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					                 Customer Persona Quiz

When it comes to organization, my friends would call me:

(a) Type A – I am a classic type A detail person

(b) Type B – I spend my life playing catch up

(c) Type Ceez-The-Moment – I can be organized, I can be scattered…it all depends on the day

How often do you find yourself out of everyday essentials for work or home (i.e., paper
towels, printer ink)?

(a) Occasionally – But I do a pretty good job anticipating what I’ll need and getting it in time

(b) Too often – I’m so busy I don’t notice I’m low until it’s gone

(c) Not much – I am constantly stocking up when I find great deals on essentials so I rarely run

If shopping were eating, I would be described as someone who:

(a) Eats to live

(b) Grazes

(c) Lives to eat

Which statement best describes your attitude towards on-line shopping?

(a) I enjoy online shopping on websites that are easy to navigate so I can get what I need

(b) It’s not my favorite activity because I can get distracted looking around trying to figure out
    what I want

(c) I love the hunt on-line, comparing prices and getting a great deal

Asked to describe my desk I would call it:

(a) List City. I have all the lists I need--even ones reminding me to make more lists!

(b) A pile of piles

(c) Wallpapered with coupons

So Who Are You?

If you answer mostly (a) you’re Lisa Listmaker; (b) you’re Sammy Specific; (c) you’re Sally