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NRA Proposal Budget.ppt


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									    GSFC NRA Proposal Template

Requirements, Considerations, Mechanics

            15 March 2006

         Brenda Hanrahan / SED

               NRA Proposal Template
• Requirements
  – Full Cost Mechanics
  – Scientist Feedback
     • Eliminate data entry on separate sheets for each fiscal year
         – Staffing and cost profiles by Fiscal Year
         – Organized to enter Key and Other personnel
  – NSPIRES, Ease of Entry
     • Data in template in the same order as required for NSPIRES
       data entry
     • An Input Form that Matches NSPIRES Entry Screen
     • Ability to over-ride GSFC civil servant salary to enter “actual”
       (inflation based on full cost rates)
     • External Customer Agreement Form (AETD)
     • Traveler (NOO-New Opportunities Office)
            NRA Proposal Template
• Considerations
  – Operating Account – Varied Algorithms (600)
     • Separately identify org codes to each cost line to
       advocate “shared” support across organizations
       (500/600); preclude taxing other org support
  – Data fields that better enable metrics
  – External Customer Agreement Form
  – List of Announcements, Due Dates
  – Route Sheet
  – Changes to NSPIRES Data Entry
     • From 3 screens per fiscal year to 7 screen
  – Cost Sharing
           NRA Proposal Template
• Mechanics / Features
  – Menu
    • Template Issue and Full Cost Guidance Dates for
      version control
    • Buttons for sheet navigation and process
    • Organization Information
       – GSFC Proposal Initiator Information
       – SED Tax Structure / Methodology
    • Proposal Information – “Feeds” Customer
      Agreement Form
       – Drop Downs from existing tables for selection of Types of:
           » Customer Relationship (N=3)
           » Proposal Opportunity (N=4)
           NRA Proposal Template
• Template Mechanics / Features - Menu
    • Drop Downs for Selection of Types of:
       – Program Elements (from NSPIRES Solicitations Listing/s);
         „automatically‟ fills in Announcement Number/Title and
         proposal due date (fields available to enter non-listed
         Program Elements and Due Dates (cells grayed-out if
         selection is made from list; conditional formatting)
       – Proposer enters:
           » Proposal Start and End Dates - determines number of
             visible Fiscal Years
           » Proposal Title and Brief Description of Activity
           » Names and Organizations of PIs, Co-I‟s, and Other
             Support (feeds into subsequent Workforce and Cost

             NRA Proposal Template
• Template Mechanics / Features
  – Workforce
     • Key personnel are assumed to be PI and Co-Is; other
       personnel are assumed to be “support”
        – PI/Co-I, Names and Organizations are fed into subsequent fields
          from Menu
     • Proposer can enter Cost Targets and monitor against
       proposed costs; select from drop down lists
        – Skill category (GSFC Full Cost skill list)
        – Labor category (N=5) : Civil Servant, University Scientist On-Site,
          Contractor On-Site, Contractor Off-Site, Pass-Thru/Off-Site
     • Proposer enters FTEs - converted to calendar months for
       NSPIRES entry
     • GSFC Full Cost workforce “loads” are calculated

               NRA Proposal Template
• Template Mechanics / Features
  – Cost
     • Option to enter actual civil servant salary; otherwise, GSFC
       Full Cost rate is applied for the selected skill (inflation
       performed consistent with the inflation in GSFC Full Cost
       salary rates)
     • Proposer enters other Key Personnel salary and, if known,
       Fringe (otherwise, include “loaded” Salary, Fringe [and G&A]
       in Salary
           – Salary and Fringe fields are shaded (conditional formatting) as
             appropriate to Labor Category selection (ie, civil servant vs non)
     • Proposer can see total calculated costs, including taxes
       (suggestion to modify template to show CS Fringe)
     • Proposer can monitor to Targeted costs on this screen also

             NRA Proposal Template
• Template Mechanics / Features
  – Cost (Cont‟d)
     • Enter non-Labor requirements for
         – Equipment, Travel, Participants
         – Materials, Pubs, Consultant, ADP/Computer
         – Subawards / Consortium / Other Contractual (not to include costs
           already reported under Salaries and Wages for Key and Other
           Personnel; also, more lines will be added for additional Co-Is)
         – Equipment or Facility Rental / User Fees; Alterations and
     • Enter required hours of support - GSFC Full Cost FTE/WYE
       „Loads‟ are „automatically‟ calculated
         – Fabrication, Test Services, Safety & Mission Assurance
         – Mission Success (as directed by Code 170)
     • Enter any other costs (Pass-Thru G&A field will be eliminated -
       - use Subawards category instead)

               NRA Proposal Template
• Template Mechanics / Features
   – NSPIRES Input (template needs to consolidate some ODC lines)
   – NSPIRES Summary
      • If the NSPIRES Total Budget screen does not match the total costs
        by category on this sheet, make correction to NSPIRES
   – Customer Agreement Sheet (format needs consensus)
   – GSFC Traveler (format needs consensus)
   – Route Sheet
• Outstanding Issue/s
   – Cost Share Sheet (CS)
   – Button (macro) to “Print Final Routing Package” that will print
     Route Sheet and other Reports (content depends on directorate
     needs / consensus)
   – Searchable PDF for NSPIRES; electronic transmission to outside
     PIs (without formulas, links, tables, other [hidden] sheets)
      • Mac vs PC capability
            NRA Proposal Template
• Roll-Out Plan (and many thanks to …
  – NRA Template Working Group
     • Diane Elben (Metrics), Donna Drummond (AETD), Justin
       Robinson and Anthony Loggia (VBA/Design Assistance), Jim
       Green, SED Cost Proposal Manager
  – Proposal Metrics Working Group (Diane Elben, Jill
    Kirby, Dick Schneider, Justin Robinson. Jim Green)
  – SED Business Management Officers
  – NOO Grassroots Cost Working Group (Lauri Via,
    Robyn O‟Mara)
  – GSFC Community (March 15)
• Where is it? When will it be there?


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