million pounds and sacking five managers. After they finished
as runners up in 1992, Alex Ferguson knew it was now or never. This is the story of
how they triumphed at long last. TB 9768.

Best, George
Blessed: the autobiography. 2001. Read by John Cormack, 10 hours 15
minutes. TB 13280.
Christened the fifth Beatle at his peak, George Best was the first pop star footballer.
He remains one of the greatest footballing figures of the 20th century. At last Best is
ready to open his heart and engage us in his life story, from the halcyon days at
Manchester United and the European Cup win of '68, to the string of affairs and
scandal that followed him from the bars to the bankruptcy courts and even to prison.
Contains strong language. TB 13280.

Best, George
The good, the bad and the bubbly. 1990. Read by John Cormack, 5 hours 25
minutes. TB 9559.
This is the autobiography of the legendary football genius. George Best gives an
honest account of his meteoric rise to stardom and dramatic fall into alcoholism. TB

Charlton, Bobby
Forward for England. 1967. Read by Michael de Morgan, 7 hours 30 minutes. TB
The autobiography of one of the greatest personalities in the game of football today.
TB 466.

Charlton, Jack
Jack Charlton: the autobiography. 1996. Read by Mark Elstob, 9 hours 57
minutes. TB 11320.
This is Jack Charlton's full story. It tells of his childhood in the Northumberland mining
village of Ashington. He was the eldest of four brothers, one of whom was the
phenomenally gifted Bobby, now Sir Bobby Charlton. His mother was from the
famous Milburn footballing family, therefore, it was in Jack's blood to escape a life
down the mine by joining Leeds United in 1952. By the time he hung up his boots
more than twenty years later, he had made 629 League appearances for Leeds, still a
club record. Truly, Jack Charlton was one of the last of the great one-club players. TB

Clough, Brian
Clough: the autobiography. 1995. Read by Alan Gilchrist, 9 hours 13 minutes.
TB 10898.
A footballing legend tells his own extraordinary story. TB 10898.

Dalglish, Kenny
Dalglish: my autobiography. 1996. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 11 hours 53
minutes. TB 11172.
In this remarkable and often forthright autobiography, Dalglish reveals some of the
professional and personal reasons behind various decisions he has taken that at the
time seemed puzzling to his numerous fans. His track record proves that he did
indeed make the right ones. TB 11172.

Ferguson, Alex
Alex Ferguson: managing my life - my autobiography. 1999. Read by Crawford
Logan, 17 hours 14 minutes. TB 12072.
This is the autobiography of Alex Ferguson - he runs the Manchester United Football
players with a rod of iron, but is respected for his managerial style and for the way he
cares for the welfare of his players. TB 12072.

Ferguson, Alex
A year in the life: the manager's diary. 1995. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 13
hours 14 minutes. TB 10545.
A personal and revealing football diary by the most successful manager working in
British football: Alex Ferguson. Here the Manchester United manager talks about his
signing of Andy Cole and reveals the real story behind the Cantona affair. He also
reflects on the wider problems which beset the national game over the 1994-95
season. TB 10545.

Gerrard, Steven
Gerrard: my autobiography. 2007. Read by John McGrellis, 15 hours 8 minutes.
TB 15704.
Steven Gerrard is a hero to millions, not only as the inspirational captain of Liverpool
FC, but as a key member of the England team. Here, for the first time, he tells the
story of his lifelong obsession with football, in an honest and revealing book which
captures the extraordinary camaraderie, the soul-destroying tensions and the high-
octane thrills of the modern game as never before. Contains strong language. TB

Gibson, John
Wor Jackie: the Jackie Milburn story. 1990. Read by Alan Gilchrist, 4 hours. TB
After the Second World War, when soccer grounds were packed, Wor Jackie was a
goal-scoring legend, playing for Newcastle and England. A pit lad from Ashington, he
wrote to Newcastle for a trial and began his glittering career, achieving great things
for himself and his club. John Gibson reveals previously untold stories of Jackie
Milburn's career from the back streets to Wembley and the World Cup. TB 8359.

Green, Geoffrey
The official history of the F A Cup. 1960. Read by Alan Lyne, 8 hours 45
minutes. TB 124.
An authoritative account of the history of the F.A. Cup from its beginning till 1959.
TB 124.

Harding, John
Alex James. 1988. Read by Crawford Logan, 6 hours 57 minutes. TB 7974.
Arguably the finest inside forward of all time, Alex James is remembered not only for
his playing skills, but also for his knack of making his name known outside footballing
circles. In this lively biography, John Harding has drawn on the recollections of men
and women who knew James well, to recreate the life and times of a remarkable man.
TB 7974.

Hoddle, Glenn
Glenn Hoddle: My 1998 world cup story. 1998. Read by Alistair Maydon, 7 hours
7 minutes. TB 11716.
A behind-the-scenes look at the full-action shots that captured the spirit and
atmosphere of England's nerve-wracking World Cup battle, including insights into the
exhilarating highs and earth-shattering lows of the 98 summer season. Under scrutiny
is Glenn's approach to coping with the responsibility of the hopes and passions of a
football-loving nation; the England squad's time out in France and the role of Eileen
Drewery in his campaign. TB 11716.

Hurst, Geoff
1966 and all that: my autobiography. 2001. Read by Steve Hodson, 12 hours 45
minutes. TB 13539.
Catapulted to fame in only his eighth international, Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick
against West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final. His final goal has been played so
many times that it has dominated his life ever since. This autobiography shows that
there is more to the man than that one day. He relives the golden era in which he
played, reveals some behind-the-scenes stories of events with England and his club
sides that have never previously emerged, and he offers his views on the modern
game. TB 13539.

Irwin, Colin
Sing when you're winning: football fans, terrace songs and a search for the
soul of soccer. 2006. Read by John Cormack, 10 hours 43 minutes. TB 15340.
Battered by escalating admission prices, executive boxes, corporate hospitality,
swanky out of town stadiums and blanket television coverage, the fans still turn out in
their masses to sing their hearts out for the lads. And the songs they sing are
something else. Tribal anthems, full of passion, wit and cultural identity that can
instantly inform, delight and provoke in equal measures, as bizarre and apparently

random as their chosen songs often are. Following his voyages of discovery around
Ireland and England, Colin Irwin goes off on his travels again, this time donning
bobble hat and scarf in pursuit of the ultimate football anthem. Contains strong
language. TB 15340.

Keane, Roy
Keane: the autobiography. 2002. Read by John Cormack and Steve Hodson, 9
hours 27 minutes. TB 13323.
In 1994, Keane travelled to the world cup in America, where as a young player in an
experienced team his domination of the midfield helped Jack Charlton's Ireland beat
finalists Italy. Years later, as captain of the national side, Keane was crucial to his
team's qualification for the 2002 finals from a group few predicted they could survive.
And then it all went catastrophically wrong when, days before the tournament began,
he was sensationally sent home - his unflagging, uncompromising will to win had led
to his undoing. Roy Keane tells his story. Contains strong language. TB 13323.

Keegan, Kevin
My autobiography. 1997. Read by John Cormack, 13 hours 49 minutes. TB
In his candid autobiography, Kevin Keegan answers the question of why he left
Newcastle United, having built it into the most exciting force in English football. He
reveals the secrets behind the myth of a man who has been a pivotal influence on the
way football is played, managed and perceived in England. He talks about the many
courageous decisions he has taken throughout his career, and provides an insight
into the high-profile, high-pressure world of modern football management. TB 11565.

Lampard, Frank
Totally Frank: my autobiography. 2006. Read by Stuart Crossman, 14 hours. TB
Chelsea and England footballer and Footballer of the Year, Frank Lampard charts his
life story from childhood to young West Ham apprentice to multi-millionaire world
footballing celebrity and lynchpin of the national team. This work includes a full
account of the 2005/06 season and the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany. Contains
strong language. TB 16128.

Lineker, Gary
Gary's Lineker's golden boots: the World Cup's greatest strikers 1930-1998.
1998. Read by Chris French, 8 hours 12 minutes. TB 11778.
In the 15 World Cup competitions that have taken place, an elite band of 21 highest-
scoring strikers have done their brilliant best to make their country's dreams come
true. Gary Lineker is the only Englishman to achieve such a distinction. Here he
travels around the world to talk to his fellow recipients of the Golden Boot. Including
full statistics from each championship, this amounts to an exhilarating history of

football seen through the eyes of some of the greatest goalscorers of all time. TB

Matthews, Stanley
The way it was: my autobiography. 2000. Read by David Thorpe, 19 hours 30
minutes. TB 13710.
An autobiography of Stanley Matthews, the most popular footballer of his era. The
book tells the story of Matthews' life, including how he was the first footballer ever to
be knighted and how he played in the top division until he was fifty years old. TB

O'Leary, David
Leeds United on trial: the inside story of an astonishing year. 2002. Read by
John Cormack, 6 hours 10 minutes. TB 13281.
This text is an account of the 2000 - 2001 season which transformed a youthful,
inexperienced side into one of the most feared in Europe against the background of a
high-profile court case that was never out of the headlines. O'Leary talks frankly about
how he had to juggle the task of conquering Europe with handling the stress and
subsequent collapse of a major court trial; the eighteen million pound signing of Rio
Ferdinand that broke the British transfer record; and the incredible run of injuries that
saw Leeds slump to fourteenth place in the table. TB 13281.

Perryman, Steve
A man for all seasons. 1985. Read by David Rider, 9 hours 22 minutes. TB 6384.
No present-day footballer has had as long at the top as Steve Perryman and very few
are held in such high regard by their peers and by the public as the captain of
Tottenham. His career with the club spans three decades - from the days of Jimmy
Greaves and Martin Chivers to Glen Hoddle and Ossie Ardiles. TB 6384.

Soar, Phil
The Hamlyn world encyclopedia of football. 1980. Read by Crawford Logan, 21
hours 13 minutes. TB 7074.
No one country invented the game but street football, little more than a disorganised
brawl, was played in Britain before the Normans landed. By the 16th century it was
banned by the Puritans (as it is now by the ayatollahs in Iran).The ban was ignored
and by the 19th century a set of rules became very necessary as the death toll rose.
The game was regularised and exported all over the world. An in depth look at all
aspects of the "Simplest Game". TB 7074.


Jacklin, Tony
Jacklin: my autobiography. 2007. Read by Stephen Thorne, 11 hours 17
minutes. TB 15385.
Tony Jacklin looks back on his remarkable life and career and charts his progress
from former steelworker to golf legend. It's a story of success against the odds and of
talent allied with determination. TB 15385.

Burridge, Richard
The grey horse: the true story of Desert Orchid. 1992. Read by Tom Crowe, 9
hours 58 minutes. TB 9613.
The story of Desert Orchid is a modern fairy tale, from his lowly origins, through a
brilliant hurdling career, to winning four consecutive awards as National Hunt Horse of
the Year. This is his dramatic inside story, compellingly told by his principal owner, a
professional scriptwriter, and charts the highs and occasional lows of this wonderful
horse. It also tells of the extraordinary impact he has had on the Burridge family, and
on the lives of all who have come into contact with him. There are many surprises. TB

Francis, Dick
Lester: the official biography.1986. Read by David Sinclair, 9 hours 25 minutes.
TB 6181.
In 1973 Lester Piggot asked Francis to write his story for "When I Retire". The book is
the result of conversations between the two, taped at intervals over the years, during
which Lester revealed the private man behind the public image. TB 6181.

Francis, Dick
The sport of Queens: the autobiography of Dick Francis. 1957. Read by Robert
Gladwell, 8 hours 30 minutes. TB 3457.

Francome, John
Born lucky: an autobiography. 1985. Read by Simon Coady, 4 hours 25 minutes.
TB 6317.
Champion jockey seven times, John Francome entered the record books in 1984
riding under National Hunt Rules. John tells of his rise from stable lad to international
sports celebrity. TB 6317.

Hillenbrand, Laura
Seabiscuit: the true story of three men and a racehorse. 2001. Read by Lori
Dungey, 16 hours 42 minutes. TB 15225.
The author retraces the journey of Seabiscuit, a horse with crooked legs and a
pathetic tail that made racing history in 1938. Thanks to the efforts of a trainer, an
owner, and a jockey this racehorse was transformed into a legend. TB 15225.

O'Sullevan, Peter
Calling the horses: a racing autobiography. 1989. Read by Peter O'Sullevan, 16
hours 4 minutes. TB 8474.
Racing journalist, owner and doyen of TV racing commentators Peter O'Sullevan has
written a delightful book of reminiscences recalling more than fifty years' involvement
with the sport. A marvellous raconteur, he includes a wealth of colourful anecdotes
from track and turf. TB 8474.

Hanna, Tim
One good run: the legend of Burt Munro. 2005. Read by Roy Ward, 9 hours 34
minutes. TB 15310.
This is the story of a Kiwi motorcycling legend, backyard engineering genius, and land
speed record holder. He was the archetypal eccentric inventor who modified an
original Indian motorbike in his shed, making it capable of extreme speeds. From
small town New Zealand in the 1920s to heroic accomplishments in the USA, Munro
was still inventing up until his death in 1978. TB 15310.

Motor Racing
Andrews, Allen
The mad motorists: the great Peking-Paris race of '07. 1964. Read by Peter
Reynolds, 11 hours 43 minutes. TB 329.
An exciting story of the motoring trial which ended as a race from Peking to Paris in
1907. TB 329.

Hill, Damon
Grand prix year: the inside story of a Formula One season. 1994. Read by Nigel
Carrington, 6 hours 30 minutes. TB 10523.
A first hand insight into the life of a Grand Prix driver, both on the track and off, this is
more than an account of Damon Hill's extraordinary 1994 season. He recalls the days
when his father Graham made motor racing an integral part of the family life. Now that
he is Britain's top driver, he has faced the pressure and the pleasure and has also
had to face tragedy with the deaths of two other drivers. TB 10523.

Hill, Graham
Life at the limit. 1969. Read by John Graham, 9 hours 15 minutes. TB 1095.
The autobiography of a champion racing driver. TB 1095.

Mansell, Nigel
Nigel Mansell: my autobiography. 1995. Read by Nigel Carrington, 12 hours 50
minutes. TB 10877.
In his keenly awaited autobiography, Nigel Mansell tells the extraordinary story of his
breakthrough and rise to the summit of Formula One, a pressure cooker sport ruled
by money, power and political intrigue. This is a frank and exhilarating account of the
life of one of the great sporting heros of our time. TB 10877.

Williams, Richard
Enzo Ferrari: a life. 2002. Read by John Callen, 13 hours 43 minutes. TB 15223.
Ferrari, the name itself evokes the world of speed, of fast cars, heroic deeds and
glamour. This is the story of the man behind the name. This book goes back to Enzo
Ferrari's origins and traces his remarkable rise to prominence. TB 15223.

Howitt, Bob
Paddy O'Brien: whistle while you work. 2004. Read by Andrew Laing, 8 hours 10
minutes. TB 15305.
This policeman turned rugby referee creates a biography full of events, conversations
and insightful anecdotes. After a disastrous refereeing performance at the 1999
Rugby World Cup he turns his career around and rebounds in 2003. TB 15305.

Johnson, Martin
Martin Johnson: the autobiography. 2003. Read by Mark Straker, 13 hours. TB
This autobiography examines the career of former England rugby captain Martin
Johnson. Johnson joined Leicester Tiger's senior squad in 1989 and has since gone
on to lead the side to four successive Premiership titles (1999-2002) and two
European Cups (2001-2002). His international career saw him debut for England in
1993 and first captained the team in 1998. He has also, uniquely, captained the
British Lions on two separate tours, to South Africa in 1997 and Australia in 2001. His
third successive World Cup and second as captain, in Australia in autumn 2003, took
him to a total of more than 80 caps for England. Contains strong language. TB 13648.

Lomu, Jonah
Jonah: my story. 2004. Read by Michael Keir-Morrissey, 10 hours 58 minutes.
TB 15227.
This is the story of an extraordinary rugby player. It follows him from his early days on
the mean streets of South Auckland through his rugby career including the
genteelness of taking tea with the Queen. This book also covers how his illness
forced him to completely change his lifestyle, and how his religious beliefs kept him
strong during trying times. TB 15227.

Macrory, Jennifer
Running with the ball: the birth of rugby football. 1991. Read by Patricia Jones,
8 hours. TB 9646.
The birth and development of the game that started as a sporting revolution are
chronicled in this account, which starts at the beginning, when games were never
stopped "short of manslaughter", describes the controversies that raged before the
standardisation of the rules in the 1860s, and the introduction of the "true rugby ball".
We learn why the smaller side so often won, as the tactics of the modern game
evolved, and how its popularity spread. TB 9646.

Matheson, John
Christian Cullen: life on the run. 2003. Read by Michael Keir-Morrissey, 7 hours
29 minutes. TB 15296.
This is a look at one of our greatest rugby players. It follows him from 1996 until his
controversial axing as an All Black in 2003 and discusses his uneasy relationship with
All Black' coach John Mitchell and assistant coach, Robbie Deans. TB 15296.

Team England Rugby
World cup 2003: the official account of England's world cup triumph. 2003.
Read by David Thorpe, 6 hours 15 minutes. TB 13567.
The text picks up from England's 2003 Grand Slam triumph, covering the pre-
tournament warm-up games against Wales and France and the announcement of
Clive Woodward's squad for Australia. Thereon in follows a match-by-match account
of the opening pool games, including the hard-fought victories over South Africa and
Samoa; the quarter final against Wales and the semi-final against France, before the
climax of extra-time in Sydney against the Wallabies. TB 13567.

Thomas, Clem
Welsh rugby: the crowning years, 1968-80. 1980. Read by Andrew
Timothy, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 3809.
The authors celebrate twelve years of triumph and scrutinise the achievement of the
seasons leading up to the centenary of the Welsh Rugby Union. TB 3809.

Turner, Brian
Meads. 2002. Read by Paul Barrett, 7 hours 50 minutes. TB 15256.
Colin Meads is one of the greatest rugby players in New Zealand. Here, he dips back
into his playing career and offers comparisons with the modern game. It becomes a
social commentary, how professionalism has changed the face of rugby forever and
how the modern player has taken up the challenge. TB 15256.

Woolgar, Jason
England: the official R.F.U. history. 1999. Read by Peter Wickham, 7 hours 56
minutes. TB 12479.
Since 1871, when an England rugby union team took to the field for the very first time,
the national side has taken part in approaching 500 international matches. Many of
these games have been memorable, and several have become part of English
sporting folklore. TB 12479.

Sailing and Water Sports
Edwards, Tracy
Maiden. 1990. Read by Erica Grant, 8 hours 31 minutes. TB 9075.
"Maiden" is the inspiring story of how Tracy Edwards, a modest 27-year-old, took a
yacht and the first all-female crew ever to race round the globe through storms and
savage seas. This is a book about great courage, great endeavour, and extraordinary
determination. It is also a story of how anyone can have a dream and, against all
odds, come through triumphant. TB 9075.

Heath, Edward
Sailing: a course of my life. 1975. Read by Peter Gray, 4 hours 37 minutes. TB
A sailing autobiography, with an account of the challenges and joys experienced in a
demanding sport. TB 2931.

Pearson, John
'Bluebird' and the Dead Lake: the story of Donald Campbell's land speed record
on Lake Eyre in 1964. 1965. Read by Michael de Morgan, 7 hours 30 minutes. TB
An account (published before death) of the late Donald Campbell's attempts at
breaking the water speed records. TB 55.

Sefton, Alan
Sir Peter Blake: an amazing life. 2004. Read by Kyle Bendall, 14 hours 50
minutes. TB 15295.
This is the biography of one of the world's most celebrated and honoured yachtsmen
and adventurers. It follows Blake's extraordinary life, from the small boy crazy about
the sea, to the rigours of ocean racing and the America's Cup triumphs, to the
decision to devote his life to saving the world's oceans, and to Blake's sad end on the
Amazon. Lady Blake gave her full backing to this biography and provided Sir Peter's
files and papers to the author. TB 15295.

Davis, Steve
Successful snooker. 1982. Read by David Rider, 2 hours 22 minutes. TB 13377.
Letts guide. A collection of practice hints and match techniques from the 1981
Embassy World professional snooker champion. TB 13377.

O'Sullivan, Ronnie
Ronnie: the autobiography of Ronnie O'Sullivan. 2003. Read by Phil Barley, 6
hours 28 minutes. TB 13660.
Ronnie O'Sullivan is snooker's most written and talked about player, and its greatest
showman. His supreme talent, breathtaking flair and style have made him the
people's champion and left commentators struggling for superlatives to describe his
genius. In this book he tells for the first time the candid story of his extraordinary life.
Contains strong language. TB 13660.

Taylor, Dennis
Frame by frame: my own story. 1985. Read by Arthur Blake, 5 hours 11 minutes.
TB 13383.
"At 22 minutes past midnight on 29 April 1985 I potted the black to win a game of
snooker. I'd done it a thousand times before. But never like this". So begins Dennis
Taylor's own description of his dramatic last ball victory over Steve Davis in the
Embassy World professional snooker Championship. TB 13383.

Trelford, Donald
Snooker. 1986. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 8 hours 23 minutes. TB 6716.
Snooker has boomed into one of Britain's most popular spectator sports, creating a
new breed of green baize millionaires. The author, editor of the Observer, goes
beyond the television screen to enter the closed world of the game and tells the full
inside story of this sporting pot of gold, the money, the rows, the friendships, the
back-stage dramas, the hopes and disappointments and, above all, the outsize
personalities who provide a sporting national soap opera. TB 6716.

Austin, Henry Wilfred
A mixed double. 1969. Read by David Broomfield & Phyllis Boothroyd, 9 hours
35 minutes. TB 1117.
A combined biography by a pre-war tennis star and his actress wife. TB 1117.

McEnroe, John
Serious: the autobiography. 2002. Read by Jim McLarty, 11 hours 4 minutes. TB
This autobiography chronicles the tennis career of John McEnroe. From his first
Wimbledon in 1977, when he stunned the tennis world by reaching the semi-finals,
and shocked it with his on-court behaviour. What followed was a double act of
technique and temperament that set the sport alight. The book also covers his life
outside tennis from his friendship with Keith Richards and Jack Nicholson, his stormy
marriage to Tatum O'Neal, his forays into the worlds of art and rock music, and his
arrival as one of the most astute sports commentators around. TB 15198.

Maskell, Dan
Oh, I say! 1989. Read by Noel Johnson, 14 hours 18 minutes. TB 7483.
In April 1923 at the age of 15, Dan Maskell was accepted as a full-time ballboy by
Queen's Club in London and - "Thus began a love affair with lawn tennis that has
never faded". His career progressed: by the following year he was junior professional
and by the end of the 1920s he had become the All England Club's first ever teaching
professional. This book tells of his travels in the game and, above all, the people he
met in the course of a richly varied life. TB 7483.

Navratilova, Martina
Being myself. 1985. Read by Judy Franklin, 9 hours 51 minutes. TB 6289.
The story of Martina Navratilova's battle to become the most consistent tennis
champion of the 1980s. The price of success has been home in America, and
adverse publicity has forced her to defend her relationships with other women. TB

Walking & Climbing
Bonington, Chris
I chose to climb. 1985. Read by Christopher Scott, 8 hours 34 minutes. TB 5877.
Chris Bonington is one of Britain's pioneering climbers who is always pushing his
skills, techniques and equipment to the limit. From alarmingly haphazard beginnings
in Snowdonia as a teenager he went on to conquer Annapurna II, Nupste and the first

British ascent of the Eiger North Wall. This is the story of his early years in climbing.
TB 5877.

Bonington, Chris
The next horizon. 1973. Read by Alvar Lidell, 14 hours 8 minutes. TB 2264.
Chris Bonington recounts his adventures, capturing the danger and courage,
grittiness and humour of the mountaineering world. This includes many of his most
thrilling exploits, undertaken with such personalities as Tom Patey, Hamish MacInnes,
Dougal Haston and Don Whillans. It also covers a period when Bonington faced some
of the toughest emotional and physical demands of his career. TB 2264.

Brown, Hamish
Hamish's Groats End walk: one man and his dog on a hill route through Britain
& Ireland.1981. Read by Peter Barker, 16 hours 25 minutes. TB 4169.
Hamish Brown, a professional mountaineer and lecturer, and Storm, his Shetland
Collie, journeyed on foot from the northernmost mountains in the Highlands through
the Lake District, Wales and the southern ranges to Land's End. This book is more
than a vade-mecum for long distance walkers - it reveals the deep philosophy of the
man himself. TB 4169.

Croucher, Norman
Legless but smiling: an autobiography. 2001. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 19
hours 27 minutes. TB 14067.
Despite walking on two below-knee artificial legs, it became Norman Croucher's
ambition to climb any one of the world's fourteen mountains which exceed 8,000
metres. No one with a considerable disability had climbed anywhere near this high,
and his goal was an almost impossible dream ... to join, as he put it, 'The five mile
high club'. Contains strong language. TB 14067.

Haston, Dougal
In high places. 1972. Read by Arthur Bush, 8 hours. TB 2170.
The author, whose climbing experiences vary from a railway bridge in Scotland to the
south face of Everest, describes the techniques, achievements and philosophy of
modern climbing. TB 2170.

Hillary, Edmund
Nothing venture, nothing win. 1975. Read by Alvar Lidell, 15 hours 49 minutes.
TB 2684.
The autobiography of one of the century's great adventurers, conqueror of Everest,
Antarctic explorer and friend of the Sherpas. TB 2684.

Hillary, Edmund
View from the summit. 1999. Read by Bill Leathwick, 11 hours 30 minutes. TB
A New Zealand hero writes about his adventures in the Himalayas, jet boating up the
Ganges and travelling to the South Pole. Hillary has also been heavily involved with
building medical centres and schools and improving the lives of the Sherpa people in
Nepal. TB 15232.

Shipton, Eric
That untravelled world: an autobiography. 1969. Read by Peter Reynolds, 12
hours 27 minutes. TB 1370.
The autobiography of a great explorer and mountaineer. TB 1370.

Simpson, Joe
Touching the void. 1997. Read by Alistair Petrie and Stuart Crossman, 7 hours
20 minutes. TB 14234.
Joe Simpson and his partner, Simon Yates, had reached the summit of the previously
unclimbed West Face of the remote Siula Grande in Peru, before disaster struck.
What happened, and how they dealt with the psychological traumas that resulted
when Simon was forced into the appalling decision to cut the rope, makes not only an
epic of survival but a quite extraordinary and moving book. Contains strong language.
TB 14234.

Wainwright, A
Memoirs of a fellwanderer. 1993. Read by Ronald Markham, 3 hours 43 minutes.
TB 9877.
A delightful and revealing memoir of the man who uniquely mapped the Lake District.
It was his love for the fells, his desire to escape from the office and his fascination
with maps which led him, in 1952, to start on the first of his seven guides, an act
which led to his becoming a household name, the Lake District becoming a Mecca for
thousands of walkers every year, and a happy home being found for countless stray
cats and dogs. TB 9877.

Wainwright, A
Wainwright on the Pennine Way. 1985. Read by Tom Crowe, 4 hours
15 minutes. TB 8186.
Mermaid books. This book is a superb guide to the first long-distance footpath to be
opened in Britain. Since the Pennine Way was declared open in 1965, thousands of
walkers have enjoyed the arduous but rewarding 270 mile route. In the delightful way
that has made him so popular, A. Wainright describes this journey along the
backbone of England. TB 8186.

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