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Project for UCSB by teach2bettertheworld


									        ATHLETICS                              Majors Offered
                                         Applied Mathematics                                       UNIVERSITY OF
 Baseball                               Art History                                                 CALIFORNIA,
 Basketball                             Art Studio                                               SANTA BARBARA
 Cross Country                          Asian Studies
 Golf                                   Music
 Soccer                                 Microbiology
 Swimming & Diving                      Economics
 Tennis                                 Dance
 Track & Field                          Mechanical Engineering
 Volleyball                             Electrical Engineering
 Water Polo                             Music-Composition
 Softball
                                         Physics
                                         AND MUCH MORE!!!
       Financial Aid
Students have different ways of           A-G REQUIREMENTS                                 Website:
paying for college. One of the        A: History/Social Science - 2 years required
common known is Financial Aid.        B: English - 4 years required

At UCSB students must apply                                                                Street Address:
                                      C: Mathematics - 3 years required, 4 years
                                                                                           552 University Road, California
for the program FAFSA after           Recommended

they have been accepted. An-          D: Laboratory Science - 2 years required, 3 years                BY:
other way to pay for college is to    recommended
                                                                                                Kimberly Mendez
look for scholarships. There are      E: Language Other Than English (Foreign
                                                                                                 Gabriela Gomez
many different kinds of scholar-      Language) - 2 years required, 3 years
                                      recommended                                               Monique Barrios
ships that will pay at least a per-
centage of college.                   F: Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required            Rosario Resendiz
                                      G: College Preparatory Electives - 1 year required
                                                                                                    Period 7
University of                                      California                                   Santa Barbara
              Admission                           Housing                                              Fast Facts
             Requirements                  There are different
                                                                                               The GGSE Department of
                                           ways of living and still                             Education enrolls approximately
              There are 3 very simple
                                           be close to college.                                 200 students.
    steps to be a member of the Santa
                                           There are different                                 Date established:1944
    Barbara Crew. The first step is to                                                         School Colors: Blue & Gold
                                           choices depending on what you are for exam-
    complete the A-G Requirements for                                                          Academic Calendar: Quarter
                                           ple if you are a freshmen you would be able to
    college. The second step is to take                                                        NCAA Athletics: Division 1
                                           live on campus on residence hall. Also most
    the require tests to be admitted to                                                        Campus Mascot: Gaucho
                                           freshmen choose to live in an apartment out-        Chancellor: Henry T. Yang
    college. For example, the ACT test     side of campus. For more information please
    which is consisted of English, Math,   visit:
    Science, and History. Another would
    be the SAT test which is the English
    and Math test. And also to have the
    required grades.

                 Clubs &
    UCSB has over 400 different clubs
    and organizations to participate in.
    Whether its from Dance and Cheer
    or even Marshall Arts you will al-
    ways have something to do after

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