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					                        Pronoun/Antecedent Worksheet 1

Underline the antecedent for the underlined pronoun in each sentence. If the pronoun has
no antecedent, write “no antecedent”; if the antecedent is not clear, write “not clear”.

       Example: The boy wore his yellow raincoat.

1.     Everyone at the party enjoyed her evening.

2.     The car has a leak in its transmission.

3.     Wearing a hat when it snows is wise.

4.     More and more physicians are beginning to look not just for illnesses but also for
       patients’ habits with long-term health implications. This is definite progress.

5.     The cow twitched its tail at the fly.

6.     Someone from the circus led the injured horse out of the ring.

7.     I go to Hockey Homeland every Tuesday to watch them practice.

8.     My aunt asked me to catch her dog.

9.     The audience clapped its hands.

10.    The audience applauded her performance.

11.    The student used her pen to write in her notebook; then she put it away.

12.    The hostages have been free for months, but some have not yet recovered from
       the experience.

13.    Ed Blaker promoted Bill this morning; he will go on the Washington trip next

14.    During winter snowstorms, the sparrows depend on our feeder for their food.

15.    The rain continued to fall, and the mud grew deeper until it finally stopped.

                  Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Worksheet 2

Select a personal pronoun that agrees with the subject of each of these sentences. Write
your answers on the lines to the right. Some items have more than one correct answer.
Example: The group has__ meeting here.          its

1. Anyone can get __ name in the news.          _________________

2. None of the checks were cashed;___ finally

3. The chef cut ___ on the thumb while peeling

4. A person should insure ____ valuables.       _________________

5. The family has ___ eye on a new house.       _________________

6.   The code breakers shared ___ secrets.      _________________

7.   Everybody has ___ own dreams and goals. _________________

8. One can be happy only if ___ has respect
for ___.

9.   The senior class wore ___ rings proudly.   _________________

10. Children never realize how loud ___ can

11. My mother and her sister took ___
vacation together.

12. Either Mike or John wears a patch over
___ eye.

13. All are welcome: ___ just need to call for
directions to the party.

14. Neither documentaries nor the news is
given enough money by ___ network.
15. San Diego and San Jose get ___ names
from Spanish.

16. Either Eleanor Roosevelt or Ellen Wilson
is believed to have covered for ___ husband  _________________
during presidential emergencies.

17. Cars cost more than ___ owners expect
them to.

18. Venus and Mars have ___ orbits nearer to
Earth than to any other planets.

19.   The band starts ___ tour tomorrow night. _________________

20. Any of the candidates could win; ___ are
very much alike.