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Project for CSUF


									                                    Clubs and Organizations                                 Athletics Offered
      State                    Tennis Club
                               Writing Club
    Fullerton                  TESOL Club                                    Men's basketball
                                                                              Women's basketball
                               Swing Dance Club
                               Ultimate Frisbee Club                         Cross country
                               Titan Paintball Club                          Men's golf
                               Titan Hockey Club                             Gymnastics
                               Stoked Surfers Club                           Men's soccer
                               French Club                                   Women's soccer
                               Classic Guitar Club                           Softball
                               Sailing Club                                  Women's tennis
                               Pre-Law Society                               Track/field
                               Printmakers Club                              Women's volleyball
                               Latino Business Student Association           Wrestling
                               Kungfu Club                                   Spirit squad
                               Key Club

                                    Student clubs and organizations                    A-G’s Needed for Admission
  Cal State Fullerton       represent the most visible and accessible
PO Box 9600 Fullerton, Ca   avenue to student involvement. At Cal
     92834-6900             State Fullerton there are over 250 clubs          1. Need to have graduated from high school
                            and organizations to suit a variety of inter-     2. Need to have completed for admission with grades of
                            ests and needs.                                   “C” or better in each of the courses in the comprehensive
    Group Members:                  You will find social, cultural, politi-   pattern of college-preparatory subjects:
                                                                                                     * English: 4 years
                            cal, religious and community service or-            * Mathematics: 3 years including Algebra I, Geometry
                            ganizations to name a few. To get the most
    Pedro Mosqueda          from your college experience it’s important
                                                                                                       and Algebra II
                                                                                        * U.S. History and Social Science: 2 years
    Freddy Bermudez         that you take some time to create a plan           * Science: 2 years of laboratory science (1 biological and
     Edwin Gamboa           that integrates your academic pursuits and                                   1 physical
                                                                                   * Foreign Language: 2 years in the same language
                            career interests, which will determine the
                                                                                           * Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year
                            choices you make about the time you    spend outside of class.
                                                                                                     * Electives: 1 year
                                                                              3.Subject matter requirements must be met with a “C”
                                                                              or better and may not be completed during the summer
        Period 5                                                              term immediately preceding fall admission.
              Fast Facts                                Financial Aid                          SAT and ACT Test Scores Needed

                                                      Financial Aid is available from            CSU Eligibility: Your eligibility index is cal-
* CSUF is currently the largest California
                                              a variety of programs funded by fed-      culated by multiplying your grade point average by
State University campus by enrollment
                                                                                        800 and adding your total score on the SAT I. Or, if
                                              eral, state, university and private       you took the ACT, multiply your grade point average
* The University is located in Fullerton,
California, in Orange County                  sources. Students who have a signifi-     by 200 and add ten times the ACT composite score.
                                                                                        Only grades earned in A-G subjects in the 10th, 11th
                                              cant financial need may qualify for       and 12th grades are used to calculate GPA.
* The University was originally named
                                              grant aid while students with less        If you apply for admission before you graduate from
Orange County State College
                                                                                        high school, you should compute your GPA using
                                              need may obtain low cost loans.           grades earned in A-G courses completed after the 9th
* Cal State Fullerton participates in the
                                                                                        grade. Do not include grades you expect to earn in
NCAA Division I Big West Conference.          You may get an estimate of your           courses during the remainder of 12th grade.
                                                                                        If you are a California high school graduate from our
* They have 13 national championships in      financial aid eligibility through         local area, you need a minimum eligibility index of
eight different sports
                                              FAFSA (                     2900 using the SAT I (or 694 using the ACT).
                                                                                        Non-California resident students are required to have
* Cal State Fullerton Enrollment at Record
                                              There are three general                   a minimum eligibility index of 3502 (SAT I) or 842
Student Population Climbs to More than
                                              categories of financial aid:
                                              * Grants and scholarships (free $)
* Enrollment Stats: 35,590 enrolled in Fall
2010                                          * Loans ($ to be repaid)
                                              * Employment opportunities ($ to be
* International students: from 80 nations,    earned)
total 1,660

* Diversity: American Indian 0.4%,
Asian/Pacific islander 21.2%,Black
2.7%, Hispanic 30.2%, White
31.3%,Multiple Race Non-Hispanic
2.4%, Unknown 7.2% and international
students 4.7%

* Faculty: Approximately 1,670 full— and
part— time members

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