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Aiea High School Senior Project Proposal by LeePenny


									                                 Aiea High School
                             Senior Project Proposal
After your letter of intent is approved, your next step will be to complete the Senior Project
Proposal. Completing these forms will give you the opportunity to examine in more detail your
plans for the project portion of your Senior Project. On this form, you will explain in detail the
project you would like to undertake, the costs involved, the necessary steps entailed, and the
project timeline.

Breaking your project into definable steps will make the process much easier for you. Setting up
a timeline will help you begin and assist you in continuing to make progress throughout the time
allotted for the project. Figuring out how much this project is going to cost may keep you from
running into problems later in the project. If you put some time and effort into planning at the
beginning, you will find the process of completing your project much easier to handle.

Your project must be a learning stretch which means that it must go beyond what you already
know or have experienced. It must provide and demonstrate extensive evidence of the depth
and complexity of knowledge you’ve gained. It must move you out of your comfort zone and be
a genuine challenge for you.

Your project must:
       enable you to take risks and s-t-r-e-t-c-h your learning (physically, emotionally, socially,
       and/or intellectually)
       advance your knowledge
       explore your subject in a new and challenging manner

A hard copy of the Senior Project Proposal is attached. You may use it as a worksheet but the
actual forms you need to complete and submit to your Senior Project teacher may be
downloaded from the Senior Project link on the Aiea High School Web site: OR Be careful to delete extra spaces so that each part has a page header (see
attached forms).

   • Type your proposal in the template. Handwritten proposals will not be accepted.
   • Complete your proposal with your mentor and advisor/teacher
   • Provide detailed answers as bulleted or numbered list. The sections will expand as you
       type in more bullets and details. Do not limit your answers to the space shown.
   • Turn in your proposal with a cover sheet. (see attached sample)

The Senior Project Proposal consists of five pages of information, each of which must be
   • Project Description and Task Analysis
   • Product Cost
   • Learning Stretch and Obstacles
   • Community Resources
   • Liability Release Form
   Senior Project Proposal



          John Smith

Proposal Cover 

        Aiea High School
       September 26, 2009
             PART I: Project Description/Task Analysis

Explain your topic.

Why did you choose this topic?

What is your topic focus? (Circle one)        Career         Personal Interest      Service

What type of resources will you use to investigate your topic? (internet, interviews, field work,

Describe the product you plan to complete for your Senior Project.

Explain the connection between your research paper and your product.

What specific skills will you need to develop in order to complete your project?

What will be the most challenging part of completing this project?

List all the steps you must take and the tasks you must complete to finish your project. Include
the number of hours you think each step will take and the approximate date you plan to have
that part of the process completed.

                                  Task                                   Hours       Completion
                                                                        required        date
                            PART II: Product Budget

Make a list of all the supplies you will need to complete your product.

Make a list of equipment you will need to complete your product.

Make an itemized cost list in completing your product.
Item                                                                                    Cost

                                                                               Total ______

I understand that Aiea High School will not fund my senior project expenses and that I have
freely chosen to undertake this project with its associated costs.

Student signature/date                   Parent signature/date
              PART III: Learning Stretch and Obstacles

Please share any preliminary research you have already conducted.

What is your essential question?

What other questions will guide your research?


Have you done anything similar or related to your topic/project before? ____yes ____no

What previous knowledge/experience do you have regarding your topic?

Explain how this project is a learning stretch for you. Indicate specifically what you expect to
gain and how.

Explain how your project will impact the larger community.

List and discuss at least 3 difficulties you might encounter with this project. How do you plan to
solve each of these problems?
                        PART IV: Community Resources

Senior Project Mentor
Name of mentor
Phone number
Email address
Meeting place

I have reviewed the project proposal and approve of its plan for implementation. I agree to meet
with this student on the designated days/times.

Mentor signature/date

Senior Project Advisor (Curriculum Coordinator: For c/o 2010 ONLY!)
Name of advisor
Room number

I have reviewed the project proposal and approve of its plan for implementation. I agree to meet
with this student on the designated days/times.

Advisor signature/date

Field Work (If necessary)
Name of organization
Contact person
Phone number
Email address
                           Hawaii State Department of Education
                                      Senior Project
                      Parent/Guardian Consent/Liability Release Form
                                     Aiea High School

To the Parents/Guardians of ____________________________:

Your son/daughter is about to embark upon an exciting educational journey. The Senior Project will provide
enormous benefits for your child both now and in the future. Successful completion of the Senior Project is
one of the requirements for the Board of Education Recognition Diploma. The Senior Project is a valuable
tool in determining your child’s mastery of the General Learner Outcomes and the Hawaii Content and
Performance Standards. This is an opportunity for our students to apply what they have learned in a real world

Please take some time to discuss the following project expectations with your child:

    •   The selected project and field work will be completed outside of normal school hours.

    •   The primary mentor selected is at least 21 years old, and is not a relative of the child.

    •   All transportation outside of the school day is the responsibility of the student or parent.

    •   All costs and risks associated with the project are the responsibility of the student or parent.

    •   The final project must be physically at school the day of the Senior Project presentation. If the
        product is a service or activity, it must be documented by photos or a video.

    •   The completion of the Senior Project is one of the requirements for the Board of Education
        Recognition Diploma. Valedictorians must have a 4.0+ and a Board of Education Recognition

    •   Integrity and honesty are important components of the Senior Project. Any suspicion that a child
        has plagiarized or has been dishonest in any aspect of the Senior Project process may result in a
        referral to the school’s Senior Project Advisory Board, administration, or other appropriate authority
        resulting in the student not receiving a Board of Education Recognition Diploma.

**Please acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the release of liability to the Hawaii Department
  of Education for your child’s participation in the Senior Project.

  I understand that the community mentor, field work site, school, complex area, State, and their agents are
  not responsible for all potential risks resulting from the participation in the Senior Project.

  Accordingly, I release Aiea High School, the Aiea Complex Area, the Hawaii State Department of Education
  and their agents from all claims arising from any financial obligation incurred, and damage, injury, or
  accident suffered while my child participates in the Senior Project.

Parent/Guardian’s Name (Print) _____________________________ Mentor ___________________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature ________________________________ Date ____________________
             Reasons Senior Projects Are Denied

Paper Topic is
   • too broad
   • too narrow
   • too shallow

Product Design
   • is too vague
   • has no potential mentor listed
   • is too costly
   • has age/legal barriers
   • is too complex or insufficient background
   • includes no hands-on activity
   • is not enough of a stretch
   • is dangerous or has the potential to be dangerous

The following are examples of topics that will NOT be acceptable for your Senior
   • witchcraft
   • gambling
   • Satanism
   • tattooing
   • illegal activities
   • police/fire department ride-alongs
   • raves
   • astrology
   • kit models


            The Senior Project is NOT:

            an extended version of a previously submitted paper
            a history of . . .
            a biography of . . .
            a how to . . .
            a report of information . . .

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