Bespoke Software Development Excludes the Pattern Solutions and Designs

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					?KISL offers a unique range of Bespoke Software Development, Transition and
Outsourcing Services that help both end-user as well as IT organizations meet a
variety of challenges. With deep industry & process expertise across a range of global
clients, technologies and domains KISL is in a good position to assist you.
Importantly, our offerings are affordable. In Malaysia our clients range from 10 man
IT companies to MNC clients with global operations. KISL's skill-set in terms of rich
engineering resources - judicious mix of techno-savvy programmers, domain
consultants and business savvy managers - is adequately exposed to international
work culture and has a proven track record in delivering solutions at par with the best
in the world. KISL is a single-point vendor who can take care of every single
eventuality in a technology development exercise. An engagement with KISL would
reduce your technology risks and make your IT set-up stronger with a stronger system
and a stronger IT team. Further, KISL works to lower the cost of technology
acquisition by using innovative customer engagement and delivery models. Any
organisation would always undergo significant leaps in terms of technology
sophistication. New processes would need to be brought into systems and new
technologies would need to be introduced to the organisation. KISL has participated
in several technology development and maintenance exercises before. KISL, Since its
inception in 2000 has been working on several prestigious projects both from the
customer's facilities and using its own ISO 9001 certified development centre.
  What is Bespoke Software Development ? Bespoke software development also
known as Custom software development, exclude the pattern solutions and designs.
Bespoke software applications are custom written exactly to meet your needs.If a
customer's favor is unique and putting their ideas into practice, custom software
development technologies are custom approaches to solve their problems. Also Finds
the new creative decisions to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the
customer as quickly as possible.It may be achieved with custm software development.
The advantage of Bespoke software development
  * can be developed, modified or upgraded
  * Uniquely designed to suit requirements
  * No licensing issues
  * No additional costs when adding new users
  * No additional costs when adding new user can be customized to integrate with

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