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									                                                                                       FACT SHEET

 Teamware Office 7.1 Ed 1
 The total solution for communication and collaboration

   Robust Internet                 Address Book with Teamware Mobile™ integration
   messaging functionality
                                   MSI packages make it easy to distribute client upgrades
   Active, collaborative
   discussion and document
   management environment

   Advanced, enterprise-
   wide group and resource

   Client of choice through
   the Internet standard
   interfaces like POP3 and

   Full support for
   Intranet environments
   and Web browser

   Mobile access to Mail,
   Calendar and Personal

March 2006
Modular                              information across sites securely.
groupware                            Teamware Office can be extended with optional components, several
Teamware        Office    is   a     connectors and it offers an easy-to-use, high-level application programming
complete, modular set of             interface. Further information on these features can be found in fact sheets
collaborative applications. It       Connecting Teamware Office and Teamware Link.
provides     a     robust    and
scaleable             messaging      Teamware Office 6.1 and later supports integration with Teamware Mobile.
environment combined with            This integration provides advanced mobile access to Mail, Calendar and
active information sharing,          Personal Address Book (the last mentioned requires Teamware Office 7.0
document management, and             Ed 1 or later). More information on Teamware Mobile is available in
resource            management       Teamware Mobile fact sheet and product overview.
functions. Teamware Office is
a secure bridge between the          There are separate fact sheets that describe the components of Teamware
merging                 network      Office in more detail. Information on Teamware Office on Linux can be found
technologies. It enables teams
                                     in a separate fact sheet.
to    share      and    manage
information      in    corporate
intranets, supporting mobile
and virtual office concepts, full
Web integration, network
security, corporate and public
directories and connectivity for
business applications.
Teamware Office is a set of
groupware applications that
provides users with an easy
way of carrying out their office
tasks and communicating with
each other. Teamware Office
includes facilities for electronic
mail, time and resource
scheduling,          discussions,
document management and
retrieval; it helps users find,
view, analyze and act on
information in a user-friendly
and timely way. The facilities
are designed to meet the
needs of users, whether they
are individuals in local or
remote offices, or members of
a team within an enterprise or
an external business partner.
Teamware Office is built on
Internet standards. Relying on
these open standards protects
the existing IT investments
and supports the stepwise
deployment       of   Internet
technology. At the heart of the
system is a true X.500/LDAP
based directory system that
provides high scalability and
connects       users       and

Directory                                                                  be viewed across the enterprise in a                                    administrator can modify the pre-
Directory is the heart of Teamware                                         single intuitive user interface.                                        defined HTML templates or create
Office. In addition to being a normal                                                                                                              new ones.
end user tool for maintaining                                              Library
personal     address      book    and                                      Teamware Library is a collaborative                                     Documents       residing   in    the
searching directory information, the                                       document management system for                                          Teamware environment can be
Directory client provides tools to                                         the storing and retrieval of electronic                                 accessed from the Web. On one
maintain the user and resource                                             documents. Sophisticated version                                        hand, this allows centralized and
accounts, user and resource groups                                         and access control makes it easy for                                    secure documentation control. On
and     user    templates for the                                          users to work on shared documents.                                      the other hand, it allows as wide a
administrator. There are powerful                                                                                                                  distribution of documents over the
and versatile server end tools for                                         Teamware Library offers versatile                                       Web as desired. When appropriate,
managing a large number of                                                 search     functionality.  Document                                     the        documents,     calendars,
directory objects at once. Directory                                       profile properties like owner, version                                  discussions, and messages residing
can host multiple organizational                                           number, and author can be used as                                       in the Teamware environment can
directories and it can exchange                                            search criteria.                                                        also be made available to non-
information with other directory                                                                                                                   Teamware users through the Web.
systems via LDAP standard.                                                 Forum                                                                   WebService supports the SSL3
                                                                           Teamware Forum is an electronic                                         protocol for secure communication
Notifier                                                                   bulletin board system for discussions                                   between servers and browsers.
Notifier is an integrated tool                                             and information distribution. It
designed to help users keep track of                                       provides intuitive access to grouped                                    Administration
activities within Teamware Office                                          information, since Forum messages                                       Teamware Office supports both
system and remind users of                                                 are linked into visual discussion                                       centralized and distributed system
important tasks.                                                           chains. Forums are also protected by                                    and user administration. System
                                                                           access control. Teamware Forum                                          administrators can navigate in the
Mail                                                                       integrates to the Internet news                                         topology of a distributed system,
Teamware Mail is an intelligent                                            groups with the NNTP-protocol.                                          perform       system      management
electronic messaging system with                                                                                                                   operations on selected system
searches, annotations, reminders,                                          Enhancements                                                            components at different servers, and
custom views, mailbox permissions,                                         Teamware Agents perform tasks on                                        still obtain alerts from all servers. In
etc. Teamware Mail supports both                                           behalf of the user. SearchPro                                           addition, Teamware Office supports
the Internet and X.400 messaging                                           provides a free-text search facility                                    server based virus detection with
environments as well as fax                                                based on the contents of documents                                      Symantec and F-Secure (Linux only)
integration and working off-line.                                          stored in Teamware Library. With                                        virus detection engines.
Teamware Mail also enables users                                           Teamware Offline Calendar the user
to send and receive signed and/or                                          can download selected personal,                                         Technical specifications
encrypted messages. Secure Mail                                            resource and group calendars to a                                       Teamware Office 7.1 Ed 1server
features support S/MIME and                                                workstation and view them in offline                                    supports:
PKCS#11v2.11 API for smart card                                            mode.                                                                      Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro
handling.                                                                                                                                              SP2      and 2003 on Intel
                                                                           WebService                                                                  hardware
Calendar                                                                   Teamware Office modules can be                                             Sun Solaris 5.8, 5.9 and 10 on
Teamware Calendar is a flexible time                                       accessed     with   standard   web                                          SPARC hardware
management tool that helps people                                          browsers via WebService. This
organize group meetings and book                                           service    enables    fixed  WWW                                        Native client supports:
shared resources like meeting rooms                                        addressing for any Teamware Office                                         Windows 2000 Pro SP2, XP and
or common equipment. Several                                               object    over    standard   HTML                                           2003
calendars and calendar groups can                                          templates. WebService does not
                                                                           require a separate web server. The

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For further information contact:
Teamware Group P.O.BOX 135, FIN-00381 Helsinki Finland.
Telephone: +358 (0)207 515 300 Fax: + 358 9 547 2965
Teamware Mail security features
   User Certificates
   Smart Card and a reader
   SetWeb 1.5 (required with card
   Teamware Office 7.0 Ed 1 or
   OCSP server.

WebService supports:
 Full functionality with standard
   web browsers such as MS
   Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1,
   Netscape 7.2, Mozilla 1.7,
   Firebird 1.0, Opera 7.5.
 Text-based web browsers (e.g.
   Lynx, the Nokia Communicator
   browser, or PocketIE).


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