WORKSHEET-U---Extra-Pronoun-Review-Sheet by xiangpeng


									                           WORKSHEET U: PRONOUN REVIEW SHEET

I. Identify the CAPITALIZED pronouns in the sentences below using the following code:

      A) interrogative            B) indefinite        C) relative   D) demonstrative

1) _____ WHAT is a scrim?

2) _____ THESE are the parts of a dart: the point, the barrel, the shaft, and the flight.

3) _____ Many people oppose the new dictator, but SOME do not.

4) _____ WHICH of the children want to learn to play the kazoo?

5) _____ The teeth in the front of your mouth are incisors, and THOSE at the back are sometimes
called wisdom teeth.

6) _____ Does ANYBODY believe that Marilyn Monroe is still alive?

7) _____ Lou Gehrig was the first major league baseball player WHOSE number was retired.

8) _____ WHO were Pruneface, Mumbles, Itchy, Flattop, and the Rodent?

9) _____ Bards, WHO were poet-minstrels, once had considerable religious and political power in

10) ____ THIS is the coldest day of the year so far.

11) ____ One letter that does not appear on telephone dials in the U.S. is Q, and ANOTHER is Z.

II. Complete the following sentences by choosing one of the following words:

      A) who        B) whom       C) whoever D) whomever

12) _____ The 3 characters *** share a hearty breakfast in the first scene of the play are at each
other’s throats in the last act.

13) _____ *** argues that certain kinds of objects now in European and American museums should
be returned to the countries from which they originally came?

14) _____ *** spilled the grape juice on the kitchen floor should clean i t up immediately.

15) _____ The shiny covering of a spacesuit reflects heat away from an astronaut, for *** intense
heat could otherwise be very dangerous.

16) _____ The note taped to the front door began, “To *** it may concern.”

17) _____ A person *** has made many insurance claims is likely to face an increase in his or her
insurance rates.

18) _____ From *** did you get that impression?
19) _____ As far as I’m concerned, you can go to the races with *** you choose.

20) _____ The people *** live near the airport have complained for years about the noise caused by

21) _____ *** wants these old magazines can have them.

22) _____ To *** do you wish to send these roses, sir?

III. Circle the word which correctly completes each sentence.

23) (Whose / Who’s) children are playing ball in the street?

24) I think too many people are talking on car telephones while (their / they’re) driving.

25) (Its /It’s) not too late to go out for some fast food hamburgers.

26) Despite the increasing number of ransom killings, most murder victims still know (their/they’re)

27) An internal combustion engine derives (its /it’s) power from igniting a mixture of air and fuel.

28) Do you know why (your /you’re) teeth are so sensitive to heat and cold?

29) Skiers must get off chair lifts while (their /they’re) still moving.

30) (Whose /Who’s) responsible for making our hotel reservations?

IV. Circle the word which correctly completes each sentence.

31) Eric plays the piano as well as (I / me).

32) “I hope you’ll stop in to see Nancy and (I / me),” said Mr. Berkowitz.

33) Your extra help has benefitted all of (we/us) students.

34) Since you practice so often, you have become a better runner than (she/her).

35) Misty’s father asked (she / her) and (I / me) to wait on the steps.

36) Daniel said his mother sent a box of fudge to Sam and (he / him).

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