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					Verbos Reflexivos

     Un repaso
                  Reflexive Verbs
•What are reflexive verbs?
  –A verb is reflexive when the person DOING the action
  is also the person RECEIVING the action.
     •Me lavo. (I wash myself.)
     •Te peinas. (You comb your hair.)
     •Él se cepilla los dientes. (He brushes his teeth.)

  –Many times “oneself” is added to the definition of the
  verb to give the reflexive definition.
  –Many reflexive verbs are used to talk about daily
  –Most verbs can be either reflexive or non-reflexive.
     •Me lavo. (I wash myself.)
     •Yo lavo los platos. (I wash the dishes.)
Reflexive Verbs – Formation
• Reflexive verbs have “se” on the end of
  their infinitive form.
  – Lavarse
  – Peinarse
  – Cepillarse

• There are 2 parts to forming reflexive
  – Reflexive Pronoun
  – Verb ending conjugation
     Reflexive Verbs – Formation
  • Remember – there are 2 parts to
    forming reflexive verbs!

Reflexive Pronoun       Verb Conjugation
Me       Nos            Reflexive verbs can
Te       Os         +   be used in any tense –
                        verb endings for
Se       Se             various tenses will be
                        shown on next slide.
  Reflexive Verbs - Formation
Reflexive Pronoun + Verb Conjugation
                   PRESENTE          -AR         -ER       -IR
                   Yo             -o          -o         -o

 Me      Nos       Tú
                   Nosotros       -amos       -emos      -imos
                   Vosotros       -áis        -éis       -ís
 Te      Os        Ellos/ellas
                                  -an         -en        -en

                     PRETÉRITO            -AR           -ER/_IR
                   Yo                  -é              -í
 Se      Se        Tú                  -aste           -iste
                   Él/ella/Ud.         -ó              -ió
                   Nosotros            -amos           -imos
                   Vosotros            -asties         -isteis
                   Ellos/ellas/Uds.    -aron           -ieron

                    IMPERFECTO            -AR           -ER/-IR
                   Yo                  -aba            -ía
                   Tú                  -abas           -ías
                   Él/ella/Ud.         -aba            -ía
                   Nosotros            -abamos         -íamos
                   Vosotros            -abais          -íais
                   Ellos/ellas/Uds.    -aban           -ían
         Reflexive Verbs
• Me cepillo los dientes. (Presente)
  – I brush my teeth.
• Me cepillé los dientes. (Pretérito)
  – I brushed my teeth.
• Me cepillaba los dientes. (Imperfecto)
  – I used to brush my teeth.
  – I was brushing my teeth.
            Reflexive Verbs
• When using a reflexive verb in the
  infinitive form with another conjugated
  verb, the reflexive pronoun may be
  attached to the infinitive or placed in
  front of the conjugated verb.

  – Voy a acostarme a laz diez.
  – Me voy a acostar a las diez.
           Reflexive Verbs
• Attach the reflexive pronoun to the end
  of an affirmative commands and place it
  before a negative command.

  – Cuidate mucho
  – No te acuestes muy tarde
             Reflexive Verbs
Some common reflexive verbs are used to talk
about your daily routine.

 • Acostarse            • Levantarse
   – To go to bed         – To get out of bed
 • Bañarse              • Ponerse
   – To bathe oneself     – To put on
 • Despertarse          • Vestirse
   – To wake up           – To dress oneself
 • Lavarse
   – To wash oneself
           A practicar
Lavarse – Yo        Cepillarse – Nosotros
____ ____________   ____ _____________
Maquillarse – Tú    Vestirse – Vosotros
 ____ ___________   ____ _____________
Ducharse – Él       Levantarse – Ellas
____ ____________   ____ _____________