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“The Mojave”


									                                 “The Mojave”
“The Mojave” a weekly series, 13 episodes of the Vast Mojave Desert, 25,000 Square
miles, covering 4 states, heaped in history, laden with pioneers and busting with nature.
“The Mojave” will intrigue, please, and mystify viewers around the world with its beauty
and Majestic stature. There is no other desert landscape more daunting or challenging
then the Mojave Desert.

This series introduces us to the people that have pioneered it, from its rocky nearly
impossible to settle past, to the present day future of space flight, commercial and
residential wonders being developed now in this wonderland of intrigue.

Through “The Mojave” viewers will journey along with the host Heather Turriga as she
visits these people and places putting into perspective the lives of the people, the intrigue
of the challenge by entrepreneurs and the bold moves by, scientist astronauts, pilots,
commercial and residential builders as the tackle this last frontier.

Each and every episode of “The Mojave” is geared to teach, touch and explore the past
present and future of the Mojave Desert. We will be introduced to some of the Mojave’s
most famous Pioneers such as test pilots from Edwards’s Air Force Base, The Mojave
Air and Space Port and China Lakes Weapons Facility. We will track across the desert
following the foot steps of settlers and gold miners. We will retrace the hoof steps of the
mules and drivers of the Borax 20 mule team, We will meet the new faces of commercial
space flights, and learn how their deep pockets are funding this new and exciting
industry, right here in the Mojave Desert, viewers will be surprised to learn that these dot
com moguls are pioneers at hart with a burning desire to be the next space heroes their
way, and their claim that space is the next frontier of profit.


.The natural beauty of the Mojave Desert in its self will captivate viewers from all walks
of life, and every age group, from its Mountains to its salty dried lake beds, the Mojave
Desert is inviting millions of campers, off road enthusiasts, hikers, star gassers, rock
climbers and rock collectors, as well as animal lovers and plant lovers from around the
world to recreate or explore the vast offerings for all, the Mojave Desert has to offer.
Heather Turriga will captivate viewers with her knowledge and understanding of the
Mojave Desert.
Cities have popped up in the Mojave Desert some boom some bust, but they keep coming
their founders lured by cheap land, blue skies and the ever intriguing challenge to step
away from the norm to do it their way, to pioneer, to challenge them selves and to create
a better world for their families, away from the big cities and that congested way of life.
Some Cities like Los Vega where built on Gambling, Some like the town of Mojave on
Military and space endeavors. Cities like California City offered cheap land and the
promise of schools Hotels and the look and feel of Palm Springs. The schools in
California City are just being built after 40 years of incorporation, but the town still lacks
the attractions and industries it promised. Other cites, like Ridge Crest California which
boast of 20 hotels and motels, a population of 35,000 and a place of vast employment, do
better, do to the China Lakes Navel weapons Station, as well as attracting visitors from
around the world, do to its being the front door to Death Valley. Heather will introduce us
to such cities in all 4 states as we travel with her through out the Mojave Desert.

The excitement of “The Mojave” dose not stop with science, construction, the past, or
even the adventures of space, “The Mojave” will lead you through the doors of the
gambling capital of the world, Los Vegas Nevada where old timers once placed gold
nuggets on the table of big casinos and gamblers caught cheating where quickly dealt a
deadly hand. Viewers will meet show girls and gambling moguls, hustlers and card
sharks, entertainers and circus acts that will boggle the mind, most of who where lured to
this part of the Mojave by excitement, misfortune or a guest for adventure.

California City Studios and Cerro Coso College have formed a partner ship and have
developed a film school at California City Studios, the students studying at the studio will
work on “The Mojave” and gain much needed hands on experience, they’re trials and
tribulations while working on set will become part of the shows out takes, creating a grate
show on its own, involving the making of “The Mojave,” using film students.

“The Mojave” created for knowledge, inspired by intrigue, based in facts, dependent on
the future, imbedded in the past, destined to intrigue and captivate viewers around the

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