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                              Casco Board Of Selectmen
                                    May 6, 2008

Members Present:
     Susan Witonis, Barbara York, Paul Edes and James Gerry

Members Absent:
     Calvin Nutting

Staff Present:
        David Morton and Lucille Griffin

Guests Present:
       Matti Gurney from the Greater Portland Council of Governments, Julia Davis
       from the Lakes Region Weekly, Wayne Ward, Sandy Fredricks, Gilbert Avery,
       Patricia Troy, Susannah Swihart, Adam Grant, John Carrigan, Irene Morton,
       Carroll L. Morton, Norman Heald, Mina E. Swanton, Jeannine Morelli, Wilfred
       Couture, Eileen Tidd, Jon Carlson, Bev White, Lynne Potter, Beth Latsey, Bob
       Levesque, David D’Ascanio and Ray Grant

The Board of Selectmen approved bills and signed warrants. The Board of Selectmen
moved (York), seconded (Gerry) and approved the minutes of the April 29, 2008
meeting. The vote was 3-0-1; Susan Witonis abstained.

Matti Gurney, from the Greater Portland Council of Governments, gave a presentation on
proposed bus service between Harrison and Portland. Mr. Gurney went over the
proposed route (See map), costs and grant money that is available. Each town would
appoint a representative to help devise a schedule that would serve each community.
There was discussion on the time to make the trip from Harrison to Portland, the number
of stops and where people would park their cars.

The Board of Selectmen thanked Mr. Gurney for his presentation.

Public Participation And Comment:

-       Town Manager David Morton updated the Board of Selectmen on the school
budget process and indicated that the whole process is changing. The state law has
changed and we now have to do our voting in a different manner. On May 15, 2008,
there will be an open town meeting type of vote at the high school and then a referendum
vote is scheduled on May 20, 2008 for the towns to either vote to approve or not approve
the budget that was voted at the May 15, 2008 meeting at the high school. The Town of
Casco has a 0% increase at this point; however the numbers could change on May 15th.

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Old Business

-      Susan Witonis said she had an invitation from Camp Sunshine and asked if any of
the Board of Selectmen planned to attend.

Other Business

-       Town Manager David Morton updated the Board of Selectmen on his meeting
with the Maine Department of Transportation engineers at the Pikes Corner intersection.
Morton and the MDOT engineers discussed the line of sight, the speed of traffic through
the intersection, the signal lights and that the amount budgeted may not be enough to do
the project. MDOT may ask the town to provide funding for the operation and
maintenance of the lights. The proposed new lights are 12” in diameter and may be
alternating lights similar to the light on Route 11 in Poland. Barbara York requested that
Morton make a strong case for the state absorbing the cost for the project as Route 11 and
Route 121 are both state highways.

At 7:30 p.m. the Board of Selectmen went into a scheduled public hearing on the
Advisory Referendum.

-        Town Manager David Morton gave a brief history on the Community Center
building, the mold problem and the structural problems. Morton said the Post Office
section of the building is the best part of the building and the oldest section of the
building. Morton said the Advisory Referendum was to give the Board of Selectmen
some ideas for moving forward. Even if there is a clear majority choice from the voters it
will still have to come to a future Town Meeting to be voted on. Morton then went over
the Advisory Referendum articles. (See sample ballot.)

      1. Town Office only.
      2. New Town Office and gym at the Casco Village location, including removal of
         the old building with the exception of the Post Office.
      3. The Hancock/Contractors option to do the minimum amount necessary to go
         back into the building with a small addition to the back of the gym to shore up
         the back wall of the gym. This does not address space issues. The Board of
         Selectmen had concerns regarding no new electrical, heating system and gym
         floor. The Board added these things in and that increased the amount needed for
      4. Take no action. Continue to fund utilities and maintenance costs for the
         Community Center building. This would include minimal maintenance and heat.

Wayne Ward went over Item 3 and what this proposal did not address. Ward referenced
the Taylor Engineering report and David Fowler’s report for the businessmen’s group.
There was discussion on what would happen if the town voted to take the Memorial
School back as well as one of the other options. Morton said if the town gets the
Memorial School back and does not choose to use it for a Town Office we will have to
decide what to do with the property. If we choose the Memorial School as the Town

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Office then we have to decide what to do with the Community Center building. There
was then discussion on the old building, whether to renovate the building or tear it down,
which location to consider building a gym, relocation of the Post Office and having the
Town Office at the Memorial School.

Susannah Swihart asked what we would use for a disaster shelter. Town Manager
Morton said that if we had a large disaster we would use Crooked River Elementary
School and Songo Locks School. EMA Director Irene Morton maintains the plans for
disaster shelters.

Town Manger Morton indicated that the Board of Selectmen is divided on the options
and has been very conscious of the cost issues. Susan Witonis asked Morton if there was
anything in the Comprehensive Plan that says we have to stay in the Casco Village area.
Morton said it is not a requirement that the Town Office has to stay in Casco Village.
Eileen Tidd asked if the article with the majority of the votes will be on the June Town
Meeting Warrant. Eileen said that where it is a large ticket item it should be on a
referendum ballot. John Carrigan asked if there was a time frame for an article to be on
the warrant. Morton answered that the Board of Selectmen can put an article on the
warrant seven days before the Town Meeting. There was more discussion on this item.

Town Manger Morton expressed appreciation for folks taking the time to come to the
public hearing.

-      The Board of Selectmen moved (Witonis), seconded (Gerry) and unanimously
voted to adjourn.


                                             Lucille D. Griffin, Deputy Town Clerk

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