Traditions in Culture of Texas A&M University Students

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Traditions in Culture of Texas A&M University Students

Traditions and Customs as a Part of Culture

Culture could not exist without support; traditions and customs are its bones. They provide

new generations with an access to cultural events, help to form outlook and manners. Of

course, culture influences the behavior; it can educate and train.

Traditions are very important in schools and students years. They unite teachers, lecturers,

administration and younger generations. Old and honorable traditions make an

educational establishment prestigious and students are proud of their alma-mater.

That is why universities, colleges and schools protectively keep their traditions for many


Students Culture in Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a great example of an educational establishment with more than

100 year old traditions. And this is the reason why Aggie spirit is so strong and students

are so loyal and full of respect for their university.

Since 1984 they wore an Aggie Ring. It is a convenient method for students and

postgraduates of Texas A&M to single out each other. A shield on the ring symbolizes

graduates and postgraduates responsibility for university reputation; stripes on the shield

mean 13 States and patriotic feelings. An eagle is a symbol of power, quick mind and


Aggies honor their deceased. They meet annually for Aggie Muster to honor all students

and postgraduates who died the previous year. Silver Tap is a monthly meeting of honor

for departed current student.

The most charming tradition in the sport sphere is a choosing a mascot. It is a dog of collie

breed called Reveille. The first mascot was a mixed breed dog which was found in 1931.

Students adopted her and she became their Reveille. They address her “ma’am”.
A&M Texas University students are deeply connected with their alma-mater and do not

forget it even after graduation. University culture became a great uniting factor which

brings benefits to them and their university.

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