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					                      Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9823

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VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00504   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4725   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                         Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9825

FUNDING AVAILABILITY FOR SELF-                       Housing Programs, Department of                         consortium, one organization must be
HELP HOMEOWNERSHIP                                   Housing and Urban Development, Room                     chosen as the lead entity. The lead
OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM (SHOP)                           7168, 451 Seventh Street, SW,                           entity must submit the application and,
Program Overview                                     Washington, DC 20410; telephone (202)                   if selected for funding, will execute the
                                                     708–2684, ext. 4594 (this is not a toll-                grant agreement and assume primary
  Purpose of the Program. To facilitate              free number). This number can be                        responsibility for carrying out grant
and encourage innovative                             accessed via TTY by calling the Federal                 activities in compliance with all
homeownership opportunities through                  Information Relay Service Operator at                   program requirements. Other
self-help housing where the homebuyer                1–800–877–8339.                                         participants in your consortium must be
contributes a significant amount of                     Satellite Broadcast. HUD will hold an                identified in your application.
sweat-equity toward the construction of              information broadcast via satellite for                    Your application may not propose a
the new dwelling.                                    potential applicants to learn more about                partnership with or funding for any
  Available Funds. Approximately $20                 the program and preparation of the                      affiliate or consortium member which is
million.                                             application. For more information about                 also included in another SHOP
  Eligible Applicants. You must be a                 the date and time of the broadcast, you                 application. You must assure that any
nonprofit national or regional                       should consult the HUD web site at                      affiliate, consortium member, or
organization or consortium.                                                     potential subrecipient under your FY
  Application Deadline. April 25, 2000.                                                                      2000 application is not also seeking
  Match. None.                                       II. Amount Allocated
                                                                                                             funding from another SHOP applicant
                                                        The amount available for this program                for FY 2000 funds.
Additional Information
                                                     is approximately $20,000,000                               (C) Eligible Activities. The only
  If you are interested in applying for                                                                      eligible activities are land acquisition
funding under this program, please                   III. Program Description; Eligible
                                                     Applicants; Eligible Activities                         (including financing and closing costs),
review carefully the General Section of                                                                      infrastructure improvement (installing,
this SuperNOFA and the following                        (A) Program Description. SHOP is                     extending, constructing, rehabilitating,
additional information:                              intended to facilitate and encourage                    or otherwise improving utilities and
                                                     innovative homeownership                                other infrastructure, including removal
I. Application Due Date, Standard                    opportunities on a national
Forms, Further Information, and                                                                              of environmental hazards), and
                                                     geographically-diverse basis through                    administration, planning and
Technical Assistance                                 self-help housing where the homebuyer                   management development [as defined]
   Application Due Date. Applications                contributes a significant amount of                     under the HOME Investment
for SHOP grants must be physically                   sweat-equity toward the construction or                 Partnerships Program (24 CFR part
received by HUD on or before 12:00                   rehabilitation of the dwelling.                         92.207) and not to exceed 20 percent of
midnight, Eastern time on April 25,                     Decent, safe, and sanitary non-luxury
                                                                                                             any SHOP grant. Costs associated with
2000.                                                dwellings developed under SHOP must
                                                                                                             the rehabilitation, improvement, or
   See the General Section of this                   be made available to eligible
                                                                                                             construction of dwellings are not
SuperNOFA for specific procedures                    homebuyers at prices below the
                                                                                                             eligible uses of program funds.
governing the form of application                    prevailing market prices. Eligible
submission (e.g., mailed applications,               homebuyers are low-income families                      IV. Program Requirements
express mail, overnight delivery, or                 (families whose annual incomes do not                     In addition to the program
hand carried).                                       exceed 80 percent of the median income                  requirements listed in the General
   Address for Submitting Applications.              for the area, as established by HUD) who                Section of this SuperNOFA, you are
Submit one original and two copies of                are unable to purchase a dwelling.                      subject to the following SHOP
the application to Department of                     Housing assisted under this Notice must                 requirements:
Housing and Urban Development, Office                involve community participation                           (A) Statutory Requirements. You must
of Community Planning and                            through the use of homebuyers and/or                    comply with all statutory requirements
Development, Processing and Control                  volunteers in the construction of                       applicable to SHOP as cited in Section
Unit, 451 Seventh Street, SW, Room                   dwellings and by other activities which                 IX of this program section below. There
7251, Washington, DC 20410, ATTN:                    involve the community in the project.                   are no regulations for this program. You
Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity                     (B) Eligible Applicants. You must be                 must be capable of:
Program.                                             a nonprofit national or regional                          (1) Developing, through significant
   For Application Forms. Copies of the              organization or consortium that has the                 amounts of sweat-equity and volunteer
standard forms are located in the                    capacity and experience to provide or                   labor, at least 30 dwellings at an average
General Section of this SuperNOFA or                 facilitate self-help housing                            cost of no more than $10,000 per unit
you may request copies by calling                    homeownership opportunities. Local                      in SHOP funds;
HUD’s SuperNOFA Information Center                   affiliates of national or regional                        (2) Using your grant to leverage other
at: 1–800–HUD–8929. If you have a                    organizations or consortia must apply as                sources of funding, including private or
hearing or speech impairment, please                 part of the national or regional                        other public funds;
call the Center’s TTY number at 1–800–               organization or consortia and may not                     (3) Developing quality dwellings that
HUD–2209. When requesting                            apply for SHOP independently.                           comply with local building and safety
application forms, you should refer to               ‘‘Regional’’ is defined for the purpose of              codes and standards and which will be
SHOP and provide your name and                       this program section of the SuperNOFA                   available to homebuyers at prices below
address (including zip code) and                     to be a ‘‘regional area’’ such as the                   the prevailing market price; and
telephone number (including area code).              Southwest or Northeast which must                         (4) Scheduling activities to expend all
You may also access the application on               include at least two or more States (the                grant funds awarded and substantially
the Internet through HUD’s web site at               States need not be contiguous and the                   fulfill your construction obligations                                         operational boundaries of the                           under your grant agreement within 24
   Further Information. You may contact              organization need not precisely conform                 months after grant funds are first made
Lou Thompson, Office of Affordable                   to State boundaries). If you are a                      available to you.

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00505   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9826                     Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

  (B) Economic Opportunities for Low-                   (C) Threshold Requirements. The                      Rating Factor 1: Capacity of the
and Very Low-Income Persons (Section                 following threshold requirements apply                  Applicant and Relevant Organizational
3). If you fund infrastructure                       specifically to SHOP. You must also be                  Staff (20 Points)
improvements under this program, you                 sure to address the threshold                              This factor examines the extent to
are required to comply with section 3 of             requirements listed in the General                      which you, as a single applicant or as
the Housing and Urban Development                    Section of the SuperNOFA and must                       a consortium (including sub-recipients
Act of 1968, 12 U.S.C. 1701u (Economic               submit all forms, certifications, and                   and/or members of the consortium, if
Opportunities for Low- and Very Low-                 assurances identified in the General                    any), have the experience and
Income Persons) and the HUD                          Section.                                                organizational resources necessary to
regulations at 24 CFR part 135,                         (1) You, the applicant, must be
                                                                                                             carry out the proposed activities in a
including the reporting requirements                 eligible to apply under SHOP (see
                                                                                                             timely manner.
subpart E. Section 3 requires that you               Section III(B) of this program section of
                                                                                                                In evaluating this factor, HUD will
provide training, employment and other               the SuperNOFA).
                                                        (2) The amount of funding you                        consider your recent and relevant
economic opportunities, to the greatest
                                                     request must support no less than 30                    experience in carrying out the activities
extent feasible, to: (1) low- and very
                                                     self-help units and may not exceed an                   you propose, and your administrative
low-income persons, particularly those
                                                     average amount of $10,000 per unit.                     ability, and fiscal management ability.
who are recipients of government
                                                        (3) The population you plan to serve                 HUD may also rely on information from
assistance for housing and (2) business
                                                     must be eligible under SHOP (see                        performance reports, financial status
concerns which provide economic
                                                     Section III(A) of this program section of               information, monitoring reports, audit
opportunities to low- and very low-
                                                     the SuperNOFA).                                         reports and other information available
income persons.
                                                        (4) You must demonstrate that you                    to HUD in making its determination
V. Application Selection Process                     have completed at least 30 self-help                    under this factor. If you are not a current
   (A) Rating. HUD will review all                   homeownership units within a national                   recipient of HUD funds, you may submit
applications in accordance with the                  or regional area (where the homebuyers                  evidence of internal or external
Application Selection Process in the                 contributed a significant amount of                     performance reports or other
General Section of this SuperNOFA.                   sweat-equity and/or volunteer labor                     information which will assist HUD in
HUD will review all applications based               toward the construction of the                          making this determination.
on the threshold factors listed in Section           dwellings) within the 24-month period                      Submission Requirements for Rating
V(C) of this program section below.                  preceding the publication of this                       Factor 1.
Applications which meet all threshold                SuperNOFA.                                                 (1) You must describe your past
requirements will be rated according to                 Submission Threshold Requirements:                   experience in carrying out activities that
the selection factors in this section of                (1) Evidence of your non-profit status,              are the same as, or similar to, the
the SuperNOFA. Applications which do                 such as a copy of a current Internal                    activities you propose for funding, and
not meet all threshold factors will be               Revenue Service ruling that your                        demonstrate reasonable success in
rejected and not rated.                              organization is exempt from taxation                    carrying out those activities. You may
   (B) Ranking and Selection Procedures.             under section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) of                 demonstrate such reasonable success by
Applications that receive a total rating             the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.                      showing that your previous activities
of 60 points or more (without the                    Where an IRS ruling is unavailable, you                 were carried out as proposed and in a
addition of EC/EZ bonus points) will be              may submit a certified copy of your                     timely manner. You must show that
eligible for selection, and HUD will                 approved charter, articles of                           established benchmarks were met and
place them in rank order. After adding               incorporation or bylaws demonstrating                   performance reports were prepared, as
any bonus points for EC/EZ, HUD will                 that you are established as a nonprofit                 required. You must also describe any
select these applications based on rank              organization under state law. If you are                delays that were encountered, and the
order, up to and including the last                  a consortium, each participant in your                  actions you took to overcome such
application that can be funded, up to                consortium must be a nonprofit                          delays to successfully complete your
amount of funding available.                         organization, but only the lead entity                  program.
   HUD reserves the right to fund less               should submit evidence of its nonprofit                    (2) You must demonstrate that you
than the full amount requested in any                status. However, the lead entity must                   have completed at least 30 self-help
application to ensure a fair distribution            maintain a copy of the above-described                  homeownership units within a national
of the funds and that dwellings will be              documentation for each participant in                   or regional area (where the homebuyers
developed on a national geographically-              your consortium.                                        contributed sweat-equity and/or
diverse basis as required by the statute.               Submission threshold requirements                    volunteer labor toward the construction
HUD will not fund any portion of an                  (2) through (4) require no additional                   of the dwellings) within the 24-month
application that is ineligible for funding           submissions. These requirements are                     period preceding the publication of this
under program statutory requirements,                addressed under the submission                          SuperNOFA.
or which does not meet the                           requirements for the rating factors listed                 (3) You must provide a description of
requirements of the General Section of               in Section V(D) of this program section                 your management structure. You must
this SuperNOFA or the requirements in                of the SuperNOFA below.                                 also describe how you will staff and
the SHOP section of the SuperNOFA.                      (D) Factors for Award Used to                        manage your proposed activities.
HUD will not fund any eligible                       Evaluate Applications. HUD will rate all                   (4) You must demonstrate your ability
applicant for less than the minimum                  SHOP applications that successfully                     to handle financial resources with
amount necessary to complete at least                complete technical processing using the                 adequate financial control and
30 homes (at a maximum of $10,000 per                Rating Factors and the Application                      accounting procedures. Your existing
home or a lesser amount if lower costs               Submission Requirements described                       financial control procedures must meet
are reflected in the application). If funds          below. The maximum number of points                     24 CFR 84.21, ‘‘Standards for Financial
remain after all selections have been                for this program is 102. This includes                  Management Systems.’’ You must
made, these funds may be available for               two EZ/EC bonus points, as described in                 provide a copy of your most recent audit
other competitions.                                  the General Section of the SuperNOFA.                   (only an audit of the lead entity must be

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00506   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
                         Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices                                                   9827

provided with an application for a                      (2) How your planned activities                      the community, and describe how you
consortium).                                         further one or more of the policy                       will ascertain and measure the benefits.
  (5) You must demonstrate your                      priorities of the Department.                              (7) Provide a detailed budget with a
experience and ability in constructing               Departmental policy priorities are:                     break-out for each proposed task and
and altering homes with accessibility                   (i) Affirmatively furthering fair                    each budget category (acquisition,
features, when necessary.                            housing by promoting greater                            infrastructure improvements, and
                                                     opportunities for housing choice for all                administration) in the SF–424A.
Rating Factor 2: Need/Extent of the                                                                             (8) Demonstrate that projected costs
Problem (15 Points)                                  segments of the population regardless of
                                                     race, color, religion, national origin, sex,            for the proposed activities do not
   This factor examines the extent to                familial status and disability;                         deviate substantially from the norm in
which you identify the community                        (ii) Promoting healthy homes;                        the locale in which your activities will
need, or problem, or distress that your                 (iii) Providing opportunities for self-              take place, will not exceed an average
proposed activities will target, and the             sufficiency, particularly for persons                   cost of $10,000 per home in SHOP
urgency of meeting that need.                        enrolled in Welfare to Work programs;                   funds, and your ability to carry out your
   The purpose of this factor is to make                (iv) Providing educational and job                   proposed activities cost effectively.
sure that funding is provided where a                training opportunities through such                        (9) Describe how the policy priorities
need for funding exists. Under this                  initiatives as Neighborhood Networks,                   of the Department are furthered and
factor, you must identify the need or                and linking programs to AmeriCorps                      PATH technologies are addressed by
needs in the community that your                     activities; and                                         your proposed activities.
proposed activities are designed to                     (v) Enhancing on-going efforts to                       (10) Describe how you will reach
address or, if you plan to select specific           eliminate drugs and crime from                          potential homebuyers through the use of
subrecipients only after you receive                 neighborhoods through program policy                    services and materials that are
SHOP funding, you must demonstrate                   efforts such as ‘‘One Strike and You’re                 accessible or visitable to all persons,
how you plan to identify need prior to               Out’’ or the ‘‘Officer Next Door’’                      including persons with disabilities (e.g.,
your selection of any subrecipients.                 initiative.                                             languages, formats, locations,
   Submission Requirements for Rating                   (3) Your SHOP strategy to employ the                 distribution, use of minority media to
Factor 2.                                            President’s Partnership for Advancing                   attract those least likely to apply).
   (1) Identify the communities or areas                                                                        (11) Describe how activities will
                                                     Technology in Housing (PATH)
in which your proposed activities will                                                                       benefit eligible homebuyers and your
                                                     technologies to improve the
be carried out or how you will select                                                                        selection factors for participating
                                                     affordability, durability, energy
communities or projects based on need                                                                        homebuyers.
                                                     efficiency, environmental protection,
after you have received an award under                                                                          (12) Describe how your proposed
                                                     disaster resistance and safety of
SHOP.                                                                                                        activities will yield long-term results
                                                     housing. HUD will consider how your
   (2) Depending on the type of activities                                                                   and innovative strategies or ‘‘best
                                                     planned activities exceed prevailing
proposed, the kind of information you                                                                        practices’’ that can be readily
                                                     national building practices by: reducing
submit to demonstrate the need or needs                                                                      disseminated to other organizations,
                                                     costs of housing; improving durability
in the target area may include, but is not                                                                   communities, and/or State and local
                                                     and reducing maintenance costs;
limited to, one or more of the following:                                                                    governments.
   (a) Housing market data such as                   increasing safety and disaster resistance;                 (13) Describe how your program will
information included in the local Five               and reducing energy consumption and                     provide reasonable accommodations for
Year Comprehensive Plan or other data                environmental impact. For additional                    persons with a variety of disabilities by
sources;                                             information, PATH’s web address is                      providing ‘‘sweat equity’’ assignments
   (b) Data dealing with such factors as                                    which can be performed by the client
housing density, housing affordability,                 Submission Requirements for Factor                   regardless of disability; accessible
housing age or deterioration, and lack of            3.                                                      housing regardless of the nature of the
adequate infrastructure or utilities;                   (1) Identify all activities you propose              disability of its intended residents; and
   (c) Data on the need for accessible               to fund with SHOP.                                      ‘‘visitable’’ housing for all clients.
homes in the area;                                      (2) Provide a timetable for the
   (d) Evidence of housing                           selection of your participating local                   Rating Factor 4: Leveraging Resources
discrimination;                                      affiliates or partners, if they are not                 (15 Points)
   (e) Evidence from the local Analysis              specified in the application.                              This factor addresses your ability to
of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice                   (3) Submit a construction and                        secure other resources that can be
which shows the need for this program.               completion schedule which expends                       combined with HUD’s program
                                                     SHOP funds within 24 months and                         resources to achieve the purposes of
Rating Factor 3: Soundness of                        demonstrates that remaining housing                     SHOP. HUD will consider the extent to
Approach (40 Points)                                 construction will be completed within a                 which you document firm commitments
   This factor examines the quality of               reasonable period of time.                              of resources in the form of cash funding,
your plan of proposed activities. In                    (4) List the benchmarks against which                in-kind contributions, or personnel from
evaluating this factor HUD will                      HUD is to measure your performance                      Federal, State, local, and private
consider:                                            progress in expending funds,                            sources, who are jointly referred to as
   (1) The specificity in your plan; your            completing activities, and substantially                your leverage partners. HUD will also
established benchmarks for                           fulfilling the obligations of SHOP.                     consider the extent that the applicant’s
performance; your schedule for                          (5) Describe how your proposed                       proposed sweat-equity requirements
expending funds and completing                       activities address the need or needs you                and other leveraged resources will serve
construction; your proposed budget and               have identified under Rating Factor 2,                  to reduce costs to the homebuyers.
the cost effectiveness of your program;              above.                                                     Submission Requirements for Factor
and your plans to reach all potentially-                (6) List the long-and short-term                     4.
eligible homebuyers, including those                 benefits from your activities to the                       (1) Provide a list of amounts and
with disabilities or least likely to apply.          community and targeted groups within                    sources of all firm commitments of cash

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00507   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3
9828                     Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 37 / Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Notices

funding, in-kind contributions, or                   role they will have in carrying out such                       HUD–50070, Certification for a
personnel from other Federal, State,                 activities.                                                  Drug-Free Workplace
local, and private sources which will be               (2) Describe how you will share with                         HUD–50071, Certification of
available to complete your project.                  others information on solutions and                          Payment to Influence Federal
Together with the grant funds, these                 outcomes resulting from the activities, if                   Transactions
commitments must be sufficient to                    funded.                                                        SF–LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying
develop not less than 30 units.                        (3) Describe the specific steps you                        Activity, as applicable
  (2) Provide copies of written evidence             have taken or will take to become active                       HUD–2880, Applicant/Recipient
to support your list of firm                         in the community’s Consolidated Plan                         Disclosure/Update Report
commitments from the source of the                   and Analysis of Impediments to Fair
                                                                                                                    HUD–2990, Certification of
commitment. There must be a written                  Housing Choice process; or the
                                                                                                                  Consistency with the EZ/EC
agreement to provide the resources. The              community’s Indian Housing Plan
                                                                                                                  Strategic Plan
written agreement may be contingent                  process; and to address, through these
                                                     processes, the needs that are the focus                        HUD–2992, Certification
upon you receiving a grant award.
                                                     of the proposed activities.                                  Regarding Debarment and
  (3) Provide a description of the
                                                       (4) Describe the specific steps you                        Suspension
individual sweat-equity requirements of
your program and how this contribution               have taken, or will take, to coordinate                        HUD–2993, Acknowledgement of
of labor will serve to reduce the costs of           your activities with other proposed or                       Application Receipt
the home to the homebuyer. Reasonable                on-going activities in the community                    VII. Corrections to Deficient
accommodation must be allowed for                    funded by Federal, State, local, or                     Applications
persons with a variety of disabilities to            private sources (through meetings,
                                                     information networks, planning                            The General Section of the
participate in your program.
                                                     processes, or other mechanisms).                        SuperNOFA provides the procedures for
Rating Factor 5: Comprehensiveness                                                                           corrections to deficient applications.
and Coordination (10 Points)                         VI. Application Requirements and
                                                     Checklist for Application Submission                    VIII. Environmental Requirements
   This factor addresses the extent to
which your application reflects a                       Your application consists of the items                  The provisions contained in Section
coordinated, comprehensive approach                  listed in this Section VI. The standard                 305(c) of the Multifamily Housing
to identifying community needs and                   forms, certifications, and assurances                   Property Disposition Reform Act of
addressing them on an ongoing basis. In              that are applicable to this funding                     1994, Environmental Review,
evaluating this factor, HUD will                     (collectively, referred to as the                       implemented in the Environmental
consider:                                            ‘‘standard forms’’) can be found in                     Review regulations at 24 CFR part 58,
   (1) The extent to which you                       Appendix B to the General Section of                    are applicable to properties assisted
demonstrate the support and                          the SuperNOFA.                                          with SHOP funds. All SHOP assistance
participation of the community’s                             Standard Form 424, Application                  is subject to the National Environmental
residents, organizations, businesses, and                 for Federal Assistance (signed by                  Policy Act of 1969 and related federal
government in the design and                              the authorized representative                      environmental authorities. SHOP grant
implementation of the proposed                            organization eligible to receive                   applicants are cautioned that no federal
activities.                                               funds)                                             or non-federal funds or assistance which
   (2) The specific steps you will take to                   Evidence of Non-Profit status                   limits reasonable choices or could
share information on solutions,                         Narrative Statement Addressing:                      produce a significant adverse
outcomes, and best practices resulting                       Factor 1—Capacity of the                        environmental impact may be
from the activities, if funded.                           Applicant and Relevant                             committed to a project until all required
   (3) The specific steps you have taken                  Organizational Staff, including                    environmental reviews and notifications
or will take to coordinate, through                       recent audit.                                      have been completed by a unit of
meetings, information networks,                              Factor 2—Need/Extent of the                     general local government, tribe or State
planning processes, or other                              Problem                                            and until HUD approves a recipient’s
mechanisms, your activities with other                       Factor 3—Soundness of                           request for release of funds under the
proposed or on-going activities in the                    Approach                                           environmental provisions contained in
community funded by Federal, State,                          Factor 4—Leveraging Resources                   24 CFR part 58.
local, or private sources.                                   Factor 5—Comprehensiveness                      IX. Authority
   Submission Requirements for Factor                     and Coordination
5.                                                      Forms, Certifications and Assurances:                   The funding made available under
   (1) Describe what role residents,                         SF 424A, Budget Information,                    this program section of the SuperNOFA
community leaders and organizations,                      Non-Construction Programs                          is authorized by section 11 of the
and government and private entities in                       SF 424B, Assurances—Non-                        Housing Opportunity Program
the targeted community have had, or                       Construction Programs                              Extension Act of 1996 (42 U.S.C. 12805
will have, in planning the activities                        SF 424M, Federal Assistance                     note) (the ‘‘Extension Act’’).
described in your application and what                    Funding Matrix                                     BILLING CODE 4210–32–P

   VerDate 16<FEB>2000   20:46 Feb 23, 2000   Jkt 190000   PO 00000   Frm 00508   Fmt 4701   Sfmt 4701   E:\FR\FM\24FEN3.SGM   pfrm08   PsN: 24FEN3