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					London Office
                       Fifth Floor London
                       16 Saint James Street
                       SW1A 1ER LONDON

Board (Accel Partners Limited incorporated in the UK)
                       MD                        Kevin Earl Comolli
                       FD/Secretary              Jonathan Michael Arthur Bigs
                                                 Jon Biggs is not mentioned anywhere on the website and is not a partne

                       Venture Capitalist        Bruce Golden
                       Venture Capitalist        Hendrik Willem Nelis
                       Director                  Joe Golden
                       Accel Europe Guernsey Ltd             1,000 Ord £1
                       Accel Management Co Inc               441,000 Pref £1

Partners (London based)
           Kevin Comolli          Joined in 2000. Software, internet, mobile focus. Partner at Doughty Hanson for 4yrs. E
           Bruce Golden           Joined in 1997. Enterprise software, internet focus. Old Informatica hand. (database gu
           Sonali de Rycker       10 yrs vc experience w/ focus on consumer/business internet. Atlas Ventures 8yrs.
           Harry Nelis            Internet, software, services: Double Fusion, eInsurance, Gameforge, Gigle, Kayak, KD
           Simone Levene          Joined in 2006. Internet, software, services. MyHeritage, Gameforge, Etsy. He is the e
           Kaj-Erik Relander      Joined in 2001. 20 yrs vc experience. Artimi, Carrier IQ, Cambridge Broadband, Discre
                                  The Cloud, Ubiquisys, United Mobile, Volantis, XConnect and Zlango.

Other Investment Professionals (London based)
                       Hussein Kanji
                       Avid Larizadeh
                       Judy Gibbons

Overview               Accel is one of a handful of top tier global venture capital firms. The firm currently has $6Bn under
                       managed out of the London office. The new London fund (Accel London III) invests in early-stage
                       is backed by large pension funds and had no trouble raising new funds in the current climate.

                       The London office was formed in 2000. The firm focuses on software, services, and internet seed,
                       Limited filed accounts show revenue of £11m up from £7m in for the year ending 31/12/2005. (EBI
                       include UUNet, Polycom, and RealNetworks amongst others.

                       Latest London news: 14/4/2009: Accel announced this week that it had invested a further £4m with
Portfolio (London)     Company                           Primary Activity
                       Alfresco Software                 Open Source Enterprise Mgm't
                       Amobee Media Systems              Ad-serving platform for mobile carriers
                       Autoquake                         Online marketplace for vehicles
                       Cambridge Broadband               Broadband wireless access equipment
                       Cape Clear                        Web services
                       Carrier IQ                        Analytics for mobile carriers/handsets manfs
                     Check24                     Search engine for personal products
                     The Cloud                   WiFi Hotspots
                     Dapper                      Ad platform
                     Diligent Tech               Virtual tape storage software
                     Discretix                   Mobile device security
                     Double Fusion               In-game advertising
                     Etsy                        Handmade goods marketplace
                     Gameforge                   Massively multiple online game developer
                     Getjar Networks             mobile B2B & B2C services
                     Gigle Semi                  System on chip ICs
                     Icera Semi                  Low power processors for wireless
                     Itemfield                   Data transformation s/ware
                     Kagoor Networks             VoIP
                     Kayak                       Travel search engine
                     KDS                         Corporate travel & expense mgmt
                     Knewton                     Online test preparation
                     Medio Systems               Mobile search
                     Metacafe                    Online video
                     Mind candy                  Child centered social networks ?!
                     myheritage                  Family tree social network
                     MyThings                    On-line registry of valuables
                     Netvibes                    Widget advertising network
                     OnForce                     On-demand IT professionals network
                     P-Cube                      IP services control
                     Playfish                    Social gaming network
                     Pontis                      Mobile service delivery
                     QlikTech                    Analytics
                     RayV Technologies           P2P content delivery
                     Refresh Mobile              Mobile Publishing
                     Seeking Alpha               Stock Market opinion & analysis
                     Solarflare Communications   Fabless semi
                     Spreadshirt                 Online fashion
                     StreamBase Systems          Real-time complex event processing
                     SuperDerivatives            Derivates solution provider
                     SurfKitchen                 Dynamic user experience for mobile
                     Telepo                      Converged communications (VoIP, Fixed..)
                     Ubidyne                     Disruptive radio technology
                     Ubiquisys                   GSM/UMTS mobile tech
                     United Mobile               Low-cost roaming for int'l travellers
                     Varonis                     Data governance
                     Volantis                    Intelligent content adaption s/ware
                     watAgame                    Multiplayer community games for girls
                     WeeWorld                    Social network
                     XConnect                    VoIP peering services
                     Xelerated Holdings          Network processor
                     Xtera Communications        High bandwith network solutions
                     Zlango                      SMS icon-based language

Investment Activity (Real Deals)
                     Volantis Systems                           8/15/2002
                     Activiti                                    9/5/2002
                     Mobile Cohesion                            3/25/2004
                     Cambridge Broadband                         6/3/2004
                     Artimi                                     8/19/2004
                     Surfkitchen                                 9/9/2004
                      QlikTech                                           1/13/2005
                      Xelerated                                          5/19/2005
                      KDS                                               10/11/2005
                      Icera                                               4/6/2006
                      Cape Clear Software                                5/18/2006
                      WeeWorld                                           6/15/2006
                      Njini                                              7/27/2006
                      Netvibes                                            9/7/2006
                      UbiquiSys                                          9/21/2006
                      Mobile Cohesion                                   10/19/2006
                      Telepo                                            10/19/2006
                      Mind Candy                                        11/16/2006
                      Cambridge Broadband                                 2/8/2007
                      Accel backs mobile comics company                  5/31/2007
                      Sixth AP fund joins Xelerated backers              5/31/2007
                      Accel and Venrock back XConnect in $12m round       9/6/2007
                      Accel funds developer community GetJar              1/9/2008
                      Gigle raises $20m second round                     1/10/2008
                      Gigle raises $20m second round                     1/10/2008
                      Accel leads $15.5m Openads investment               2/7/2008
                      Infrared sensor company Pyreos raises £2m           2/7/2008
                      Accel and Grazia back United Mobile                 3/6/2008
                      Seedcamp winner Kublax raises seed round            3/6/2008
                      Highland Capital and Accel lead £6m Autoquake investment
                      Doughty Hanson leads 22m funding for Ubidyne       5/29/2008
                      AP6 leads $13m investment in Xelerated              9/4/2008
                      Index and Accel back MyHeritage with $15m          10/2/2008
                      Accel and Index lead $17m investment for gaming company Playfish
                      Mobile chip maker Icera completes $70m funding round
                      Venture-backed Mind Candy buys Tutpup              2/26/2009
                      Venture consortium re-invests in Cambridge Broadband Networks
                      Spreadshirt receives EUR10m investment             3/12/2009

Recent Fund Raising
            Vintage Fund                     Size       Target
               2008 Accel Growth Fund        $480m      Growth equity out of US HQ
               2008 Accel London III         $525m      Early-stage & growth companies across Europe and Israe
                    Accel X
               1999 Accel VII                $500m
               1998 Accel VI                 $275m
               1996 Accel VI                 $150m
               1993 Accel IV                 $136m
               1989 Accel III                $100m
1985 Accel Telecom           $40.1m
1984 Accel Capital (Int'l)   $28.2m
1983 Accel Capital           $64.1m
                                                                                            Global top tier venture capital firm


nywhere on the website and is not a partner in the firm. He has been with Accel for 10+ years.

ocus. Partner at Doughty Hanson for 4yrs. Exec director at GS for 2yrs. 14yrs w/ UK robotics firm Fanuc
 t focus. Old Informatica hand. (database guy)
/business internet. Atlas Ventures 8yrs.
  eInsurance, Gameforge, Gigle, Kayak, KDS, Netvibes, Onforce and Spreadshirt.
  MyHeritage, Gameforge, Etsy. He is the ex-Corporate Development head at Yahoo!.
 , Carrier IQ, Cambridge Broadband, Discretix, Medio, MyThings, Outsmart, Pontis, Surfkitchen,
 tis, XConnect and Zlango.

 al firms. The firm currently has $6Bn under management and most recently raised two funds totalling $1Bn, one of which is
nd (Accel London III) invests in early-stage & growth companies across Europe and Israel and has a size of $550m. The firm
 ising new funds in the current climate.

es on software, services, and internet seed, early stage, and growth equity investments. The latest (31/12/2007) Accel Partners
£7m in for the year ending 31/12/2005. (EBIT £6.9m from £3.4m for same yrs). Big name successes for Accel worldwide

week that it had invested a further £4m with Highland Capital in Autoquake. (Third round)

                                  DOB turned down lead engineering role in 2005! DOB friends with ex-CEO Jeanette Moskovits

                                  1st London office investment, acquired by Workday
 e carriers/handsets manfs
                               Accel London Investors 2007 LP

                               Acquired by IBM

 online game developer
                               Co-invested with Kennet
                               Co-invested with Scottish Equity Partners
                               Co-invested with Balderton, 3i Ventures
                               Acquired by Informatica
                               Acquired by Juniper Networks

                               Accel London II

                               Acquired by Cisco

                               Co-invested w/ Amadeus. Recent fundraising. Amadeus considered disposal.

                               Met CEO Michel Qazza, at Barca conf, unimpressed
unications (VoIP, Fixed..)     Accel London II

                               Accel London II

                               Mentioned as part of Project Diamond ... (Kennet)

                               Part of Amadeus portfolio, seen in Jan
                               Co-invested with Spark Ventures

owth companies across Europe and Israel, London HQ
Michel Quazza, CEO Surfkitchen

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