A Preliminary Proposal for an IEEE Computer Society Annual by LeePenny


									CSIDC-2000 Awards Ceremony
IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition

                    Bruce Shriver
               Chairman, CSIDC-2000
   CSIDC-2000                             Bruce Shriver

   The IEEE Computer Society              Guylaine Pollock

   Special Thanks from the Chairman       Bruce Shriver
                                            Guylaine Pollock
   The Five Honorable Mention Awards
                                            Dick Eckhouse
                                            Anne Marie Kelly
   5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Place Awards
                                            Bruce Shriver
   Final Remarks                          Bruce Shriver
The Vision Statement
   The CSIDC will
       advance excellence in education by having
        undergraduate student teams design and
        implement computer-based solutions to
        real-world problems
       impact undergraduate curricula
   Establish a competition that is
    prestigious, technically substantive, and
    well worth the time and effort to
   Improve the dialogue between
    universities and colleges and
    professionals in industry and
The IEEE Computer Society

    Remarks by Guylaine Pollock
 President of the Computer Society
Thanks to the CSIDC-2000
Technology Sponsors
   AMD
   Caldera Systems
   Calluna Technology
   General Software
   M-Systems, Inc.
   Metrowerks, Inc.
   Microsoft
   Pervasive Software
   QNX Software Systems
   VersaLogic Corp.
Thanks to the CSIDC-2000
Financial Sponsors
   AMD
   HP
   Intel
   Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs)
   Microsoft
   Motorola
   NSF (US National Science Foundation)
   SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation)
   Sun Microsystems
Special Thanks to
   Who were those people who gave
    unselfishly of their time and effort and
    without whom this event would not
    have occurred ?
   Who were those people who gave
    insightful advice and encouragement ?
Special Thanks to …
   Dick Eckhouse
   Ed Gallizzi
   Mike Lutz
   Anne Marie Kelly and Stacy Saul
   John Reimer
   Atiq Raza
   Mark Morneault
   T. Michael Elliott
And thanks to the many,
many other people involved
   Numerous Volunteers from academia, industry, and government
       60 members of the Submission Evaluation Teams
   Numerous Computer Society Staff
       Bob Care
       John Daniel
       Dan Gibson
       Mary-Louise Piner
       Mary-Kate Rada
       Kristine Weiand
       Steve Wilcox
   And some folks from Eckerd College
       Jarrod Smith
       Melanie Wright
The Health Care Information
Appliance Project
   The Health Care Information-Appliance
    Project required the students to develop an
    informal functional specification and then
    design and implement a prototype
    Information Appliance (IA) aimed at
    improving public health by helping people
    become more directly involved in their own
    health care. The IA should allow a person to
    enter, access, display, store, and manipulate
    information about health related issues.
Evaluation of Submissions
               50 Project Submissions

       Each SET evaluates 5 submissions and
         identifies the top 2 projects of the 5

          The JP evaluated the 20 selected
        projects and identifies top 10 projects

               The top 10 projects are
         presented, demonstrated and judged
             at the CSIDC World Finals

   5 Competition Winners and 5 Honorable Mentions
Judging Panel
   Otto Anshus, University of Tromsø
   Mario Barbacci, CMU
   Peter Capek, IBM T J Watson Research Center
   Alan Clements, University of Teeside
   Dick Eckhouse, U. Mass, Boston
   Ed Gallizzi, Eckerd College
   Bill Gardner, Trinity Western University
   Walter Helbig, PCSEC, LLC
   Elif Karsigill, Yildiz Technical University
   Bill Michalson, WPI
   Iwao Toda, Fujitsu Laboratories
What are the teams
competing for?
   The prestige of winning the competition
   Financial Prizes
       The students determine how the prize
        money is distributed among the team
   Financial Awards to establish IEEE
    Computer Society Financial Aid Funds
    for undergraduate computer science
    and engineering students
Additionally …
   Each team’s project report and
    presentation will be posted on the
    Computer Society’s CSIDC web-site
   Each student on a CSIDC World Finals
    team also receives a 1-year
    membership in the IEEE and the
    Computer Society
Financial Prize Amounts
              Team      Department
              Prize        Fund
     1st      $15,000     $10,000

     2nd      $10,000     $8,000

     3rd      $6,000      $6,000

     4th      $3,000

     5th      $2,000
Now, on to the awards
   The five honorable mention teams are
    (in alphabetical order)
   The 5th place team is
   The 4th place team is
   The 3rd place team is
   The 2nd place team is
   The 1st place team is
Final Remarks: Personal Hopes
   That team members might be inspired to
    undertake collaborative work crossing both
    institutional and national boundaries
   That some of the projects might be the basis
    of longer term investigations by both the
    team members and the faculty mentors
   That the 1st CSIDC might indeed be the
    beginning of an ongoing series of relevant,
    substantive, and important competitions

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