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Bentalls Kingston upon Thames


									?The main construction works of the store in Kingston center were launched in 1935
according to the design made by Maurice Webb, son of Aston Webb. The construction
was somewhat influenced by the design of Wren for Hampton Court. The excellent
stonework seen from the frontal view was done by Eric Gill and the stonework is still
prevailing as the development shopping centre of Bentall, where the Bentalls
Kingston upon Thames departmental store is now situated. In the mid 20th century
Bentalls store was one of the greatest departmental stores in the places around the
greater London city.

Bentalls store keeps open everyday in a week at different schedules for the
convenience of customers who come here looking forward to buying goods for
themselves and family members. It has been a traditional store in Kingston and offers
a good range of commodities for clients of different categories like Menswear,
cosmetics, Children wear, and Women wear of famous brands. You can find several
luxury restaurants in Bentalls store offering you a variety of tasty and mouth watering
foods. Coffee bar, Cafe Nero, Baby Deli, Lite Bites and some other restaurants and
cafes are always available to provide you with most delicious food items.

In Bentalls store, there is a well suited parent and baby room for the convenience of
those spouses who have little child and need to change dresses of child, feed them and
give some enjoyable moments to children for their appropriate growth and
intelligence. Its position is in the middle of Children world located on the third floor
of the store. The room is well equipped with essential materials and toys for changing
baby dresses, feeding them and allowing them to take some rest in comfortable
atmosphere. The English departmental stores are collectively known as Bentalls and
there are different branches of Bentalls in Kingston upon Thames, London, Bracknell,
Berkshire etc. The departmental stores were noted as county stores and they began as
drapery store that was established by Frank Bentall in 1867. The departmental stores
today are under the authority of independent Fenwick group.

Individuals are offered many facilities here in Bentalls, Kingston upon Thames. For
example, students are offered 10% discount when they wish to buy any thing from the
store. To accept the opportunity they need to show their NSU card during the purchase
they want to make. An offer of shopping free of vat charge is available in the store for
non EU clients. For this, they must bring the receipts enclosed with passport, identity
card or driving license and they must agree on the conditions that their minimum cost
does not come below 30 Euro; they will take the goods out of country in three months.
However, all the departments are not willing to give free service.

Bentalls Kingston upon Thames is convenient for shopping for local and international
people coming in UK. It is a building which bears the testimony of skills of modern
constructions and tact of technological establishments. It has enhanced the popularity
of Kingston town and interest of shopping in departmental stores in UK.

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