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Best Anti Virus Software For You


									?When it comes to computer security, you need to choose the best anti virus software
available to guarantee the integrity of your data and the longevity of your computer. A
computer virus is a malicious program developed for the sole purpose of wreaking
havoc and interfering with the smooth functioning of your other applications. The
numbers and types of viruses are so varied that nowadays, a more encompassing term,
malicious software or malware, is fast gaining ground in the technology world. Some
viruses actively attack critical computer code such as system files and the registry,
while others are little more than just a nuisance aimed at slowing down your

No computer is immune to a virus attack. Contrary to what many believe, your
computer does not have to be connected to the internet for it to succumb to viruses. Of
course, the internet is probably the number one medium through which viruses spread.
However, there are other ways through which malicious software can be spread. In
fact, one of the most common ways through which viruses are spread is removable
disks (usually referred to as flush disks or thumb drives). Therefore, when looking for
the best anti virus software for your machine, you must ensure that it covers the entire
spectrum of potential attack sources.

All in all, there are a number of factors that you must take into consideration when
looking for the best anti virus software. One of these is the operating system on your
computer. The three most widely used desktop operating systems today are Windows,
MacOS and Linux. Ensure that the antivirus you are looking for has a version that is
compatible with your operating system.

Another important factor you must consider when making your purchase is the
frequency of update of the virus definition files. You see, hackers and other persons
with malicious intent are constantly developing viruses that are ever more
sophisticated. Even the best anti virus software can be quickly rendered useless if it is
not updated regularly. Any antivirus that does not provide regularly updates post
installation should be struck off your list.

Something else that you must take into consideration is price. The interesting thing
about antivirus software is they range in price from the expensive high end brands to
similarly well known brands that are available for free download on the internet.
When it comes to price you must be careful not to fall into the trap of mediocrity all in
the name of saving an extra penny. Cheap can be expensive and whereas price is
important, technical capability and system compatibility must always take precedence
in determining your final decision.

Go for antivirus applications that provide real time protection. Remember that the loss
of your data can sometimes be pegged on that seemingly small interval between when
the virus gains access to your computer to the time your antivirus runs. The best anti
virus software is the one that detects and acts on viruses immediately they attempt to
penetrate the computer's defensive mechanism.

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