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									“Treatment in the Real World”

  Richard Johnson, Director
      & EATA Trustee
• ANA Treatment Centres is an established
  provider (1998) of residential treatment
  services, located in and around Portsmouth,
Fleming House, Primary Treatment
Why treatment in the real world?
• Urban environment

• Builds strategies for client’s return to own
Structured residential service

•   Twelve week / twenty four week programme
•   Abstinence Based
•   Non–denominational twelve step philosophy
•   Eclectic approach to treatment and therapy
•   Care and treatment planning
•   Initial motivation enhancement therapy
•   Group therapy
•   Key worker 1-2-1 counselling
Structured residential service (cont’d)

•   Themed workshops
•   Alternative therapies
•   Direct inputs – AA / NA
•   Women/Men’s / community groups
•   Family counselling and conference also provided
•   Weekend programme
Structured residential service (cont’d)

• Care manager reporting and visit
• Office facilities available in latter stages of treatment
  for job search / CV writing / applications etc
• Unlimited after care group available twice week
• Third Stage Treatment
• Community Assisted ten day detoxification
• Treatment Loop – a new innovation
• Collection Service
ANA Funding and client backgrounds

• ANA accepts referrals from Drug Action &
  Substance Misuse Teams nation-wide
• Via Prison Service CARAT Teams
• Via Personal Health Budget (currently pilot scheme)
• Private Referrals
• We are experienced in working closely with
  commissioners and referring agencies and listening to
  their requirements, hence treatment loop and
  collection services
• It is because of listening that we offer 4, 6, 8 and 12
  week programmes – it is what is required.
• Its not one size fits all, we look to the future
Partnerships make ANA special
• Award winning education partnership with Highbury
  College of Technology : Client Qualifications
• Excellent record in obtaining housing with and for
  clients post graduation; last 13 years 100% success
• Equality & Diversity Auditing & Kite Mark with
• Employment support and signposting; advocacy
• Best Practice for partnerships working in the 2009
  NTA Tier Four Report (June 2009)
                 Partnerships to build on:
            Funding agencies, EATA, NTA
If you want to know more about
          ANA, visit:

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