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									Notoginseng powder, Salvia powder, hawthorn powder treatment of hypertension?

Some people say that I saw online

Tianqi powder, Salvia powder, hawthorn powder to treat high blood pressure to
eat, does anyone know specifically how to take ah? yes this drug together
shamisen while taking boiled boiled water or boiled water to eat after the
drug itself, which shamisen ah? Thank you!!

first thing to say is that the long-term monitoring of blood pressure, high
blood pressure need to change and taking medication, you doctor for the
disease treatment This ride is just to give you a suggestion.

you mentioned that shamisen drugs are available for cardiovascular disease and
high blood pressure, high cholesterol embolism of the adjuvant therapy. Such
as blood pressure and year-round use of antihypertensive medication, while
taking this medication temporarily shamisen not stop. Normal blood pressure
treatment to be prescribed.

taking the ratio of these three can be 1:1:1, the ratio of the same amount as
last. The shamisen oral drug in not a lot of pseudo-ginseng powder, 1-2 grams
a day you are on the line. Hawthorn of peace, longer than of the palate, urge
sympathy, stomach and diaphragm width, elimination blood knot gas. Therefore,
the amount of discretion to take hawthorn powder. The shamisen can be boiled
water after grinding drugs, do not cross 5-10 grams per day, morning and
evening can be, boiled water.

into healthy reminder to take a small dose (1 to 3 grams) of the role better.

【—– special to make it clear that if the patient has bleeding tendency, say,
often have purple skin. Tianqi Poxue, is not suitable for taking】

title Foreign words:

profound traditional Chinese medicine, I was my father in early chronic
hypertension and diabetes, study hard in years ago, the Chinese book. Chinese
people believe that the potential is slightly, it is not Chinese medicine can
not rule, is the traditional Chinese medicine by doctors and the practice of
small for my personal talent. The most emphasis is on TCM syndrome
differentiation, one party, in accordance with the constitution of different
individuals with different prescription for the disease, too much Western
medicine can not solve all curable diseases. Built on the anatomical basis of
Western, Chinese medicine as meridians are talking about computer software,
the computer can not see the anatomy of open software. Hope to revitalize the
quintessence of my generation, I believe the power of Chinese medicine.

fact, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, crown grudges, stroke, embolism solved in
Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine hypertension without the disease name,
according to the main symptoms and their development process, belongs to
Chinese medicine, \\See more books on Chinese medicine, for you will help.

Chinese medicine, hawthorn has a consumer product of stagnation, convergence
Zhili, promoting blood circulation and other functions. Indications palate,
urge sympathy toxins, mediastinal fullness, hernias and blood stasis menopause
embolism. Significant role in the expansion of blood vessels and blood
pressure have enhanced cardiac, anti-arrhythmic, modulating the function of
blood lipids and cholesterol. Can be relaxing blood vessels, strengthen and
modulating cardiac muscle, increasing the amplitude of ventricular and cardiac
motion and coronary blood flow, reduce serum cholesterol and reduce blood
pressure; In addition, hawthorn for the dysfunction of the heart, vascular
neurosis, perversion embolism fibrillation rhythm There is also the role of
adjuvant therapy; Hill plant also contains Hupi glycosides, it dilates blood
vessels, increase airway ciliary movement, function and asthma expectoration,
it is the prevention of cardiovascular disease Hawthorn ideal catalyst into
the health effects of food and the food better recently applied to high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, such as crown grudges control, have better results.

Tianqi – Function: bleeding stasis, swelling and pain, breaking blood stasis,
stop new blood. Treatment of crown grudges and obvious effect of angina and
cerebrovascular disease, for the treatment of hyperlipidemia can reduce

Salvia – Function: stasis, cooling a pure heart, in the treatment of Blood,
bruises, etc.; clinical crown for the treatment of the ill feelings (such as
Danshen Diwan), hyperlipidemia, hypertension, chronic diabetes, capillary
bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic renal failure, tumor embolism.

pseudo-ginseng and Salvia are blood circulation drugs, the blood vessels due
to external or internal self-injury can be repaired, and may improve blood
flow changes, so that played a reduced peripheral vascular resistance, reduce
blood viscosity, Finally, to reduce the blood pressure goal.

recommended low-salt low-fat palate, urge sympathy general should be increased
physical activity to reduce the pressure to maintain a good sleep
the other: every day, take 50 grams of Hawthorn Maodongqing 100 grams, twice
the water decoction, can be effective in reducing serum cholesterol; with
hawthorn flowers and leaves made of infusion taking blood pressure lowering
effect is good.


can also water to drink.

mainly blood circulation, lowering blood pressure.

Tian Qi powder to treat a guilty conscience, heart dysfunction,

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